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  1. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Awesome Frags At Sea City Corals!

    Spend $200 or more at and be automatically entered to win a large Gold Tipped Torch and a 10 Ultra Frag Pack!! $525 value! First 50 orders of $200 or more starting at 7am on 7/11/19 will be automatically entered! Winner will be randomly picked on 7/14/19. Results will be...
  2. AquariumSpecialty

    Ecotech Marine 10% Off Summer Sale

    From now through July 31st we have a 10% off sale on the Radion XR30W (savings of $67.99) and XR30WPRO (savings of $83.99) LED lights. Click the banner to learn more.
  3. JDtimk

    New York Radion Pros, Alkatronic, MP40s, Korallin CaRx, Kamoer Fx-STP, Co2 Reg, more

    Hello. I am getting out of the hobby for awhile after a tank leak and am selling my equipment. I am starting with what is listed below, but I have tons of other stuff including MH setups, Kalk reactor, dosing pumps, testing supplies, etc. Couple hundred pounds of live rock if you are local. If...
  4. M

    Ecotech: Non-Existant Customer Support

    Buyer beware: I paid top dollar for my mp40’s and all of a sudden, the wet side of the pump now falls off during feed mode. Not even 2 months old. Contacted customer support and the rep kept repeating the same questions, asking information that I already provided, and I found to be lazy with...
  5. reef fish

    Florida EcoTech Marine RMS XR30 TANK MOUNT KIT

    I have 2 sets of the Ecotech marine rms mount for the xr30 Asking $75.00 each shipped
  6. Acameron2


    Hey, Anthony here! Been a REEF2REEF member for a few years now and originally started out on this forum with my nano 20g JBJ. So figured I’ll start a new thread since I finally got my hands on a Red Sea reefer 170. I transferred everything from my nano to the new tank. Figured I’ll just name...
  7. MarineDepot

    Cyber Monday Deals Are Here

    Cyber Monday Deals Are Here Don't wait till tomorrow—almost everything's on sale right now! SALE ENDS TOMORROW @ MIDNIGHT, NO RAINCHECKS!
  8. MarineDepot

    Black Friday: Stars of the Sale + Fast Movers

    Black Friday: Stars of the Sale + Fast Movers! Happy Sunday! Get these deals before they're gone!
  9. MarineDepot

    Black Friday Savings without the Big Crowds!

    Black Friday Savings without the Big Crowds! Working Today? It's Time for a Shopping Break! :p
  10. MarineDepot

    Black Friday: Today is the Greatest Sale on Earth!

    Today is the Greatest Sale on Earth! Black Friday is O-fish-ally Here - ALMOST EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!
  11. MarineDepot

    OH MY! 10% off Radion XR15w | 10% off VorTech MP40wQD

    OH MY! 10% off Radion XR15w | 10% off VorTech MP40wQD EcoTech Marine deals were just unlocked for Black Friday!
  12. Reef Breeders Black Friday Sale! Details Inside

    Hey Everyone, As always we're bringing some awesome deals to the table for Black Friday. All of our pumps and accessories have been discounted across the board an average of 20%, no coupon code required! Click HERE to Order Now! In addition to our insanely good prices, you can apply one of...
  13. MarineDepot

    Black Friday: Hanna Checker Doorbusters Just Added!

    Black Friday: Hanna Checker Doorbusters Just Added! It's Sunday Funday! More Black Friday Doorbusters Just Unlocked!
  14. Agraves77

    Tennessee A bunch of excess equipment!! Tanks, Lighting, Filtration!!!

    I am having to downsize due to moving. I need a bunch of stuff gone. **** I am willing to ship the smaller items. Tanks and Sumps will not be shipped and have to be picked up locally. Tanks: 80 Gallon Deep Blue - Aquarium is used and comes with a custom stand I built. It is corner drilled...
  15. MarineDepot

    Join us TOMORROW for our live Q&A with Jay of EcoTech Marine!

    Join us TOMORROW for our live Q&A with Jay of EcoTech Marine! Learn how to optimize lighting and flow to grow healthier corals! >> REGISTER HERE
  16. lonewonderer

    Ecotech MP10WQD Sticky shell residue

    Hello everyone, Have you guys encountered a vortech dry side shell that is very sticky?? how do you clean it? it does not affect the function of the vortech but it's so annoying to look at. any tips?
  17. A

    WTB ecotech marine g4 pro or aqua illumination hydra 26 or 52 hd

    Eco tech looking to spend 500 usd for the gen 4 used and 52hd 300 usd or 26hd for 150 to 180 . New to hobby .
  18. Kelmm009

    Red Sea Reefer 425 XL Journal

    Hello Reefer I'm Kelvin from NYC, I'm super super excited to share my reefer journal with your guys. I'm still kind of a newbie for saltwater aquariums but I'm always willing to learn from you guys to maintain a stable aquariums. I've been researching and planning for a few weeks and I'm...
  19. S

    SoonerBerrios 425XL

    It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally getting around to a build thread for my RedSea Reefer 425XL. I broke down my first tank a 40B in July of 2016 when I bought my 425XL The 425XL has been up since July 2016...
  20. MarineDepot

    Perfect Pairs: Sweet Separately, Better Together!

    Perfect Pairs: Sweet Separately, Better Together! ❤ Happy Valentine's Day! ❤
  21. oceanslide

    Acclimate upgraded Radion

    Hey all, I'm currenlty using two gen1 Radions along with 4 t5s in my canopy. I sent in one of my gen1 radions to be upgraded to the gen3pro, wondering if I should reacclimate the new light to my current schedule when I get it back? Thanks!
  22. MarineDepot

    Deck Your Tank With New Koralias

    Deck Your Tank With New Koralias The Seventh Day of Fishmas + Radion XR15 Diffuser Available for Pre-Order!
  23. AquariumSpecialty

    Pre-Order the new Ecotech Radion Light Diffusers

    Here's the link. We just placed our 1st order with Ecotech Marine today.
  24. AquaNerd

    New from EcoTech Marine - Radion Light Diffusers Click the link to learn more and watch the instillation videos.
  25. lonewonderer

    MP40w quiet drive on battery backup mode reset. Help

    Hello, I just bought an MP40w QD from an online reefer. when I got it I tried to hard reset it to factory setting but it keeps on blinking green. Then I found on youtube that it was on battery backup mode. How do I reset this? need help please!
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