1. Eclipse M Overflow Box (800 GPH) - Eshopps

    For sale Eclipse M Overflow Box (800 GPH) - Eshopps

    ****ITEM IS NEW**** Quiet, Slim, Plug & Play The Eclipse aquarium overflow system consists of a slim black box that is mounted inside of your tank and a clear external box that mounts outside of your tank, to transport water down to your sump with as little noise generated as possible. The DIY...
    or best offer
  2. H2Overflow® Stealthbox®

    For sale H2Overflow® Stealthbox®

    ****ITEM IS NEW**** Product Overview Allows single, double, or triple H2Overflows® to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of output options for up to 3600GPH! (Single — 1200GPH, Double — 2400GPH, Triple — 3600GPH) Many internal plumbing configuration options makes it the most SILENT and...
    or best offer
  3. Crystal Sump 36 - Trigger Systems For sale

    For sale Crystal Sump 36 - Trigger Systems For sale

    Used Crystal Sump 36 - Trigger Systems Needs cleaned up but I will do that prior to pickup $150.00
  4. mrc refugium/ sump

    For sale mrc refugium/ sump

    Looking to sell my Mrc America sump/ refugium sump, has thick acrylic construction 3/8”! Only selling due to upgrading to a different sump! Currently has a reef octopus 200int skimmer (not included) but is a tight fit. 2 4” filter sock holders, 3 built in probe holders and return is drilled for...
  5. Trigger Systems Sapphire 26 + 5g Trigger Systems Crystal ATO Res

    For sale Trigger Systems Sapphire 26 + 5g Trigger Systems Crystal ATO Res

    Used this system for about 1 year before upgrading to Trigger Systems Platinum, its a great sump. Minor scratches on Sump
  6. Trigger systems Ruby sump and Ruby reservoir

    For sale Trigger systems Ruby sump and Ruby reservoir

    Trigger systems ruby sump/fuge and reservoir
  7. CPR Aquatics AquaFuge 2 Small Refugium

    For sale CPR Aquatics AquaFuge 2 Small Refugium

    Selling a brand new CPR HOB small refugium. I never got around to setting it up on my tank and needing to get rid of some extra stuff laying around. Shipping is available, let me know if you're needing to ship and...
  8. Fiji Sump Baffle--20L kit

    For sale Fiji Sump Baffle--20L kit

    I purchased this a month or so ago intending to build a 20L sump for my new 40 breeder setup. I decided to use my 20L for a coral quarantine setup instead and purchased an acrylic ready made sump instead. I installed one of the baffles and pulled it out so there is some evidence of being used...
  9. JamieTotten1996

    Filtration options for 300L without Sump.

    I will be setting up a new 300L tank soon but I don’t have a sump with it, what good options do I have for filtration preferably that wont crowd the tank with equipment?
  10. Clear Water CW-100 Algae Scrubber

    For sale Clear Water CW-100 Algae Scrubber

    $325 shipped or $300 picked up I'm selling a barely used cw-100 scrubber. In great condition -Max Recommended Tank Size - Up to 200 gallons -Dimensions - 13 3/4" L x 9" W x 9 1/4" H -Screen Dimensions - 7" x 6 3/4" -Recommended Flow Rate - 350 GPH -Input Barb Size - 1/2" -Main Drain Bulkhead...
  11. FiJi 40 Gallon Breeder Baffle Sump kit DIY

    For sale FiJi 40 Gallon Breeder Baffle Sump kit DIY

    New in the box never opened. Note this is just the conversion kit that you can buy from Fiji and does not include any kind of tank.
  12. reefDevX

    I need help with setting up my filtration properly

    Hey Reefers, I have had my tank set up for a few months and I have had some great success and some epic loses. I am trying to set my filtration set up and I have order a ton of stuff but not sure if I need everything. My goal is to have crystal clear water that is beneficial to all the...
  13. Large sump for sale

    For sale Large sump for sale

    I have a brand new ( never seen water) sump that was made by Clear Fabrications in Seattle Washington. It is 46" long x 23-1/2" x 17" tall. It is a very basic sump with 3 chambers. A area for a skimmer, refugium, and return pump. It is made from 1/2" acrylic. Baffles are 3/8". I made a error on...
  14. J

    Fiji cube out of stock?!?!

    Hey guys, I’m curious if anyone knows when the Fiji cube 40 gallon breeder AIO filter box inserts will be going to be back in stock? Or if Fiji cube is even still producing them. They say out of stock everywhere I look. -thanks


    Trigger 10gal Ato Brand New In Box, and ships in same packaging that it came in from Trigger. Has Never Seen Water Build Has been Canceled, Selling and Will Ship *This is the crystal line from Trigger which means its clear acrylic and not colored. PRICE has been lowered to $129 Pls do not...
  16. J

    40 gallon breeder

    Hey guys, I am new to the saltwater world. I currently have 2 freshwater tanks and want to build a beautiful reef tank out of a 40 gallon breeder. I am building this tank on a budget and do not want to break the bank. I am currently interested in the Fiji cube 40 gallon insert but they are sold...
  17. Used Pax Bellum Arid N24 - $500

    For sale Used Pax Bellum Arid N24 - $500

    I have a used Pax Bellum Arid N24 for sale. Everything works great and I item has been cleaned and ready to go. Only in service for 4 months. I prefer local pickup but shipping is also available. Please add $40 for shipping.
  18. Trigger Systems Emerald 26 Sump

    For sale Trigger Systems Emerald 26 Sump

    For sale Trigger Systems Emerald 26 sump. This was used on my 75 gallon tank for a few years, before I tore the tank down and upgraded. The sump holds water and works fine. The only blemish is there are some scratches on the underside of the bottom of the sump, where it was sitting on my stand...
  19. bReefedBaker

    Filtration just quit on me, it died!

    Emergency Here In the midst of a water change and equipment cleaning (wavemaker, heater and filter) My HOB filter just died on me. It was working while I was cleaning, now I go to plug it in and nothing. Not even a sound is coming from the intake propellers. It just died on me! What steps...
  20. C

    Filter media recommendations

    Hi all, looking for recommendations on what other media to put in my AIO back filter chamber(s). Right now its just filter floss in chamber one, and seachem matrix in chamber 2. I have extra amounts of matrix (bio media) to compensate the “small” amount of rock i have in display. i have lots of...
  21. SaltFishTV

    A Power Filter That Works!

    Have you ever used a power filter? Man this thing is a game changer! It was basically snowing in my display and 24 hours later it was so clean! Then moved it to the sump and it cleaned it all up for me. This thing is legit! I know this is old school so I didn’t create the idea, I just made some...
  22. 99gtbaby

    Filtration set up advice

    What would I have to change to use a sump instead of a Fluval fx6 and Fluval 407? Display tank is 125 gallons, I want the sump tank to be 55 gallons. Any advice on setting up a divider/baffle free sump tank? Can I successfully set up a sump for less than what a Fluval fx6 costs if I already have...
  23. M

    Need help plumming a 40 gallon breeder sump to a 120 gallon tank

    I recently picked up a 125 however the previous plumping had to be cut in order to move the tank. There are 8 overall holes drilled into the back of the tank. Looking for any suggestions, general tips, or designs since I plan on redoing it all! My plan is to have three holes in the middle...
  24. Aquaristexhibit

    Is this too much filtration?

    Hello, Is running : - a macro algae reactor - a becket skimmer - a UV sterilzer - roller mat too much filtration ? tank is a 75g and will have about 8 fish. With rock and sand and some bio media in the sump.
  25. unchaotic

    Old School Filtration System

    Anybody want to save me some research time and tell me if any of this old filtration system is worth keeping? The heater module looks neat but I'd have to be able to replace the heater element. I believe the module next to it is a UV filter and I was told the bulb was burned out. I'm guessing...
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