hair algae

  1. Foggy Pirate

    Help.. low food input, great water parameters, and still algea grows. HAIR CYNO BUBBLE

    Help!!!!! So all my livestock has been in this tank for a couple months. I think everything has been in here since March 29th 2021. The 2 Cerith snails I believe i got a little later Maybe early June. So introducing stuff only could have happened awhile which leads me to my first observation. I...
  2. R

    Vibrant and Red Sea NOPOX for algae

    Does anyone know if you can use Red Sea Nopox while using Vibrant to get rid of hair algae. I recently changed my lights from T5s to LED and can’t seem to get hair algae under control. My fish are in Quarantine because of ich and have been out of the display for 60 days. I plan on putting them...
  3. gr8pretender

    A Suncoral Worth Saving?

    Here is a photo taken today, from my coworkers tank below. My coworker bought this sun coral from one of our LFS a few weeks ago, they had discounted it because it looked on its way out. There is only one polyp left now. His parameters aren't 100% (although I read that shouldn't matter that much...
  4. S

    Hair algae ??

    I've got this algae that recently started growing beside one of my corals just on one spot on my rock work and now it looks like it starting to grow on my sand bed what should I do ??
  5. SPS_RSR250

    Algae Scrubber Problems

    Hello Reef2Reef. I set up an IceCap algae turf scrubber on my RSR250 about 4 weeks ago and have been having persistent hair algae outbreak in my display ever since. I kept GFO and AF Zeomix online for the first week, but then weened it off shortly thereafter. I can see some brown algae and hair...
  6. F

    Advice on hair algae with undetectable nutrients

    Hi guys, I have had 0 nitrate/phos for a while now (salifert kits). It lead to a pretty messy Dino outbreak, I'm pretty sure I have now beaten the dinos through a combo of Refresh/waste away, siphoning through a filter sock, running only blue lights and HEAVY feeding. I have a 56G tank, and...
  7. michaelabellz

    Red hair algae

    This is spreading around my tank like crazy and we do always manually remove it every few days but it comes back in no time. Anyone have any advice to get rid of it?
  8. MangoB

    Best Hair Algae Eater?

    Hi R2R my tank is about 9 months old and I had a really bad hair algae outbreak after i moved the tank about 3-4 months ago. since I have balanced the tank (parameters below). The algae isn't growing or spreading anymore and I just want something to get rid of all of it. I have around 30 dwarf...
  9. Amit Singh

    Is this bacteria blo9m or Algae or something else?

    I have a 240DT in a total 300g FOWLR. I started adding 7ml nopox 2 months back to control nitrates (my phosphate is near-0, I use gfo) but nitrate climb to 50 in 1 week after water change (30%) i up the nopox to 6 ml noon and 6 ml night for last 3 weeks. Any suggestions on what this is ans...
  10. Imback

    How long does the ugly stage last? 6 month old tank -

    Should I remove this hair algae or let it do it’s thing? Also, how in the world did I get snails? There every where? Would it have come from the “live sand”? Should I get them out?
  11. kimbericson

    Red slime algae?

    I am housing my sons 30 gallon tank for him while he is in the process of moving. We moved the tank to my house about 3 months ago and as expected there was an algae bloom. At the time it was just green hair algae but now that algae is covered by what I believe is red slime algae. This red...
  12. Oceansinmybasement

    White hair like algae ID and advice.

    Hello there I have some new type of algae (or so I think) in my tank and am looking for some help sorting it out. this is a 30g tank about 8 months old, it is a mixed reef in the early stages. theres been a few changes recently that may be a part of the problem. My corals were not growing much...
  13. A

    Wave Maker is dirty / Something Growing on it

    Hey guys, Ive started to notice these last few days some stuff on my wave maker only at the bottom and the front of it. I guess it looks likes hair or a spiders web, but I can only see it on the wave maker. Any ideas what it is or if I should be worried?
  14. Z

    Best way to get rid of green hair algae?

    Starting to get a little out break so I thought I figure out how everyone else deals with this.
  15. ConorE

    Algae ID and Help - Cycling

    Hi Guys, Recently cycling my tank upgrade, and I had a wave of diatoms, which now seem to have turned into some kind of hair algae that does not stop growing! I have a 650L tank and my CUC consists of the following: Nassarius Snails, Hermet Crabs, White Spot Urchin, Chalk Goby and Watchman...
  16. E

    Algae Getting Out of Control - Ideas?

    Looking for some help in my Algae issues. I’ve had my Red Sea 250 (54gallon display) setup for 10 weeks now, the sand and half the rock were in my previous tank for an additional 4 weeks. Hard to tell from photos but it looks like diatoms on the sand and glass. I have to clean the glass at least...
  17. alimac122

    Nerites being bums

    Hey guys. I just added more nerites to my tank. Theyve been in about three days. I added them to try and tackle the diatoms and algae problem. However, the last two days they have almost all been in the top corner of the tank where the auto feeder is. Yesterday I took them off the glass and...
  18. Spark326

    ***Is this gonna kill my tank?***

    I have this green hair and red hair algae growing in the tiny compartment of my Aqueon QuietFlow20 filter. Started growing about 1 month ago from nowhere. I have a 10 gallon tank that’s been running for about 4 months. Nitrates and nitrites are low but have not tested phosphate levels...
  19. NoLobster

    Algae ID and Recommended Next Steps

    Hey All, I added a frag to my tank and have noticed some questionable algae. Can you please help me ID. I will share 3 different patches of Algae so an ID on each one would be helpful. To me pictures 1 and 2 look like Bryopsis and possibly 3 as well. If so, should I be removing the frag and...
  20. mattybecks

    Hair algae purchased from LFS

    Hi Guys, Picked up some red macroalgae yesterday at the LFS, and included with this came some green hair algae which is pretty much covering the plants. Felt like I was purchasing more hair algae though. I got it all quite cheaply and it was the last they (or any of the other LFS had in my...
  21. mattybecks

    Help with ID of Blenny

    Hi guys, Firstly I would like clarification on what type of blenny this is. Is it an Orange spot blenny? It seems to have very close similarities but doesn't have the little "antenna" on its head. This brings me to the second question: just what is the lump on his head? Just behind his eye...
  22. Jeremy K.A.

    GHA eater

    I am having a hair algae outbreak in my 55 gallon mixed reef. Going to do a water change to help but am looking for fish to help with it as well. Whats reef safe and suitable for 55? I have a small sail fin tang which doesn't touch it currently
  23. Lylelovett

    Is this hair algae?

    Hi all, As this is my first reef tank I'm learning as I go. I assume this is hair algae? (see attached) It's currently just on that rock, but I'm sure will spread if allowed. :) Thanks!
  24. TheOneWhoIsThere

    Hair Algae starting to grow.

    My tank is about 2.5 months old. It is 20 gallon, I have a pair of clownfish, a diamond watchman goby, a cleaner shrimp, and various corals. Hair algae is starting to grow. What can I add/do to get rid of it? I know lawnmower blennies eat hair algae, but is my tank too small? Will it get along...
  25. damselindistress

    Please Lord not again

    Afternoon reefers... I upgraded my Fluval Evo to a 60 gallon long AIO back in August when we moved to a new house. I battled nutrients and algae (every kind) over the year that the Evo was running, mostly due to the fact I was new to reefing and made ALL of the rookie mistakes, some over and...