1. L

    Florida (Red and white) wartskin angler, metallic fox face, and yellow fuzzy lion fish!

    Hello, I’m currently in the market for these three fish , I’ve been looking all over and they seem impossible to find at the moment , so I’m testing my luck on here, if anyone has any of these fish available for sale, I would be more then happy to purchase them , please let me know.
  2. B

    New foxface

    I just recently added a one spot foxface to my tank. I understand they are very skittish fish but he isnt fully coloring up and I was wobdering if this is normal. The fish is only about 2.5 inches at the moment. 75 gallon tank Ph 8.1 Salinity 1.025 Nitrite 0 ppm Ammonia 0 ppm
  3. H

    Foxface pair?

    So I’m just wondering if foxfaces can be kept in mated pairs in big enough tanks and if so how hard is it to find a pair, specifically a pair of magnificent foxfaces? Thanks in advance.
  4. Underwater Passion

    Fox face Lo aggressive towards PBT

    So apparently I have a unique situation in which I added a PBT to my DT after I added my fox face Lo 4 weeks prior. I thought I had the order of adding them correct based on aggression BUT as many things in this hobby will do, I was surprised to see my fox face Lo was far more aggressive to my...
  5. D

    EMERGENCY Fish pale from stopping copper or antibiotics?

    So my little guy here is a foxface and i was doing normal quarantine procedure (was in the middle of copper treatment) when his fin rot started getting worse. He had fin rot when he arrived. So i stopped the copper and started furan2. Hes still eating a lot but now he turned so pale. He looked...
  6. D

    Fin rot while treating with cupramine

    so its been day 6, raising the copper and i saw that his fin rot is getting worse. Its a tiny foxface. When i first got him he had some fin rot. I thought that it would heal up as my water quality was good. Im not sure if this is an emergency yet, his fins are going fast though. Hes been going...
  7. My Foxface

    My Foxface

  8. W

    Stocking advice - Anthias, Foxface, Copperband

    Hi everyone! My first time posting here! I’m looking for some advice on fish stocking for my 120gal mixed reef. The tank is 5’x2’x2’. I have a large sump in the basement - total water volume 170gal. The tank has been up and running for 3 years (including a house move) and has a majority of SPS...
  9. DirtDiggler2823

    Green vs Red/Purple vs Brown Nori

    What are the main differences in the types of nori we feed our tanks? I've seen green as a sort of daily feeder, red/purple as one you use to fatten up a weak fish, and not sure about what brown is for. Does anyone have a breakdown of what these different types of nori are actually used for?
  10. LukeWolf

    Do I have something unique??? What would you pay for it??

    Hello all! So not looking to sell cause I love this fish, but I’m just curious, did I find something rare and how much do you think it’s worth? My one spot foxface has a spot on one side, but a heart on the other side. Rare Valentine’s Day Foxface??? Lol
  11. If_Only

    Onespot Foxface

    Since I started reading about reef tanks Ive marveled at onespot Foxfaces, and When I saw they get 7-8" I said yeah thats never gonna happen in my 2' cube. But I might be able to get me a 120-150 gallon! I just want to make sure the tank size I get can support a Onespot. I would much prefer a...
  12. RaeOfSunshine

    Desperately sick foxface

    My fox face Daren is so sick. I thought it was stress but now I have no idea. He has no unusual bump or lumps. I made a mistake with the alk the other day and it shot up then I was away for a few days o they weren't fed but everyone else is healthy and happy. I got him an air stone and his...
  13. A

    Fish to eat sea lettuce

    Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to the saltwater side of the hobby and have a 125g mixed reef tank that has been up and running since January. I like to engineer things and geek out on equipment, so I spent 3 months designing everything before the build. That said, I've had really good luck so...
  14. Squeaky McMurdo

    Fun with Foxfaces

    Our new Foxface is quite the character! I don’t know how to post a video so here’s a series of pictures of him racing and chasing one of my kids back and forth. He comes out from behind his rock to play this game.
  15. Kaleb W Bellamy

    Florida foxface

    I have a Foxface available he's healthy loves eating and is very friendly to other fish. I'm only wanting 80 bucks buyer pays for shipping. The reason I'm selling him is due to the fact that my tank is no longer big enough for him other than that no issues whatsoever would love for him to go to...
  16. sebastiaan1985

    Foxface turns out to be a terror...

    Hi all, after picking on the newly introduced cleaner shrimp, my foxface now also starts picking at my Duncan (also introduced last Sunday). Is this common behaviour? Best regards and thanks, Sebastiaan
  17. 1

    Foxface Reef Safe?

    Are foxfaces and its variants reef safe? LFS having some sales on foxfaces, thinking about picking one up. I have heard mixed things. They have a young magnificent and one spot and the regular as well. When I say "reef safe" I mean safe with Corals and Inverts. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving...
  18. stan13ag

    Another Fish Aggression Post

    Last week I noticed a small strange mark on my one spot fox face that I have been keeping an eye on ( I tried to get a picture for 15 minutes and can't). Since then, a 2nd and 3rd mark has appeared, which appear to be bite marks or scratch marks. I haven't added a new fish in almost 2 years...
  19. Renelope

    Tang aggression

    Hello folks, Looking for some advice. Recently purchased 2 tangs, a yellow and a kole. Bought them together, acclimated them together- they are besties. Problem is my fox face. Had him for several months before getting the tangs and he is easily twice their size, but he is the shyest fish I've...
  20. Steven91

    Foxface died

    Hello I have had my foxface, named Scotty, for about 4 months now, and tonight when I went down to admire my fish late at night with all the blue light I noticed he was limping along, I did my water parameter checks making sure everything was inline but he sadly passed away. I did not see any...
  21. vector824

    Build Thread Vector's 75g Reef -Updated July 18th 2019

    Welcome to my 75 gallon tank build thread! I hope you enjoy the progress of my tank that I started in August of 2017. First we'll begin with all the tank info on this post (with pictures), and the start of my tank on the second. See the last post for the most recent update. Thanks for viewing...
  22. LB Dantzler

    Help picking out new fish

    My wife and I have a 55 gallon fish only tank. So far we have a pair of clowns, a blue spotted puffer, and a pair of cardinals. We had a flame angel but she started going after one of the cardinals so we took her back. Now were in the market for another fish or two to complete our tank. With...
  23. haleyf1024

    Foxface with a growth/tumor under chin?

    The foxface in our display tank has began growing a bump under his face. He is eating well, and it doesn't seem to bother him. It is the same metallic white color as his markings, so it doesn't seem to be lympho from what I was seeing online. Anyone have any ideas or seen this before? He's been...
  24. J

    How do you handle a bully in the tank?

    I had an issue today introducing some new fish and need advice on how I can proceed. I have a 5 ft mixed reef tank that I setup in the fall. I have 4 Tangs of differing species and the biggest fish in the tank is also my favorite one. It's a powder blue tang named Mully after Warriors great...
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