fire shrimp

  1. nanonøkk

    what’s the most reef safe shrimp

    ok so i’m wondering on what the most reef safe shrimp is because i’m looking to get one and as i’m looking i’m not seeing very good things. so i first though coral bandit shrimp because i heard- they were reef safe but the i kept reading and it looked to be a 50/50 on if they would eat corals...
  2. M

    Fire shrimp pair question

    Hi all, My girlfriend has a 32g biocube with about 30lb Of live rock. We bought a fire shrimp a couple weeks ago and he was very peaceful and content. Four days ago we went to LFS and he told us if we get another fire shrimp they will be more active as a pair and come out more often. We bought...
  3. Peach02

    Shy Blood Shrimp

    So 6 days ago I bought a blood red fire shrimp, acclimated it for 90 minutes and added it to my display (I didn't QT as it had been at my LFS for a month showing no problems and was eating well) Its eating when I feed the tank and found itself a cave that it never strays a inch from. Does anyone...
  4. coralfish12g

    5 Inverts PERFECT for Beginners! - Setting Up a Reef Tank