frags for sale

  1. B

    Kentucky WTB Looking for coral frags in louisville, ky

    Louisville, KY Looking for some zoa's, cyphastrea, sps and a nice toadstool frag.

  3. MissouriReefer31

    Frags for trade/sale

    Looking for frags for trade/sale in the Springfield area can drive but not too far 30 mins max. Green Birdsnest Pink birdsnest Purple Cap Monti Green Cap Monti Pink encrusting Monti Starburst Cap Monti Paly's Zoa's Mushroom's also willing to check anything else out as well.
  4. CrackCorals

    New York Coral for sale

    Coral for sale Holy grail indo hammer (branching) 150 Alien eye torch 2 head pinching 225 5 head pinching 500 Aussie wall hammer super bright green tip with gold stems 250 rainbow acan 150 (estimated 12 polyps) Rainbow Trachy 125 Rainbow bubble tip with white speckled...
  5. ThatPhillyReefer

    New Jersey Pennsylvania More WYSIWYG Frags

    Hello all more frags for sale Sps frag- $15 Hammer Coral 2 1/2 heads- $25 Pocillopora frag- $15 2 Green Ricordia- $20 for 1 $35 for both Anthelia- $5 a frag (cut to order) Pm for better pics Located 19114 meetup available
  6. Joe Knows Reefs

    JOE'S CHRISTMAS in JULY LIVE SALE - July 31, 2021 - Official Thread!!!

    It's time for another HOT Live Sale here on R2R with our fellow reefing family! We invite you to JOIN US RIGHT HERE on JULY 31st FROM 6pm - MIDNIGHT (Eastern) for our "CHRISTMAS in JULY LIVE SALE" Here are a few teasers of actual corals that will be in the sale...
  7. ThatPhillyReefer

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Zoa for sale (CHEAP)

    Aoi- $10 (single polyp) x3 pink diamond- $25 (two polyps) x1 Unknown- $10 (single polyp) x1 Anthelia- $5 x1 I am located in 19114, willing to meet nearby or at RAP NY saturday.
  8. StevenLacy1769

    Texas Livestock Sale Tank Shutdown DFW Local Only

    Trying to sale off live stock asap. DFW, Dallas, Ft Worth, locally. 2x White Ribbon Eels 1x Snowflake Eel (small) 1x Smoke Black Clown - Male 1x White/black/Orange Clown - Male 1x Royal Gramma 1x Blue Damsel 2x Cleaner Shrimp 1x Fire Shrimp 1x Blue Banded Boxing Shrimp 5x XL GSP Frags 1x Md...
  9. Jon Patrick/jtone

    Frags for sale near Springfield mo

    Mini torch coral (grape coral) 2 heads Teal tips with a nice yellow tint in the heads near the mouths. RR tropic thunder montipora frags for sale also I purchased this coral directly from Jason fox. All of my frags are guaranteed pest free! Message me for more info if interested.
  10. E

    New York Green toadstool leather frags

    green toadstool leather frags ready to go. I propagated them almost a month ago. I live in Rome NY, I travel occasionally and would consider delivery if it wasn’t inconvenient for me. DM me if interested.
  11. ThatPhillyReefer

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Zoa frags

    I have some zoa I am going to frag. Frags will be 1-2 polyp $15-20 pp Could create a frag pack Frags Available -Rasta -Laser Lemons, - Purple heart -Pink diamond -Super Siayan -Scrambled eggs Pm if interested Open for trades as well
  12. SawCJack00

    Arizona New Years Frag SPS Frag Pack Special!

    For the connoisseur of fine SPS frags, here's a WYSIWYG pack with some very nice pieces for $500 local pickup or $550 shipped anywhere in the continental US on or after 1/4/2021. All pics taken under Radion G4 pros on AB+ with ATI B+ T5 bulbs. No filter, just WB corrected. Standard DOA...
  13. PinkLadyLVT

    Alabama Georgia Tennessee SOLD

    SOLD. Admin please delete.
  14. Coralick

    Florida Gorgeous babies Frags Frags Frags

    Any frag 20$, cornbread rainbow singles 10$, blood shots 7 polyps 100$, golden hammer 60$ Free local pickup in Hallandale FL 33009 , 40$ shipped in Fl, 65$ out, free shipping if you get 260$ worth of stuff, thanks for looking
  15. Joe Knows Reefs

    Fresh Friday Eve WYSIWYG Just Posted Up at

    WHEW what a week!? We're glad the weekend is near. College football and some much needed rest is on tap for the weekend...our favorite time of the year! We just posted up some choice frags including some nice zoas, LPS and more anemones. CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW ARRIVALS A few...
  16. Joe Knows Reefs

    15% OFF Labor Day Sale at

    Hard work pays off ALL the time! We hope you enjoy this long weekend and the unofficial end of summer. I'm not sure about you guys but we are READY FOR SOME COOL AIR!!! The heat and humidity in Charleston has been unbearable lately. We have a TON of nice and beautiful corals loaded on the...
  17. Joe Knows Reefs

    Joe's Heatwave LIVE SALE - Aug 15th - OFFICIAL THREAD!

    Here in Charleston, SC we are on a HOT STREAK with 90+ degree days...going on 26 days in a row right now. To add to that, we have LOADS of corals looking for new homes. So on August 15th, why not stay indoors in the cool AC with a popsicle, white gloves, us and R2R?! Many people are starting...
  18. Joe Knows Reefs

    Welsos, Orange Hammers, Blastos and MORE at

    We just posted up another neat update to our website. We were able to land a nice Indo shipment a few weeks ago and some of the pieces are finally making their way on to the sale platform after some dips and stabilization. CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW ARRIVALS A few teasers.... As...
  19. Huenemedoe

    California Softies for local pick up!

    Hello Everybody! I have a couple frags for sale. Local pick up only. 1. Orange Lime Lip Zoa (3 heads) $15 Can frag more Zoas if needed ($5 a head) 2. Purple spotted mushroom $10 3. Toad Stool $20 Will also accept trades. Open to anything. Thanks!
  20. ForTheLoveOfCoral21

    New York WYSIWYG Large Zoa Frag Pack - Will Ship

    $350 Shipped - Will not ship to Alaska or Hawaii All Pictures are taken with an Iphone 11 Pro using the @Polyplab Lens kit Rastas Devils Armor LA Lakers Fruit Loops Spidermans Supermans Whamming Watermelons Dragon Eyes Mango Tangos Boundless Charms Mindblowing Palys PPE Whirlwind Zoa Icy Eyes...
  21. Carter's Reef


    Lower 48 only. Standard overnight $50 shipping. Feel free to pm me with any questions or offers! A-$100 B-$225 C-$175 D-$175 E-$200 F-$100
  22. Rickyrooz

    Pennsylvania Acro's & Monti's For Sale

    All frags are at least 1", shipping is $50 for overnight priority, local pick up is available. AquaSD Cherry Blossom $150 AquaSD Rainbow Millepora $120 AquaSD Strawberry Lemonade $120 ARC Goldfinger $100 ATL Ultimate Stag $80 BC Aquatic-Man Table $150 BC Houdini $120 Blue Polyp Austera $40...
  23. Ruvegowi

    Washington Frags Available

    Corals and Frags Local pickup. North Bend. 4 Radioactive Hammer frags $30-$75 1 Large ORA Phonape Birdsnest $50 1 Medium ORA Phonape Birdsnest $40 Small ORA Phonape Birdsnest(s) $20 Solar Orange Setosa(s) $35 Green Apple Monti(s) Pavona Catcus Coral(s) Euphyllia Mother Colony $75 3 heads 2...
  24. NickV34

    Getting rid of coral frags?

    I am starting a new reef tank!! New to the hobby and was hoping someone could help me out/ offer some coral frags for my tank.