1. S

    Florida Lighting Drygoods Orlando, FL | Waterbox 20 Cube All-In-One Aquarium | With Custom Stand and Ai Prime Saltwater 16 HD light | Must Pickup

    Hi There! We are selling our Waterbox 20-gallon tank that was initially used as a saltwater tank, then a freshwater planted tank for a few months, until we got our new tank setup. This tank is in excellent condition. This listing comes with the tank, Ai Prime Saltwater 16 HD light, and WWC's...
  2. G

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods $500 Red Sea Reefer 525 xl cabinet stand

    Red Sea Reefer 525 xl cabinet for sale. The stand is in great condition. exact dimensions are 59” long, 22 3/4” wide, 35” high pick up only in Palm Beach County Florida
  3. A

    Florida Live Goods Mated/egg laying pair of Clark’s Clownfish - West Orlando

    Mated pair of 2-1/2 to 3” Clark’s Clownfish I’d like to sell. Asking $100 for the pair. They are around two years old and have had their third clutch all within 2023. Reason for selling is the aggression against another clown in the tank and other tank mates. located in Orlando. Pickup only.
  4. R

    Florida Aquarium Controller Return Pumps Drygoods Neptune Apex Equipment

    Neptune Apex System Sale All items are used and currently working on a reef aquarium. *Neptune trident just serviced with 6 month warranty and 6 months of ABC reagent included* Apex EL $375 ATK ATO $125 Cor15 $200 Trident. $400 Wav x2. $200 Dos. $200 Package price...
  5. Pyrat80

    Florida Live Goods NEED TO REHOME nearly naked clown, common clown, and Green Spotted Mandarin. Florida Pick Up only

    I am leaving the Hobby and need to rehome my 2 clowns and Green Spotted Mandarin. The. Mandarin eats frozen foods. I would like to move all three at once Pick up only. Located in Celebration FL.
  6. M

    Florida Live Goods Chicago sunburst - from quality linage -

    6 inch Chicago sunburst nem . Quality line . 750$ .
  7. authentic

    Powerheads LED Drygoods BNIB RADION XR15 PRO G6

    Brand new in box,factory sealed G6 $ 400.00 shipped
  8. C

    Is this a Yuma or Florida ricordea?

    Both were sold to me as ricordea FloridaZ the orange one I am confident In this, the green one however looks different than the orange, but not quite like a Yuma(no bumps on the eye but the pattern is different than on the orange) so I’m not sure on it. But I’m growing concerned bc of the “it...
  9. S

    Build Thread Too fast to be any good build

    Hiya All. I have just a a little bit of experience with salt water tanks since I kept one between 2012-2016 when I was in Bay Area. In hindsight it was quite a successful one but at the time it seemed like something I shouldn't have gotten into. I had to tear it down because I was overseas and...
  10. C

    Should I reposition my ricordea?

    Have a couple ricordea that were near each other at the base of a rock. I had hope of them growing/splitting up the rock but I’m thinking I may need to move my orange guy. The green ricordea lifted itself up a little last night and moved closer to the orange one. Before I was having trouble...
  11. lost1317

    Florida Lighting T5 Drygoods ATI 48" 6x54W Dimmable T5 - Shipping available $300 or possible trade for SPS

    ATI 6x54w Dimmable T5. Great light for 48" reef tanks and aquariums that would like to grow all types of coral. In good condition. All bulbs fire as shown in picture. Bulbs have a few months of life left on them. Mix of ATI Blue Plus, Actinic, and Purple Plus. Feel free to ask questions. Located...
  12. Bd.reef

    Florida Lighting Drygoods Orphek Gateway 2

    I have an Orpek Gateway 2 that works perfect, never in an exposed area near the tank. Will ship. Located in Fort Lauderdale. $50 plus shipping if not local.
  13. Rennurdoar

    Florida Lighting Drygoods Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

    Just have this Kessil A80 laying around not being used much. Fiance just uses it for extra light on her desk sometimes currently lol. So figured we'd let someone else get some use out of it. Comes with flex mount and power supply. $125 shipped
  14. endy0430

    Florida Misc. Pumps Drygoods Neptune Wav pumps

    Selling a pair of Neptune Wav pumps. To strong for my tank. Asking 300 shipped for both.
  15. SoFlo Reef

    Florida Return Pumps Drygoods IM MightyJet Midsize Return Pump - $90 shipped

    Lightly used mightyjet midsize return pump (538 gph). $90 Shipped in Continental US. Bought lightly used, plugged in to ensure it worked, then ended up not needing it. Moves a lot of water for its size and is fully controllable.
  16. M3rmaids

    Florida Live Goods Paired exotic clowns 75 Gallon Tank full of zoas

    I have two saltwater tanks. I need them gone ASAP before they start getting neglected because they are beautiful. One is 75 Gallon HOB Currently in tank: - 2 blue tuxedo urchins - 1 Psychedelic Mandarin - 1 Lawn Mower Blenny - 2 paired rare clownfish (Storm Trooper and Davinci)...
  17. Urban

    Florida Skimmers Drygoods Octo Classic 110INT

    I recently relocated and no longer have my Red Sea Reefer, or a system utilizing a sump. I am selling the Octo Classic-110 INT that I used with it. The only thing wrong with it is there is a small inner portion of the lid that is cracked that in absolutely no way affects it’s performance. $175...
  18. M

    Florida LED Drygoods 2 white AI Prime 16HD with diffusers for sale. Sold!

    I have two white AI prime 16HD with 3 diffusers up for sale. Both light run as normal. One bought on 6/21 and the other one on 1/22. Both have new lenses and I replace the fan on the older one 3 months ago. Both was in my closet for around 8 months while taking a break from the hobby. Asking...
  19. J

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Redsea e170 Sebring Fl

    Redsea e170 tank and stand it’s white with hob skimmer, media tray. clear view lid, redsea light I am upgrading so it must go! pickup only.
  20. Djalexchang

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods Kessil A360 Tuna Blues and Controller

    Have some lights up for sale, only used for a year. 4x Kessil A360 tuna blue- $350 each 1x kessil controller- $70. Can pickup locally in Orlando or I can ship at buyers expense.
  21. CtrlFeq

    Florida Package Deal Drygoods Waterbox 20 w/stand, AI Prime 16HD, heater, ATO Pump, Nero 3

    Selling a Waterbox 20 along with AI Prime 16HD, Duetto ATO, Nero 3, heater. This is a ready to go system. I also have some rock if you're looking for turn key. If you'd like additional pictures let me know.
  22. S

    Florida Live Goods South Florida- Mushrooms, Favia, Hammer

    No shipping for the time being. Located in Sunrise, FL, 33351. Near Fort Lauderdale. Ricordea rock- $50 SOLD Mardi Gras Yuma Mushroom $30 Large chunk of dragon soul favia $40 Large gold hammer splitting into multiple heads- softball size $60 SOLD
  23. W

    Florida Aquariums Skimmers Drygoods RedSea XXL 750 G2 complete

    My loss is your gain, XXL 750 which has been set up less than a year along with all equipment, livestock, sand and rock, RMS light bar with 3 XR30 Pro G5 lights, AquaMaxx 3.0 Skimmer, RedSea Reefmat 1200, Tunze ATO, 15-gallon fresh water holder, 2 200 watt heaters, with controller, 2 MP40 pumps...
  24. Smooch30

    Florida Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Complete Reef Aquarium System

    Getting out of the hobby. Entire reef system for sale in Tampa, FL. ***$10,000*** Buyer must arrange disassembly of system components and pickup over a weekend. Not looking to part out. System includes: Tank Tsunami 600-Gallon 120"Lx36"Wx36"H Rectangular Acrylic Aquarium (has minor scratches) X...
  25. R

    Florida Powerheads Drygoods Neptune Wav units x 3 with powered FMM module

    Have 3 Wav pumps. 2 are about 14mths old. One was acting up and paid $70 for Neptune to send a new one which has never seen water. Meanwhile did cleaning and got it to work fine again but still not 100% sure on it hence the discount. Also included is a 1 link module with power so everything you...