frag tank

  1. santeeeyyy

    Frag tank, Pico reef, or bigger upgrade?

    What would be an ideal second tank? I am struggling on going for a the frag tank, pico reef, or a bigger upgrade. I really like the lagoon open top tanks from reef casa, it is an AIO style, going for their pico reef with a small scape and invert only. Or a frag tank dedicated to frags and...
  2. Jonathan veillette

    Massachusetts Aquariums Drygoods Custom Frag Tank For Sale. pickup only. MA $750

    Tank is from Advanced Aqrylics. 36" wide. 12" tall. 24" front to back. Tank comes with some plumbing. Tank has some minor scratches like any tank. They can easily be buffed out since this is 1" Aqrylic Custom aluminum Stand. with adjustable feet on the bottom. Spray painted White. with 1/2...
  3. Jonathan veillette

    Massachusetts Aquariums Drygoods Custom Frag Tank For Sale. 1k. Pick up only.

    Tank is from advanced acrylics. Tank new was $1500. It's about 2 years old. still in great shape. Tank is made out of 1" acrylic. shipping was $400. due to crate shipping Tank dimensions 10" high. 30" wide and 56" long. stand is all aluminum. stand hight is about 38" with solid 1/2 puece of...
  4. reefadam

    Frag Build The Farm (37gal total)

    Wanted to post up about the state of my current frag system. After running an LFS and coral production with a few thousand gallons, this one is quite a shift. However, I’m finding many perks with the smaller size; mainly ease of maintenance and keeping it clean. It was initially set it up as...
  5. Kyle079

    Large Build OxCoral - Fish Room and Tank Build (120 Gallon Frag, 180 Display)

    Hello All, I have been planning a pretty big build out for the past year and a half. Things are starting to get moving and I figured it was a perfect time to start a thread here to track the progress. I currently have a RedSea Reefer 250, which has been a great little tank, but I am ready for...
  6. ReeferGal_8723

    Colorado Aquariums Plumbing Drygoods 50 gal Lowboy Frag systems W/Overflows (Frag SHOW Tank 36in)

    I have multiple Lowboys available 2 setup peninsula style and 2 setup for regular. All are drilled and ready to be setup or connected to your plumbing with gate valves/unions. Penn style setup with Eshopees SM overflows - Black painted bottoms - Regular style setup with Eshopees M overflows -...
  7. Amado

    New Jersey New York Drygoods deep blue frag tank and DYI stand 48 x 24 $100

    hello I am selling a deep blue frag tank. 48 X24 x 12 it comes with a DIY stand pick up is in Edison NJ 08820 I am asking $100
  8. TrevorHenryTDH

    California Aquariums Drygoods 10 Low Boy Frag Tanks 4x2 / 4 Drilled 6 Undrilled

    Moving to bigger tanks, will be tearing this down soon. Before we set them up in another room anyone interested. Looking for 125 / each. Tanks only. Local pick up for now but if you’re serious I can slap them on a pallet. 91739
  9. BigWillStyle

    Zoo-Med 50 Frag 48 X 24 on a IM 47.2 X 23.6 with a 48 X 24 3/4 pine top in between safe?

    The title says it all haha. I currently am setting up a frag room and I have a Innovative marine stand that I love but it is just a little bit smaller than the rimmed Zoomed Frag tank I already own. I have pine top that is 48 x 24 3/4 in that I can sandwich in between the top of the aluminum...
  10. J

    Taking advantange of the automatic water change system to set up a frag tank

    I've seen some people set up coral quarantine tanks by having the AWC pumps send tank water to a separate tank and having the overflow on this tank go to the drain. I'm curious whether this system could grow corals long-term and be used as a frag tank providing adequate lighting and flow is...
  11. butcherreef

    Build Thread New Waterbox 105.4 Build Thread

    Hello everyone, I am making this post to show off my new waterbox105.4 build. The tank was just delivered today, however I am moving to a new house soon so all equipment is going to sit and wait. I will be posting the journey of this tank on my instagram (Butcherreef) and on here. If you have...
  12. butcherreef

    NEW Waterbox 105.4 Frag Build

    Hello everyone, I am making this post to show off my new waterbox105.4 build. The tank was just delivered today, however I am moving to a new house soon so all equipment is going to sit and wait. I will be posting the journey of this tank on my instagram (Butcherreef) and on here. If you have...
  13. DanyL

    Frag Build Dany's frag tank build

    Hi all, time to build a Frag Tank! But first - I never really properly introduced myself and my journey on r2r before, and I figured it would be a great opportunity to do so now, in my first build thread. It is quite long though, so if you wish to skip to the current build thread details, start...
  14. TrevorHenryTDH

    California Aquariums Drygoods 4x2x12

    I am selling my anemone tank set up that I have recently tore down and moved to my new store. Tank is ready for its next owner and great size for a frag tank set up. Of course everything could use a nice cleaning. AI’s will not be included as I will use them for back ups at the shop...
  15. Wormyjen

    Hello Frag Tank Fish

    Hey everyone! I have just started to put frags in my frag tank and looking to add a couple fish for pest control and any algae. The tank is only 9" tall and I've already had a wrasse jump the coup. I do have a blenny in there that seems to be calm and not want to fly. Any suggestions for...
  16. stephanjupillat

    plumbing frag tank into basement sump

    Hey guys. I'm building a basement sump for new 225 gallon tank. I'm adding a frag tank shortly and need help on how to plumb it into the sump. The frag tank stand is to the right in the picture so it's really close. 1. I was thinking the best way was to either add a T with valve right after the...
  17. JulesH

    Comparison of pH probes

    Hi, I have an interesting issue with my pH probes. I have two probes in the sump of my 320 litre frag tank, one made by reef factory (probably better known in Europe/UK) and the second device by Neptune running in conjunction with my Apex. Both are calibrated, the Apex probe with the 7 and 10...
  18. Rams

    New Jersey New York Drygoods 80g deep blue rimless frag tank

    Selling 80g deep blue rimless frag tank with sump and skimmer for stand..asking 240$ pick up in edison NJ 08820
  19. tech_reefer

    California Aquariums Drygoods pnw-custom Lagoon Frag Tank | 12in (4 Gallons)

    For sale No shipping Includes return pump, media basket, and frag rack. $250 cash It's new
  20. F

    Frag tank, separate sump or DT sump?

    I have a 210 gallon display tank with a 100 gallon sump and 40 gallon refg. Looking to add 50 gallon frag tank and looking for pros and cons regarding a separate sump for the frag tank ior using my display take sump. Thanks for your help.
  21. Chipper1978

    Peninsula or Standard Frag Tank?

    Looking to order a custom frag tank (72”x24”x14”) for mostly SPS and am struggling with deciding between a peninsula or standard style. Would love to be able walk around and view from three sides with the peninsula. Besides needing more space , are there negatives I’m not considering (e.g...
  22. Hilltop Aquariums

    New Hampshire Aquariums Drygoods Advanced Acrylics Frag Tank. 24x24x16 with stand and sump

    For sale. 24 X 24 X 16 Advanced Acrylics frag tank with coast to coast overflow, stand, plumbing and sump. No scratches or leaks, just needs a quick rinse. $750.00 for everything listed. Located in Gilford NH but can meet or deliver for a small fee.
  23. fasterznu

    North Carolina Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Brand New Custom AIO Acrylic Frag Tank FS PRICE DROP $500 Shipped

    Custom AIO acrylic frag tank with euro brace for sale, 30"x20"x12". Tank holds 30 gallons, comes with plumbing parts, eheim pump, two frag racks (160 frags). Tank is brand new, never been wet. There is a small blemish on the back right corner, purely cosmetic but barely noticeable. Can ship or...
  24. wsoldier

    Plumbing sizing for single return pump for two tanks

    I originally posted in DIY, and I'm now trying to figure out plumbing sizing coming from a single return pump. I was going to T off from my return pump (COR-15) to fit 3/4" line to my display and 1/2" to my frag tank. Is there any negligible difference if I T off with a 3/4" connector vs...
  25. Hydrored

    Texas Aquariums Drygoods Advanced Acrylics grey PVC frag tank and sump. Brand new, never used

    Advanced Acrylics grey PVC frag tank and sump. Sump and tank new, never used. Frag racks are used and will include them. Frag Tank: 24x 30 (33 with the overflow) 15 inch tall. Sump: 26 L x 16 W x 16 Tall Holds 3 4” socks.