fire goby

  1. Missy blaze

    Small red spots of fire goby

    Does this look like damage or a something else
  2. be_ninja_pancake

    Anyone got any funny stories?

    Since I'm only a month into the saltwater hobby, I figured I'd ask if anyone had any funny stories to share during their experience with the hobby. For me, when I first got my corals, fish, inverts, and shrimp, my partner and I were putting them all in the tank one at a time. Lastly, before we...
  3. LemoL

    Hello I'm new hello!

    I have all freshwater tanks in my fish room but I want 1 salt water tank. I want a FOWLR tank. Corals don't really blow my skirt up, I like the fish. I like fire goby fish. I also like shrimp. Any advice to give besides the standard stuff? Anything I should know from you guys with experience...
  4. E

    EMERGENCY What is on my firefish goby???

    Hi everyone! Im very new to marine fish keeping. I got a firefish goby two weeks ago. Upon getting it, it looked in very good shape. But just a couple of days ago, I started noticing that its tail was frayed and now i noticed some white fuzzy spots on its body. Could someone help me identify...