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  1. damsels are not mean

    Need lighting recommendations for a softies-only frag tank.

    Hi. New to this site, but I've been lurking it for a while. I'm getting back into reefing after a long period of just not having time to do much other than basic maintenance. and while I was busy my softies have grown out of control (and maybe even mutated to new colors I don't think I've ever...
  2. S

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Frag tank with everything, 6 x T5 light 18951 $150

    I am selling a frag tank that I bought on this forum and made improvements then I had it set up for a while but I’m moving so it’s got to go. It is approximately 15-20 gallons total with a 10 gallon sump with diy baffle kit, aquaponics tray, with both gate valve controlled durso and emergency...
  3. Rams

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania 80g Deep Blue frag tank

    Selling 80g deep blue frag tank and stand. will give sump,skimmer and reactor for free.Asking 550$ obo.tank is in very good condition.Must pickup at 08820
  4. Hubris

    Zoanthids only Frag tank

    Looking for information on building a zoanthids only shallow frag tank. Is AIO frag tank viable long term at about 8 inches in height or should I look into adding a sump. Can I go with no fish and feed one or two times weekly? Can do water changes weekly with ease. Looking to do a 3 to 4 foot...
  5. Not_Eeyore

    Illinois Indiana Michigan Minnesota Pennsylvania 2 frag tanks and an AIO for sale. Delivery along my route possible.

    25ish gallon Advanced Acrylics frag $70 54ish gallon frag (brand unknown) $100 55 gallon Tenecor AIO $500 Delivered to interstate meet up along my routes for a bit more.
  6. Not_Eeyore

    AIO and frag tanks.

    I have a Tenacore 55g AIO and a 25ish gallon Advanced acrylics Frag tank I would like to sell. I also have a 54ish gallon no name frag tank.
  7. D

    Florida WTB Looking for a 48x24x16 80 gallon tank.

    Hello everyone, As post reads I’m looking for a 48x24x16 80 gallon tank. I used to have the deep blue version before I sold it and I see now they discontinued them. So I’m hoping someone might have one for sale or another brand but same same. Can come with or without a stand. Thanks.
  8. IceRain29

    Build Thread Allan's Waterbox Frag 165.6 High End SPS Frag System Build

    It has been 2 and half years since I build my 450 Gallon System and I want to have another frag tank. The first frag tank I ordered with my 450 gallon is becoming a grow out tank. Wife also states it has to have a nicely finished cabinet and it has to be white and no more than 30" wide. Hmmm, is...
  9. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Finally got my hands on one of these!

    I know it’s not much but I love these IM frag tanks! The long stretched out nano looks so good with the smoke tinted back glass. I have a lot of extra frags in my main tank my tank upstairs and now I will have a little more space to place some smaller pieces. Just a fun little set up and it...
  10. JoannaCora

    Frag Build JC's Coral Frag/Daycare Tank

    Hey all, want to show off my frags. These are all originally from a friend who is remodeling and said I could frag whatever I want, luckily he truly meant it, and I took advantage. I still don't know what half of it is. Don't mind the sketchy scolies in the bottom left, it wasn't me! They're...
  11. Warddman

    Florida 60 gal rimless deep blue tank, 2” steel stand, sump, 48” ATI dimmable t5, 36 actinic led strip

    Complete system for sale. 60 gal rimless deep blue tank, 2” steel stand, 40 gal breeder sump, 48” ATI dimmable t5, 36” dimmable Rapid led strip, neptune apex classic with vdm, afs, and neptune ATO, acrylic ATO container. 1200 OBO.
  12. Man908


  13. karamreef117

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania 33 Gallon Frag tank 4ft

    Hello everyone! I have a 33 gallon 4ft tank (48x13x12) frag tank. It is drilled, comes with a sump, pluming, return pump DC, T5 4bulb 4ft light, and the stand. Let me know if you have any questions! it is ready to be picked up as I broke it down and cleaned it up. I am located in PA 19025 and I...
  14. G

    Seapora 22 frag tank setup ideas

    Hey there everyone! Slowly building up to my dream tank, but I'm building a smaller tank at the moment to tide me over. Recently bought a 36"x18"x8" Seapora 22 frag tank AIO and had some questions to see how I can start things off right. Got everything setup: 60 lbs fiji pink CaribSea live sand...
  15. D

    California WTB Want to buy waterbox frag series! or frag tank with similar dimensions

    Hey everyone! I am looking for a frag tank preferably a Waterbox 85.3 or bigger will look at any size! If you don't have a waterbox will also consider any frag tank with heights between 12 to 16 inches. I am located in Los Angeles but am willing to drive or meet up in So Cal or try to...
  16. D

    California WTB Want to Buy Frag Tank

    Hey everyone! I am looking for a frag tank. Either an all in one or a tank with a sump. I am located in Los Angeles but am willing to drive and meet if it is outside of LA. Looking to get minimum 30 gallons and will look at something even up to 100 plus gallons. Please let me know if you have...
  17. reefer_nyc

    Build Thread Reefer_NYC Waterbox Frag 55.2 Lagoon Build

    Hello everyone! I know some of you follow me on IG: or my Youtube: and wanted to start a thread on my upgrade process! So I've been in this hobby for easily over 15 years and relatively kept my tanks...
  18. NanoReefDenmark

    Frag Build 12mm AIO optiwhite glass BIMA Frag tank/Thepolyppros

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my new fully custom frag tank made by a private guy in Denmark called BIMA. The rack design is made by ThePolypPros. Cant wait to get it all home and get it wet ! Hope you like it, let me know what you think!
  19. R

    Wanted: Frag tank 72x24x12-18"

    I am in search of a frag tank that is 72Lx24Wx12-18"H. Wasn't sure where to post this, Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place. If anyone has any leads on any used tanks that would fit this size or if anyone could point me in the right direction for a good deal on one please let me...
  20. wesamazmy

    Amazing Frag Tank Build, Acrylic Sump, I am really proud of it ;)

    See my recent build here, a nice and very professional frag tank with a nice acrylic sump I had studied all the details carefully before I start, please let me know what you think? Tank dimenstions: 120x70x35 cm Glass thickness 12mm
  21. Benmil

    Tang choice for 5foot long frag tank ?

    I’ve just acquired a 5ft long 3 foot wide tank , it’s a shallow frag tank design and planning on using it as a tank for all my zoa and LPS frags. Looking to get a tang or two solely for algae control and wondering what everyone recommends ? Purple tangs are my all time favourite fish but if they...
  22. D

    Frag tank light choices.

    Hi all, I'm switching my MH lit frag tank (24"x16" 7"deep) to LED. (Trying to modernize my setup) so: 1. I was considering the Kessil A80 Tuna Blue. (My frag tank is small, so it seems like this lite would work at a minimum for even SPS's) Or 2. Should I bump up to the Kessil A160WE...
  23. A

    Frag Build Connect Frag Tank to Main System?

    Ok, so I have a tiny 10 gallon aquarium that I previously used for freshwater, but decided that it might make a decent frag tank. My main system is 75 gallons with a 15 gallon sump and my original idea was just to have the 10 next to the 75 with a siphon going from my main tank to the 10 and...
  24. Bleakborn

    Using Vibrant in a newly set up Frag Tank?

    So my question is simple, would you use Vibrant in a newly set up Frag Tank? Would/Could you even add it before there is a sign of Algae? Some background; I am in the process of setting up a 20 gallon long quarantine/frag tank to hold my monti frags while I deal with the dreaded montipora...
  25. C

    Frag Build Lowboy frag tank/"Lagoonish" build thread

    Hi All, This is my first post here and I wanted to show everyone where I am currently in my build and allow you to follow along as I finish it out. I hope to get a lot of great advice from you all! My son (10) has really gotten into this hobby and has started his own tank that he is running...