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  1. ictoae

    Monster Build 750g African Cichlid Freshwater

    Not sure how tolerable this community is to freshwater, but I am gonna post anyway and find out :). I've lurked for a while now and I do appreciate the expertise here on R2R. After much planning and selling my pool table, I picked up a used 750 gallon (10' x 4' x 2.5') earlier this week...
  2. I

    Ammonia reading 8.0ppm, 0 nitrites, 160ppm nitrates

    Hey guys, I’m currently doing fish-in cycling of 2 tanks (not by choice). I came home and my mom decided to completely clean my 65 gallon tank and set up my new 125 gallon tank. So when I came back home, the tanks were clean and she separated my angel fish in between the 2 tanks. I quickly...
  3. SrBlonde

    Arkansas Aquariums Drygoods Nuvo 20 gallon Tank with Custom Stand $750

    Nuvo 20 gallon tank by Innovative Marine. $750 for entire package Custom stand with steel frame painted, door secures by embedded magnets, Granite surrounds the tank Two Kessler A80 lights Wave Link AIO power head Aqua Shield UV Sterilizer Return pumps Message me if interested
  4. I

    Georgia Live Goods Buford, GA - $300 - Freshwater and Saltwater Tank

    I have two aquariums for sale here. I have a saltwater 20-gallon tank that has been up for over 5 years at this point. Has a bunch of different coral and a six-line wrasse (eat pellets just fine) even though algae covers the glass no harmful inhabitants are present. Can clean up some the algae...
  5. aleeshajeanette

    Selling 5 gallon tank with supplies

    Best way to sell a 5 gallon tank??
  6. R

    Black punctate algae in FW tank?

    Hey everyone! So I have this freshwater tank that I've been taking care of for about 5 months now, which I inherited from former club members (tank is school property, I just do the feedings and maintenance). It has had a green hair algae problem for years now, but we manage it with weekly...
  7. J

    Build Thread BioCube 32 hood

    Hello! I have a BioCube 32 and I want to raise the hood so there is better airflow and also so my floating plants have more room to grow vertically. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  8. O

    Fluval 32.5g Freshwater for Saltwater use?

    I found a very cheap Fluval 32.5g freshwater tank, I'm looking at the specs of the Saltwater v Freshwater versions on the fluval website and they seem to be near identical besides the internal hood light. I'm not sure if changing out the Aquasky LED to a Marine 2.0 is possible/been done before...
  9. Nurse.Reef.Reapeat

    Connecticut Massachusetts New Jersey New York MOVING OUT OF STATE SALE- (POSTING FOR A FRIEND)

    Hello Reefers, My friend Bradley is moving in a few months and unfortunately need to sell his set-up and his pets. He has a freshwater set-up with Discus fishes and some tetras. He’ll be moving at at the end of July. He needs the sell the livestock first before he can sell the equipment. Tank...
  10. T

    EMERGENCY Freshwater Aquarium Help! Ph

    Hi all, I have used reef2reef for my saltwater aquarium issues and I know you guys are very helpful. Does anyone know why Ph in an African Cichlid tank would drop from 7.8 to 6.6 within a few days. I didn't change anything other than doing a water change. I use well-water that is normally...
  11. Noob_Sam


    Hello everyone, So I know this is a saltwater forum does any one know any one that knows in freshwater parasites? or any active forums for freshwater? I went to Monster fish keeping forums but no one answered and its been a whole day. I have a 220 gallon fresh with monster fish, and I have a 50...
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