frag tank

  1. reefmasterdomi

    Best frag tank

    Hi all, just looking for any opinions or experiences on frag tanks. i worked in a reef store recently so i get the jist, but i am about to purchase a low boy style frag tank like this, but i don’t really like the black rim around it. any suggestions for around 50 gallons? thanks all
  2. flsoccerace

    Build Thread Waterbox 80.4 Shallow Reef

    After keeping a 90 gal FOWLR tank for a little over 10 years, I decided that I should downsize and start a new reef tank. If any of you have been in the hobby even for a couple of months, the idea of downsizing almost sounds crazy. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. First, I bought a 20...
  3. CrackCorals

    Connecting a smaller lagoon style tank to a Red Sea Reefer 350, possible?

    I have a red sea reefer 350 and I am looking for help choosing an option for connecting another tank to the existing system, I was looking into a deep blue 24x24 shallow reef but I really need some suggestions. please give me suggestions for a shallow tank. I am not looking to go custom, but if...
  4. Aqua Splendor

    Frag Build DIY AIO Frag tank V2, new design, work very well!

    Hello reefers, Previously I made a really simple Frag tank that was actually happy with, work well, this was the version 1: But I had to remove the filter for space reason so I decide to redo my frag tank completely and applying what I learn from my previous DIY AIO aquarium with a new design...
  5. Coralqueendom


    I plan to tour Wisconsin checking out other hobbyists builds and frag tanks. We all know the real heat comes from us at home pouring our love into our frag tanks. If you’d like a visit drop your name I’d love to meet you!! Check out Coralqueendom on Instagram
  6. R

    Hello Excited to come back to groove after a couple year break

    Hello R2R community. I've been reefing since 2012 and took a break for a gap of about 2 years due to living situations. Finally got set up again and decided to set up for propagation this go around as that what was I always enjoyed, fragging and watching corals grow. My current setup is a 75 gal...
  7. Reefer37

    Stocking 30G Frag Tank

    Hey everyone, so I'm working on a new build for a 30g frag grow out tank. Gonna be mostly zoas and softies and some LPS. Any recommendations on fish? Really thinking only 1-3 max and preferably useful fish like algae eaters and pest control. Trying to stay away from a 6 Line, heard too many...
  8. ChristianReefer

    Should I start a Frag Tank To Sustain Hobby?

    Thinking about starting a frag tank to help with the cost of building my dream tank (300 Gallon). I currently have a 48 gallon cuboid tank and has been running well for just over a year. The only problem is there is not much to look. Livestock is really expensive, especially when quarantining...
  9. gotmesalty77

    Im decent a DIY but im gonna need the creative minds here to help me with this one

    So basically ive been told that until we find a larger house i am on a tank restriction. I can add whatever i want to under the tank including tanks just nothing unsightly outside of my undisputed territorial lines. As of now i have a mess of wires and neat freaks nightmare for a sump fuge area...
  10. Huenemedoe

    Shallow 5 Gallon Rubble Reef Glass Up Build

    Hello Everybody! I started this build for a few reasons..... 1. It was super fun!!!!!! 2. Space requirements 3. Higher nitrates for mushrooms and softies I definitely encourage everyone to try a build like this at least once! With a little patience and organizational skills it was actually a...
  11. Aqua Splendor

    (Video) DIY Frag Tank Aquarium - No sump

    Hello, Reefers :) I made a custom Frag Aquarium. I don't have a lot of space at home so it's a standalone tank. Hope this video will entertain you a little bit :P If you have any suggestions on how to improve this setup let me know, super curious to have some feedback!
  12. tippin.turtle

    Build Thread Zoo Med "Low Boy"/Deep Blue -160 gallon frag tank system

    My build has been three years in the making and yet, still not complete. That said, the past few months I've been pushing harder to get it closer to completion. My goal is to have this wrapped up in the next 4 months or so, at which point, I can finally add some water and start the cycling...
  13. NickosReef

    New frag tank build... 50G lowboy 20G long 40B sump

    Hey reefers. I just started my grant tank build. I bought one of Fishofhex lowboy frag tanks. I have built an 8’ X 2’ stand for it. The plan is to put the lowboy and a 20long side by side and have them both drain into a 40b diy sump. I’m going as budget friendly as possible. I have 2...
  14. Steeze

    Frag Tank help

    Started a 20g frag tank because my 1 1/2yo 14g Bio was starting to get crowded... I cycled the tank for 5-6 weeks and my parameters are as follows: Sal/Temp- 34/70*, Kh- 9.6, Cal.- 429, Mag- 1260, Ph- 8.4, Amm- .25, No3- 6, No3- 0, Po- .5 Light- Kessil a150 Ocean blue 8in from water lowered to...
  15. smartwater101

    Coris wrasse, instead of sixline, for frag tank? (pest control: all wrasse created equal?)

    Other than making sure it has some sand, would a Coris wrasse do as much pest control as a sixline? I hate my sixline. Hes a typical jerk and I really love the look of green coris. Thoughts?
  16. cwb_reeftank

    Frag tank lighting?

    Trying to figure out a good light that is also fairly cheap for a frag tank that will grow sps. It'll be on a 24x24x8 tank.
  17. SR Reefing

    Build Thread S.R. Reefing Shallow Grow Out. Grow SPS Faster, Easier.

    Hi everyone, After being a reefer for 3 years, i am finally building my frag tank. Go big doesn't cost a lot more, so it seems to be the bigger system i got the cheaper it is per gallon. Tank size 90x36x14 around 200 gallon Sump 72x22x16 around 100 gallon Return Pump L2 Skimmer Pump L2 Skimmer...
  18. w2inc

    Build Thread Elos 130-ish + a chopped up 160 for a frag tank and display

    My husband loves watching what I do with the hobby and didn't have to be talked into letting me fill the breakfast nook and part of the back patio with tanks. Friends have been sending me hook ups whenever they hear about free stuff. Uhaul was getting plenty of business from me for about 3...
  19. RandyC

    Build Thread Randy's Redsea Reefer 250 and the rest of the Coral Farm

    Been a lurker for a while, but I'd thought I'd start up a build thread and share what I have going on. I started reefing with a 12G Fluval Edge about 3 years ago and it took all of about 6 months for me to upgrade to my first "adult" tank. My Red Sea Reefer 250 has been running for exactly 912...
  20. LiveWire

    Maryland WTB Frag Tanks

    I'm looking to buy some 4-6' long (Acrylic, Glass, Blue) basic frag tanks. If you have anything please let me know. Looking to pick up locally. I am located in MD close to VA, PA, WV and DC and don't mind driving a little.
  21. elwallacejr

    Maryland Deep Blue 80 Rimless Frag & Trigger Triton 34 Sump

    I have for the sale the following: Deep Blue 80 Frag Rimless with Eshopps Medium overflow installed in a Peninsula style. < 1yr old. $375* Trigger Systems Triton 34 Sump. < 1yr old. $350* * There's pluming in the pics free if you buy both the tank and sump although you'll probably have to...
  22. lonewonderer

    California frag tank 60-80 gallons RR

    Hey there! Looking for a frag tank 60-80 gallons within SoCal. Kindly let me know if you have one for sale at a decent price. Thanks!
  23. DougBouma

    California Advanced Acrylic Frag Tanks

    24x24x8 Advanced Acrylic Frag Tanks. I have two of them left and one is spoken for. USED condition.
  24. gig 'em

    Gig ‘ems Anemone Dedicated Tank

    I’ve been working on a species dedicated tank/frag tank system for a while now and I thought it would be a good time to share it. I have a custom built 50 gallon rimless that I have H. magnifica anemones in plumbed in with a 50 gallon frag tank and 20 gallon sump. Magnifica anemones have...
  25. divetoday

    Build Thread Building a 30 Gallon Frag Tank... The Long, Slow, Right way

    Blank Slate by divetoday posted Jun 28, 2018 at 10:56 AMThis is my first-ever tank build thread, but I am setting up a new frag tank and wanted to document the progress. FWIW, I've had lots of FOWLR tanks (since 1976!), but only got into reefing about 6 years ago. Since then, I've suffered from...
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