1. A

    New York GEO calcium reactor and second chamber

    WYSIWYG Im upgrading so im selling my current reactor GEO 624 with a second chamber also made by GEO Im the original owner on the reactor. Works like it should. But i would change the uniseals. Main O-ring brand new just installed today No media $400. Pick up/meet up only. Wysiwyg
  2. jhrightyhein

    Pennsylvania 7" Di-7 Drop-In Fleece Filter System V2

    7" Klir Fleece Filter roller. In excellent condition. Used one year decided to go a different route for filtration of bigger system. Comes with all parts and brand new fleece roll. $225 Shipped.
  3. djm

    Upgrading System - Need Tips

    Hi Guys, So I've made the leap to a bigger tank and need your guidance and tips on the best way to go about setting up. I've ran a Fluval Evo 13.5 for 2 years now where I have learned a lot and so have decided to get a D-D Reef Pro 900. I've been giving some thought to some of the equipment...
  4. rhpmiller

    New York SALE - Tank Breakdown/Moving - NEW and USED Tank, Stand, Pumps, Lights, Salt, and More

    Hey all, I'm moving in a month and need to start breaking down the tank, its pieces, and some extra items that I have. I have a combination of both BRAND NEW and USED items. I'd much rather sell them to fellow hobbyists, than a LFS, so please let me know if you have any questions, want any...
  5. BradTate

    New to reefing and very confused!

    Hi everyone, My name is Brad and I have just bought a 125 litre tank (80x40x40) from Facebook market place, along with a AI Hydra 52 (non HD) light. I got both for £100 which I didn't think was too bad! I have had freshwater tanks previously, fully planted setups with CO2 etc, but this will be...
  6. C

    Cleaning New Equipment Before Use

    How should you be cleaning new equipment before using it/putting it in your tank? A new tank after sitting in a box in a warehouse? Powerheads and pumps with oils and grease from assembly and the manufacturing process? Nets, gravel vacs and other tools sitting on the racks at LFS? Do you just...
  7. mzurla

    Lighting Two Smatfarm 95W Lights for Sale - NJ $100

    Hey guys, selling two 95W smatfarm lights. I really liked these but recently upgraded to a "better" light setup. These are on Amazon for $150 each right now. I don't have the original packaging. They are the updated SW/mount though. I had them on a rimmed tank and modified the mount to avoid the...
  8. David29price

    Pennsylvania Xflo 6-3.5 Protein Skimmer Refractionater

    Xflo 6-3.5 Protein Skimmer. Rated for 400-600 gallons. Excellent construction and easy maintenance. Can be installed in the sump or external. I had it external and connected to a manifold.
  9. M

    Missouri Vertex Omega 130 Protein Skimmer New in Box Will Ship

    For Sale: Vertex Omega 130 Protein Skimmer New in Box. Will ship. Asking $200 plus shipping.
  10. T

    Georgia Innovative Marine Helio Universal Controller - $65 Shipped

    Brand new, unused Helio Universal Controller by Innovative Marine! Purchased this without realizing that it is not compatible with the IM Helio PTC heating elements due to different plugs. Price is $65 shipped and is firm due to me already losing money paying for shipping.
  11. Leicobra

    California 70 gallon reef tank for sale

    Hi all, Have a new tank coming and getting an upgrade. So my old 70 gallon Artisan need to go. includes tank, stand, sump, coral and 4 fishes. Sps colonies, tabling acro, huge green slimer, red planet and red dragon. Lps clam 6 inch 1 of each yellow tang, mustard tang, picture wrasse and...
  12. Rabid

    Alternatives to Red Sea Equipment?

    Hi all. I really like the way that red sea have the whole catalogue talking together. Easily controlled in one app, and or controller. Are there alternatives to red sea if you want your skimmer, ATO, return pump and doser to be "smart" together? Only Red sea aquariums are easily avaliable...
  13. B

    180 gal Custom build

    HELLO EVERYONE I've been working on this one for a while now and not sure what equipment I need to make it work. For right now it's going to be FOWLR but eventually I would like to add some corals when i get more experience. I've been in the hobby for 6yrs freshwater only. Now I want to try...
  14. R

    Selling 100 gallon bow front custom reef tank with canopy and sump from California custom aquariums

    What’s included: Niger Trigger One spot Foxface Blonde Naso tang Sailfin tang Blue hippo tang (2) Maroon clownfish snowflake Eel Diamond goby (2) horseshoe crabs (3) sand sifting starfish (3) emerald crabs (5+) Hermit crabs (10+) Mexican turbo snails (10+) Bumble bee...
  15. M

    Salt Water Aquarium Equipment

    We are new to the salt water live coral and fish aquarium world, but have had small freshwater tanks all our lives. We are looking at the Waterbox MarineX 110.4 (Let me know your thoughts on this tank). I’m starting to look into the whole sump system situation and all of the other parts that go...
  16. Mandarin the first

    Scratch on glass visibility

    I have a tank I want to use but I have noticed two scratches on the front glass panel. They are deep enough to catch your fingernail on so fixing them is probably out of the question. Will these scratches be a lot less visible when the tank is actually filled with water? The tank is float glass...

    Filters Pax Bellum ARID N24 Algae Reactor

    USED for about 1 year. This is the PaxBellum ARID n24 Algae Reactor. This is the best algae reactor money can buy. An absolute beast. Also very visually attractive. I bought this used, but it worked too well! Decided to go a different route as a result. Specifications: Recommended Aquarium...
  18. bigdeeezyyyy

    California FS: Vertex Rx-U 1.5 media reactor with Jebao DC1200 pump

    Used Vertex Rx-U 1.5L Universal Media Reactor with Jebao DC1200 pump in great condition. Plumbed with purple PVC pipes. Barely used it. Both comes with own boxes. Asking $100 picked up or can ship at Buyer's expense. Local pickup available in Bay Area, California (San Jose)
  19. Ej Chavex

    Aquariums Reef Art Collection

    I'm moving on from the reefing hobby and have decided to let go of my reef art collection. I have some pieces I commissioned a couple of years back from artist Elain @lazycoffeedesigns. She has been at some of the big Aquarium hobby shows and been featured by many of the big sites and channels...
  20. acro.jordan

    California Custom 100g Peninsula, G4 Radions, Reef Octo Skimmer, Ecotech pumps + more

    Sigh.. this isn’t an easy one and I am still on the fence as is. I have a beautiful custom low iron peninsula completely plumbed with sump and stand. The tank dimensions are 48x24x16 I also have the following equipment; - 2 radion G4 xr30 pros - Reef Octopus Regal 150int series skimmer -...
  21. jcs87

    Misc. Pumps Bubble Magnus Curve B12

    Getting out of the hobby, used this on my 210 and it worked great! In good working condition ready for a new home $275 shipped
  22. alishasreef

    Best Skimmer and GFO reactor for a 164L 36G

    Hi all, I’m looking to upgrade and add some equipment to my sump. Currently running a TMC Reef-skim 200. Reading some reviews supposedly it’s not that great and there’s better, what would you recommend for my 36G with sump? My main complaint with it is the LOUD buzzing. Tired of years of...
  23. N11morales

    Light Recommendations

    Hello, I have been researching to find a new tank and really like the design of the Waterbox INFINIA series. Either the INFINIA Frag 125.4 or INFINIA Reef 150.4 would love to know what lights y'all recommend on the tank. INFINIA Frag 125.4- DIMENSIONS: (LxWxH): 1223 x 643 x 410mm (48.2" x 25.3"...
  24. B

    Trying to find Varios 4S Water Output Kit

    I recently purchased a Varios 4S from another R2R member who neglected to tell me that it was missing almost all of the parts including the water output kit (Varios 2 version pictured below), float switch, float switch bracket and controller bracket. At bare minimum to get this pump plumbed...
  25. Napoliandy

    New Jersey Tank Breakdown. Few items left. Lights would like to sell as a pair.

    I have a few items left from a tank upgrade. Pm me if interested. Waterbox clear 30 that was made into a AIO (tank has a chip on the bottom right corner, which does not affect the tank). $150 Bubble Magus C 3.5 (rated for 30-80gallons ) 29 gallon sump, with jaxracks diy kit installed $...