1. S

    Anyone know how or where to sell live sand and rock?

    Hi there, Reefers! I am moving and my new place does not allow tanks - any idea if there are any forums where you can sell/give live sand/rock and equipment? I inherited these tanks and I am not sure how to get rid of it without throwing it out and that fewla wrong! thank you!
  2. Djalexchang

    Florida LED Drygoods Radion Xr30 Gen 4 Pro

    Hey everyone selling a Radion Gen 4 Pro for $350. Comes with original box! can meet in Orlando or I can ship at buyers expense. Thanks
  3. J

    Aquarium Controller Powerheads Miscellaneous Drygoods MP60QD New never used $650

    I have a MP60QD I bought for a build and will not use was $820 plus tax $650 there is a water mark on the box but equipment has never been turned on or seen water Nee taken out of box. Photoshopped the number out don’t think it matters but just to be safe. Powerhead, Pump, Ecotech, equipment...
  4. Tomorrow's Waters

    Kessil light started flashing during ramp down. Help!

    Bought two Kessil A360WE lights brand new from BRS 3.5 years ago. Both lights are connected to the same controller in series. The light in the video has begun flashing like crazy during ramp down. The other works perfectly. Anyone experience this before? Possible solutions? TIA!
  5. David29price

    Pennsylvania Skimmers Drygoods XFLO 6-2.5 Protein Skimmer

    Protein skimmer in excellent condition. Rated up to 400 gallons. Can be external or in sump. I had it plumbed into a manifold external to the sump. Upgraded to the same brand larger unit as my bio load was very heavy. Comes with manual. Awesome skimmer and very low maintenance...
  6. Brian Drab

    Ohio Live Goods 240 Gallon Tank and 60 Gallon tank for sale - Selling Quick - Best Offer

    I'm selling a 60 Gallon and 240 Gallon COMPLETE setup. Tank, fish, coral, rocks, equipment, everything. Whoever gets it will likely get a deal of a lifetime. Build thread of the 240 is here. Current pics of the 240 and 60 are...
  7. AbeSie

    Radion XR15 G6 blue

    Anyone that will like to swap their Radion xR15 g6 pro LED board for the blues, hit me up. I have two blues to swap/trade
  8. VanCityReef

    RS Reef Mat Owners: Do you turn off the Reef Mat during Feed Mode?

    Just got the RS Reef Mat and noticed the level sensors on it. When I put my tank on feed mode (using GHL) the water level in my sump rises. Should I shut off the Reef Mat as well as everything else during feed mode? Thank you all for your time and input!
  9. elm03

    My Tank Build Stuff

    Current Stuff: -Fluval Evo Marine 13.5gal -Mini PS2 Fluval protein skimmer -Fluval M40 heater -Stock air pump -Stock filter -Stock lid+light What I want to upgrade: -Light ; AI Prime 16HD -Air pump ; Sicce Syncra Silent (not sure which version tho) -Something by Reef Octopus? -Temp...
  10. MaverickReef

    What to upgrade next?

    Hi all! So I have a 125 long LPS dominated mixed reef that I run on a pretty tight budget. I slowly add corals and upgrade equipment over time and it has been up and running for about a year and a half now. Everything is doing well in the tank, most of the corals are growing, albeit slowly in...
  11. Shiggknight

    Tennessee Lighting Filters Dosing Equipment grab

    Mp10 manufacturing date 1/10/22 $260 Marine pure blocks (8x8x4) 2 available $40 X1 pro 2 micro pump X2 $60 Icecap battery backup x4; Used $80 each AP700. $300 2 XR30 pro gen 4 $400 1 xr30 pro gen4 ( 2 diode dead) $200 1 xr30 pro (4 diode dead) $200 Hanna LR tester w reagents$40...
  12. Martyd

    Lighting LED Drygoods Two Kessil AP700s in Mint Condition

    I have for sale two Kessil AP700’s in mint condition with boxes. The lights were used for approximately one year at 50% power and then stored. Comes with the diffuser lenses as well, which are impossible to find. These are easy to program and use with the Kessil app, and will grow all corals...
  13. ATCReefer

    Lighting Testing Drygoods SQ-520 full spectrum smart par meter-Florida-Will ship

    Sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQ-520 smart usb par meter, New never used and includes wand attachment. $300 plus shipping.
  14. Drizzieee

    California Powerheads Miscellaneous Equipment FS

    I have a bunch of stuff I will no longer be needing. If you have any other questions or request for pictures feel free to message me. shipping varies based on item and location being shipped to. (Prices do not include shipping unless stated “shipped”) Reef Octopus BR-110 Biopellet Reactor (no...
  15. L

    Setting up 40g cube

    Hey guys I’m setting up a cube and needed some advice on the equipment I would need. So the cube is 24x24 and it’s just the actual aquarium so I was planning to make a plastic cutout and add a sump section to the back of the tank. For a pump I found the “sicce 1.0” just get the water just...
  16. T

    Dosing pumps that are compatible with Milwaukee mc122 contoller

    I’m looking to monitor my nano reef with Milwaukee mc122 ph controller. I want to use a Kamoer nano dosing pump with Wi-Fi capabilitiy as the Milwaukee dosing pump mp810 does not have Wi-Fi functions. But is the Kamoer compatible with the Milwaukee ph controller ?
  17. E

    Testing Miscellaneous Drygoods Moving sell, must sell equipment ASAP

    Selling some equipment I won’t be using anymore, carbon doser v2 with warranty still valid, have only been set up for 5 months, xepta autobalance automatic alkalinity tester/doser , 100 gal calcium reactor, with media that’s inside and new media Container unused Carbon doser v2: 250 plus...
  18. C

    Kansas Aquarium Controller Miscellaneous Drygoods 180g Tank Break Down Sale

    ****ALL SOLD**** Been a long and hard decision to make, but having to break down my system. Everything in good working order. Equipment has about a year on it. Shipping is available at buyers expense. 1 - 70.5" Ecotech Rail with hanging kit $60 1 - 70.5" Ecotech Rail no hanging kit and has a...
  19. David29price

    Pennsylvania Return Pumps Drygoods Maxspect Jump Pump

    Jump DC12 Pump What the specs state. I had no issues. I simply outgrew it due to adding too much to my manifold. I was getting about 2900 GPH at 5’ head pressure.
  20. lrp693

    Texas Live Goods Selling Full Setup

    Looking to sell full setup: equipment, livestock, supplies, asking $1000 obo Has everything you need to get started in the hobby or restock on some items. I just don’t have time to keep up with it at the moment and would like to pass it along to someone else who will enjoy. Corals marked out...
  21. K

    New York Lighting Drygoods 61” Aquatic Life T5 4x80W Fixture

    Continuing the breakdown of my 510g tank. Now for the big items. For sale is two 61” led/t5 combo fixtures by aquatic life. Asking $175 each. Comes with 8 t5 bulbs. Fair condition. Pickup is in Holbrook Suffolk County Ny kevin 347-602-2017
  22. Jamezanity

    Lighting LED Drygoods Radion XR30 pro gen5

    Radion XR30 pro Gen5 used for 2yrs - $500 shipped. Trying different lights. Let me kniw if you have any question. Located in Bay Area.
  23. H

    Bubble Magnus Curve 5

    Hello! I have a WB Marine 110 and I need to set up my Skimmer! But I have no idea how or what I am doing wrong. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  24. K

    New York LED Drygoods Ecotech XR30w Gen 4 ($250 each)

    Starting to break down my 510G reef. My wife and I are expecting our first child. To start off the breakdown are my ecotech xr30w g4 that are mobius compatible. They are in fair condition. I am selling each unit without the box just the light and power supply. XR30wG4 - $250 each. (I have a...
  25. Lex_510

    Buying equipment on reef2reef

    What’s the safest way to buy equipment from a seller on here that has to be shipped, is it safe that you’ll receive your item after a payment to a person? And in what payment method. Or I’m I taking a risk? Thanks