1. ACF930

    Pennsylvania WTB WTB Unique Elegance Coral

    I'm looking for a very unique elegance coral (preferably one that is bright and has some yellow in it).
  2. N

    Help! Unknown Pest (I Assume)

    Hello All, I have found these things that look like red egg sacs growing on my montipora and on the rock underneath it. I have also found these white and yellow egg sac looking things on my elegance. Can someone please help in identifying these, and if it's a problem, how to fix it?
  3. Nate_Krohn

    Too much flow for lps?

    I just upgraded power heads and got a Nero 5. I set it on pulse mode and was wondering if it’s too much flow for my elegance coral on the sand bed? I have a video attached. Thanks!
  4. jnava19

    Help with Elegance Coral

    Hello! I've got an elegance in December, it was looking very good and has been doing good so far in the tank. However, last weeks I started to notice, it is starting to detach from the skeleton base, at the sides. You can see the skeleton in the sides and looks like every day is a bit more...
  5. F

    Elegance pest

    A few hours ago I had picked up a nice looking elegance from a LFS. The coral had been there for almost a month and looked beautiful. I took it home, drip acclimated, dipped and put the piece in my 125 gallon reef. About an hour ago from now I had spotted some claws coming from the elegance's...
  6. K

    Elegance Coral Syndrome: Treatment Log

    Background I came home from work today and was treated with my nightmare. One of my favorite coral, the elegance contracted the "Elegance Coral Syndrome". So I'm making this post regarding the treatment that I'll do and the results, fingers crossed, as a reference people who are having the same...