fragging zoanthids

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    Zoa sellers- I need advice!

    Everyone who frags and sells zoas- How often do you frag? What tools are your favorite for fragging? Do you ever have trouble knowing how to price? Do you try to sell more as single polyps or as multiple? Show me your frag tank setup!
  2. S

    Massive amount of Palythoas.

    I’ve had coral in my 20gal tank for roughly a year now, with mostly Zoanthids and Palythoas. I am yet to attempt a fragging due to not wanting to crash my tank. I have a massive colony of Reverse Space Monster palys that needs to be fragged, it has spread to multiple rocks and is starting to get...
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    How to frag safely?

    So I watched the video in the "Sticky Threads" area, but I have a bit of a problem. My Reverse Space Monsters colony (which is huge) has grown on to 3 different rocks, and I want to frag it since I have a smaller colony which was next to it when I got them, but now the Space Monsters have...
  4. surcalation

    Large Build UK 250gal soft coral tank running Triton method

    After such a warm welcome in the welcoming section and a few questions of "show us your build" here is the start of my reefing journey. This is my 4th fish tank and 2nd marine tank. My first marine tank was running for 6 years before it was closed down due to a suspected tank leak and upcoming...
  5. Fragging Zoanthids

    Intermediate Topic Fragging Zoanthids

    The author of this article, David Smith, has a small zoanthid business in Youngstown, Ohio. He is an expert on the care of zoanthids and did a special piece for us on how to frag zoanthids effectively. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tips on Fragging Zoanthids Here, I will highlight how I go...
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