1. Alyssa.Weber

    What are these white dots?

    These little white balls just appeared in my tank I noticed them this morning. Anyone know what they could be?
  2. littlemacros

    Is it releasing eggs??

    Cant sleep and was just looking at my nightstand pico tank. I have quite a few of these little chitons (I think?) in my tank. As I'm watching my tank just now I see one releasing what looks like eggs. Anyone know more on whats happening here? Are they fertalized you think? I'm curious what their...
  3. LxHowler

    How do I get nassarius snail eggs to hatch

    I have just seen that my nassarius snails are laying eggs in my tank and I was wondering what I need to do to get these to hatch. I know that my fish will eat alot of them but they have laid some in an are my fish can't get too, the gap is too small for the fish to get into, so they should be...
  4. littlemacros

    Will all these eggs hatch?

    So my two pro escape artist nerite snails decided to lay eggs about two weeks ago...all over my tank. Literally on the rocks, the pumps, even on my beloved turbo snail, Vagine. Most of the egg sacs on the glass have been developing it seems. I say this because when they were first layed they...
  5. littlemacros

    Is this an egg sac on my glass?

    Sorry this post is all over the place. I found this thing on my glass last night and decided to take some pictures today. Any guesses would be great. When I lightly poke it contorts then whatever is inside goes back to a full circle...what could this be? And is this a hydroid? It looks like a...
  6. LxHowler

    Cleaner shrimp eggs

    So I was feeding my tank earlier and noticed one of my cleaner shrimp looks like it has eggs attached to it, I was wondering is there a way to tell if they are fertile or if they will survive. Also if they hatch how likely are they to survive. I believe one of them has just molted so it might...
  7. Castaway6

    Collecting clownfish fry from display tank

    Hi, quick question about the process. I have the vossens larval trap and plan to raise my first batch of clown fry. When I shut off all equipment the night of hatching, do I need to have a bubbler/air stone blowing over the eggs for the couple hours at night? Or just leave everything how it...
  8. Joe Batt

    Any ideas on these eggs?

    My tank is pest free (as far as I am aware, quarantine frags fish etc etc). I have these egg looking things on one of my rocks and wondered if anyone has an ID? There are often snails there and a sea urchin likes to hang out there too. They are around 2mm in diameter and don’t look like normal...
  9. Luke iskra

    White spots that pop when poked what is it?

    hey guys found some white spots all over my rocks snail shells empty shells pretty much everywhere My first idea was to poke it and rip them open looks like a dust comes out i suspect snail eggs or something looks like eggs that’s for sure isn’t calcium cause it’s only on the rocks and shells...
  10. Ecvernon

    Video: Blue throat trigger fish spawning

    Blue throat trigger fish spawning!! When the eggs were released, the other fish went into a feeding frenzy! I've had them for 1 year and 9 months. They were not purchased as a pair. Actually, they had no interest in each other for about the 1st year.
  11. kecked


    Well in my fight with my dinos I needed to get a UV sterilizer. Guess what too expensive so I have an idea. Can we pull the bacteria out of the water column with some form of particle separation technique. The answer is yes and it uses a hydrocyclone. Essentially you make a tornado and...
  12. ThunderGoose

    Eggs???? Chiton (I hope)?

    I've recently noticed some white bumps along the seals in my tank. I managed to scrape one off and took the picture below using my microscope. Any ideas? @Lionfish Lair I have a typical collection of snails, one chiton, a couple of brittle stars and one skunk cleaner shrimp (plus some sexy...
  13. Dalton Hunter

    Rock flower anemone spawning

    So Last night my Mini Maxi released a huge load of eggs over a period of about 2 hours from when I got home, (no idea when it started). Today my rock flowers anemones (15) are all standing up and have their mouthes slightly open. I plan on turning off my sump return pump and leaving on the power...
  14. Dalton Hunter

    The day my Mini Maxis spawned

    Last night I was lucky enough to come home from work to catch my mini maxi's spawning. Feel free to ask any questions :) I can tell you, I do water changes about once every two months, I never test water parameters, and I use tap water... I know you are all probably cringing at the sound of...

    Clownfish laying eggs (in 4K)

    Check this out! I returned home from my trip to the LFS tonight to find my now seemingly mated pair of clownfish laying their first ever fry!
  16. lroll93

    What is this on the side of my tank? Fish eggs?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this hobby so don't hate haha. Can someone tell me what this is on the glass of my tank, my first thought was fish eggs as i have them on the other side of the tank (first picture) there off my yellow damsels. but the second picture is what i'm not sure of?
  17. N

    Are these fish eggs?

    I have a 180g saltwater tank. I bought it 6 weeks ago. It was already a 3 year established tank. So far everything survived the moved. As well as a few new editions. We have three clowns, 2 blue damsels, 2 black damsels, 2 white striped damsels, 1 yellow tang, 1 mandarin dragonet, 1 lawnmower...
  18. BRB

    To dip or not to dip or what to do?

    Happy Thursday Soo I got some zoas that were getting eaten by this little Dude but I got him out. I am noticing more than just him. Please help me identify what I need to do. Thanks in advance
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