1. I

    California Live Goods Affordable assorted frags pack

    wysiwyg 10 frags total consisted of zoas +cloves, bubble gum digi, orange lepastrea, fascination favia, branching gsp, blue not typical green Duncan, and incredible hulk cypastrea, paly grandis, mystic sunset monti, lemonade pocillipora. 130 shipped UPS next day air.
  2. Singspot

    New Jersey Live Goods Selling 1 year to 5 year old colonies or frags fr these aquacultured colonies.

    My 8 foot mixed reef aquarium has been established and running since 2018 and no Coral added over 6 months ... I make least amount of change least and tank super healthy, overflowing with growth. I want to sell or trade a lot of corals/ colonies to make room for other corals and more swim space...
  3. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods zoas frags and mini colonies, misc frags free shipping at $150

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  4. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods zoas frags and mini colonies, misc frags free shipping at $150

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  5. M

    Favia tissue damage or splitting?

    Hey, all! Looking for some thoughts from more experienced folks on my Favia. Got it about 3-4 months ago from my LFS off their bargain rack, figured I’d take a shot. It has proved to be one of the slow growing species. I’m noticing some different coloration in the center recently and I’m...
  6. mnml

    Branching GSP, Yellow Submarine Favia

    WYSIWYG $50 UPS Overnight Shipping Branching GSP - 2.5” to 3” - $20 each Yellow Submarine Favia - 1” tile - $40 each DOA Policy: Picture of dead coral in sealed shipping bag due within 1 hour of first delivery attempt. Replacement coral, credit, or refund will be issued at the...
  7. J

    Favia coral placement

    I recently got this favia and put it on the rock as a place holder, but it looks pretty unnatural. Will it grow around the rock over time or still look out of place? I don't want to put it on the sandbed because I'm scared my conch will destroy it. Thanks
  8. Starbuxxx

    Coral ID please - Favia? Acan?

    LFS guy says 1. Favia, 2. Acan, 3. Acan Please help confirm. I have a 150g mature tank, just need to know the best placement for these guys.
  9. StardustAquatics

    Wisconsin Live Goods Zoa, mushroom, and favia

    Prices are on each coral! I took pictures of each one with a camera filter and one without a filter. you pay shipping. please message me for a shipping quote :)
  10. BSA Corals

    Arizona Live Goods WWC Bounce Mushroom Black Friday Sale! Deals are Live! (Shop Now)

    Our Black Friday Deals are Live Now! Get a WWC Bounce Mushroom for a Super Low Price! Shop All Black Friday Deals Here!
  11. reefsponge

    Minnesota Live Goods *Price reduced 1/25*Mature Jawbreaker’s, Strawberry cheesecake discosoma, Chunky Favia’s and Pectinia

    Have some colorful frags to offer. If you would like additional pics, please don’t hesitate to ask through pm. Shipping available, $45 next day air. Mature Jawbreakers. . I purchased my mother jawbreaker in 2011. It is the Poletti strain and has developed yellow, green, red and purple. Very...
  12. H

    New York Live Goods FRAG PACKS - LPS, SOFTY, ZOA - 12 FRAGS $160 SHIPPED!

    Looking to clean out my tank. Most frags are 1.5-2” with some being smaller. Frag Packs are 12 Frags Each for $160 with shipping included. I can sub a few corals in a pack with others as I have duplicates. Standard DOA message me within 2 hours a photo of the dead coral and I will replace...
  13. J

    North Carolina Live Goods Some Favias and Chalice up to go

    Got some faviaa and chalices ready to go. 150$ if buy them all
  14. H

    New York Live Goods ALL FRAGS $15 - FRAG TANK CLEAR OUT!

    Looking to clean out my tank. Most frags are 1.5-2” with some being smaller. Shipping is flat rate $45 (no free shipping at this time). Circle what you want and send me a message. Favia, Chalice, Psammocora, Cyphastrea, Lepto, Lepta, galaxea (need further ID just message) Minimum purchase...
  15. Cnidaria

    Michigan Live Goods Current Corals Available for Purchase

  16. nycfreshreef

    Coral ID Help (favia? Or something else)

    Coral Id was gifted this frag and trying to figure out best location for it does anyone know what type of coral and the name of it ? Thanks
  17. Chad Chapman

    Arkansas Live Goods WYSIWYG frags free shipping at $150. Zoa heavy.

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  18. H

    Illinois Live Goods Selling Fish/Coral/LR/Inverts/anemone including Black Storm Clown pair, royal gramma, pajama cardinals

    Breaking down tank. Location is Westchester, Illinois. Sales Final, I don't offer shipping for the live stock. Fish Black Storm clown pair - $50(sold) Royal gramma - $10(sold) pajama cardinals - $15 (for both)(sold) --------------------------------------------- Coral Candy Cane deep...
  19. maxemorris

    Help! Favia Receding

    I have had this dragon soul Favia for about 6 to 8 months now, and when I first got it it was doing absolutely great in the spot it was in. It had never grown, but it was happy. About a month ago, I started to notice the top portion recede, and someone told me I should put it in lower light...
  20. Norcoreefer

    New Favia is it doing okay?

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me if this Favia looks like it's doing okay. It looks colorful so I'm guessing so? Any insight would be great
  21. H

    New York Live Goods CHEAP! Aquacultured LPS & SPS Coral Frags - Favia, Chalice, Monti, and more

    All frags are WYSIWYG and have been aquacultured. Most frags are LARGE 1.5” plugs (unless otherwise stated). Price and name are on each photo. Shipping is $40 (shipped via UPS Next Day Air) or free at $200. Standard 2 Hour DOA applies.
  22. TroutWithLegs

    Favia Stressing me out

    Took a look at the tank tonight before I am away on a work trip and noticed some of my colonies showing some issues. Most are favia/favities. Not 100% what the orange one is, not worrying about and ID just help with a diagnosis. Haven't made any drastic changes to the tank lighting...
  23. JTP424

    Illinois Live Goods Variety of Corals, Leathers, Pavonas, Hammers, Digi, Favias, Chalices Etc. NO SHIPPING

    Frag tank is getting full.... In the far west Chicago Suburbs, pickup only! Send me a message or ask for better photos of specific corals. $5 each frag : Green Center Brown Button Polyp, "War Coral" $10 Cactus Pavona, Bright Green Pavona, Purple Gorgonian, Mohawk Zoas $15 each or 2 for $25...
  24. emain879

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Cheap zoas, Stylo, Monti, Favia and more

    Trying to clear off my frag rack. Here are a few examples of my zoanthid frags lots of Tutti Frutti, WWC AOI, Keds Red, Hawaiian ding dang Favia $25 Blueberry Fields Leptastrea $25 Some sort of encrusting Montipora that I forgot the name of Blue skin $25 Jason Fox Sunset Stylo $25...
  25. ReefStable

    Favia of the Gods - $60!

    Favia of the Gods - $60 Usually these go for nearly $100 but when the growth is good, I will pass along the good fortune! First picture is rough idea of the frag, about 1/2" to 3/4". Second photo is the colony it will grow into! https://reefstable.com/store/favia-of-the-gods