1. Kiorayla

    Orbiculate Batfish with Cloudy Eyes

    Good Evening! My dad has been running is Marine tank again for just over 2 years now! I help him a lot with the tank, I have noticed that the batfish he is keeping has really cloudy eye on the Left side and a little cloudy on the Right. The fish are currently undergoing quarantine as his...
  2. Trueruby

    Naso tang, Is it fin rotting? Need a help.

    Hi everybody, hope everybody’s tank doing well. I got a blonde naso tang from LFS yesterday. The fish was completely looking fine about fins. I checked him in my acclimating box in my DP. All was clear.. however, just a day after in the morning I saw left swimming fin has smth like rot...
  3. D

    Should i wait for copper? And how to treat fins

    So I've just gotten 4 fish, 2 clownfish, a hippo tang, and a flasher wrasse. The hippo and flasher are in the same tank. The flasher helps the hippo feel more comfortable to feed and when its out the hippo is out. They are in a quarantine tank. They have been eating really well (day 3 now) and...
  4. A

    What is this growing out of my corals

    I recently saw these white fin like things growing on my frags. Are they dangerous?
  5. nightmarepl

    Need help with tang in QT

    hey guys I’m curing a yellow tang of ick in a QT currently using piper power as the treatment method tangs been healing up very nicely her fins and scales have heals up no signs of ick so far bug started getting a red spot on the top fin running down her back, after 4 days now the red got a lot...
  6. Evan28395950

    Mandarin Dragonet Fin Problem

    Hello all, got a mandarin dragonet a few weeks ago, just noticed a piece of his fin is gone. All my other fish are friendly for the most part: two clownfish, blenny, Valentini Puffer. He has plently of copepods to eat. Below is some pictures of the remains of the fin and my water quality tests.
  7. JackiG

    Yellow Tang help

    I noticed last week that my yellow tang had a slight discoloration on the top fin. I thought it was a bruise from the coral in the aquarium since there was no other marks on it. Now the mark turned into a hole and I’m not sure what to do. My tang is healthy, eats like normal and is acting the...
  8. nickloeuf

    Clownfish tail gone?

    Hi guys, I'm really concerned about my clownfish! 2 days ago I woke up and there was a missing spot in his tail fin.. and this morning its tail is almost completely gone and its right fin seems hurt too?!?! What can possibly be happening to the fish? I don't think I have anything in my tank...