frog spawn

  1. A

    New Jersey New York Selling frogspawn cheap!!!

    Big colony frogspawn for sale or by single head asking $30 a head. If buy a colony will be cheaper.
  2. Reefing_Engineer

    Does this look like brown jelly

    Hi I’m pretty new still and haven’t experienced brown jelly, but it’s definitely brown under this head in my frogspawn so I just want to ask some experts!
  3. Travis Warren

    California Blue Tip Frogspawn Neon Green 30.00 PerHead

    I have Frogspawn heads One is splitting 30.00 a Head Local Pickup Only Ocean Beach , CA 92107 Cash Only Text 619-846-65281. One Double Head Starting to Split 60.002. One Double Head 50.00 3. One Single 30.00 4. One Single Starting to Split $25.00
  4. T

    Corals closed and losing flesh

    Hey I was wondering if I could get some help. So a few days I noticed a hammer of mine is losing flesh after a few months of having it but noticed it a few weeks ago and don’t know why. Also noticed another is closed and not open/puffy like it usually is just for two days so far. And my one of...
  5. Jbyrd71

    ID Help. Thank you!

    Please help identify this soft coral.
  6. nanonøkk

    bjd antibiotic treatment

    dose anyone know the dose for a 15 gallon tank worth of water for the dosing in this thread i have a 20 gal and i just ordered some cipro i want to dose beforehand and see if it can hopefully prevent it or i can just have a dose mixed up now in case it shows up...
  7. leotigris

    How toxic are frogspawn and zoa corals?

    I’m new to the hobby and my tanks been running for about a month. It might be too early to start thinking about corals but thought I’d do the research. I have a pair of clowns and looking for something that may host them, anemones seem require more experience in the hobby so I’m looking at frog...
  8. nanonøkk

    damaged frogspawn from shipping

    ok so i decided to order a frogspawn online for the first time and it said it had 4 heads fast forward today when it arrived this is what i got no four heads of frogspawn and alot of tissue damage also i’m researching heavily on bjd so if anyone has any more tips with that i would...
  9. ewoolpert

    AIO Build What coral next?

    Good morning everyone. I have a fluval evo 13.5 and need suggestions as to what coral to add next. I currently have a toadstool that is doing well and want to add my next piece. I am leaning towards a frogspawn, acan, or candy cane. All feedback is welcome. Also if you have any other...
  10. T

    Euphyllia ID

    Hi, I just got a new frag for my tank and bought it as a hammer from my LFS. Upon more research and inspection, I think it may be a frogspawn hammer hybrid. Can anyone ID this Euphyllia for me?
  11. N11morales

    Texas WTB Euphyllia

    Looking for frogspawn/torches/hammers packs or Texas area for pick up. Or colony
  12. Boonsiew830

    Frogspawn looks normal?

    Hello Reefers, I just got back into the hobby a few months ago and wanted to know if my INDO frogspawn (left pic) looks healthy/normal to you? I feel the tentacles are super inflated. All my other LPS corals (torches and hammers) looks good. Should I be worried? PH 8.19 Salt 35.1 ALK 8.93 Cal...
  13. K

    Frogspawn Showing Skeleton

    Hello! So my frogspawn has been doing pretty well since getting it 4 weeks ago, but now looks pretty bad. My other coral consist of zoanthids, palys, Hollywood stunner, Xenia, GSP, mushrooms, cloves, acans, Favia, and trumpets all which are doing extremely well and look amazing. I attached a...
  14. R

    Is my Frogspawn still alive?

    Hi all, needed some advice. We had a mayor ick attack in our reef. As many new reefers we tried all the “stuff” claimed to work. Nothing did other that QT. My frogspawn is not looking good at all. Yesterday did a 50% WC and also a fresh water dip on FS. I see some bulbs but totally retracted...
  15. Alex808

    Picked up new hammers for a steal.

    So I just picked some new Euphyllia and gotta say I feel like I did pretty good. Sort of popped into a store on a whim since I had some spending money and saw pieces I couldn’t pass up. 1 rainbow hammer wall variety. 1 green and purple tip grafted skeleton. 1 green on green frogspawn. 1...
  16. Clownphish

    Immense Help Needed

    This is going to be a lot to read: My aquarium is suffering horrendously and I'm embarrassed to call it my own. It's probably the ugliest saltwater aquarium I've ever seen and probably one of the worst ones you've seen. I've been holding off on posting but finally thought it was time to share...
  17. Chipper1978

    Frogspawn DOA?

    Frogspawn arrived with a lot of expelled mucous like substance in the bag and an absolutely horrendous smell. I acclimated, dipped, and placed in my tank anyway. It is still expelling long stringy mucus like substance (only been in for about 10 minutes). Is it dead or just stressed?
  18. Sick_man

    Torches and Frogspawn Compatibility

    So, I would like to add a torch to my tank to add some movement and I plan to put in on a rock thats on top (not directly above) of my frogspawn but not directly next to it. Its sorta close. I always hear different answers on whether or not they can be in close proximity and I would like to hear...
  19. T

    Anyone selling corals?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone here is sailing and teal or blue branching hammer corals or frogspawns?
  20. T

    Anyone asking corals?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone here is sailing and teal or blue branching hammer corals or frogspawns?
  21. FloridaGal762

    URGENT HELP NEEDED- Frog Spawn Coral

    I have had a frog spawn coral for many weeks and it has been thriving. All of the sudden today the "stalk" is getting black and it is closing up. Help! What do I need to do? Posting before and after pictures. (BTW- the coral was moved up from the "before" picture location to it's current...
  22. nanonøkk

    lps help

    ok so i’ve been noticing that some of my lps corals have not been opening up fully such as my frogspawn my duncan and then my blastomusa. the only thing it could be is lighting but here’s some pictures of them and some perameters ph 8.2 dkh 8 nitrate 2 salinity is 1.024 and i dont have test kits...
  23. nanonøkk

    why’s my frogspawn not very puffy

    so i was looking at my frogspawn but why is it not very puffy as other frogspawn i see it’s got low to medium flown and medium to high lighting dose anyone have any ideas of what i can do i’m new to frogspawn corals
  24. nanonøkk

    is this just getting acclaimed or is it dying

    ok so i just got a new frogspawn and it’s been in the tank for 2 hours it was open fully and happy but now it’s closed up and shriveled up is it ok or did something happen to it when i wasn’t looking
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