hair algae

  1. snwmnky007

    Who to Choose? Best (looking) pest control fish?

    With everyone trying their hardest to QT, dip, and keep parameters perfect, it still can happen. Pests! Maybe bristle worms, Aiptasia, flatworms, or hair algae. The question what do YOU use for that unexpected nuisance? there are a lot of short term cures but what would you want to put and KEEP...
  2. ThunderGoose

    Brown (?) hairy algae

    I've been battling brown colored hairy algae in my tank for a few months now. I need any advice I can get. My tank is a RSR250, originally set up in December 2016 (so 16 months old now). I have 2 Radion XR4 HD lights with a personalized schedule (mostly the coral lab LPS setting but added white...
  3. mcarroll

    Algae Cure!! Spot Treating Algae With Peroxide

    For the record, there is no "cure" for algae as it's not a disease. That's the only reason the word "cure" is in the title. :) Now for HOW to spot-treat algae! (More about "why" after the how...) Fill a small syringe with 1-2 mL of regular hydrogen peroxide Shut off all flow and wait for the...
  4. want2bsleepy

    Nano Build 29 Biocube Re-vamp

    Our poor, sad biocube has struggled it's whole life of 2 years. It has gone through every thing, including a crash, but has never looked good. It currently is a hair algae haven. I feel like we have slightly given up on it; it looks the worst it ever has. We are really good with larger tanks...
  5. goldenhurricane2

    Stumped with Hair Algae

    So I've had an outbreak of hair algae in my tank... I'm not sure why or how as my nitrates are typically undetectable and my phosphates hover around 0.08. I do have a canister filter, but I religiously clean that bad boy every other weekend when I do water changes. I also alternate between...
  6. Jackcarp

    Build Thread H2O2 Dosing questions v/s Vodka

    My 110 has been running for about 6 months now. I started strong with low nutrients and very little algae growth, but with the addition of some sps, I stopped vodka dosing so the nutrients would go up. So at this point I have a tank that has enough corals in it that aren't doing well (I've...
  7. D

    How to get rid of aquariums algae for good.

    How to get rid of aquariums algae for good. This method is best for getting rid of pest algae on frag plugs but will work just as well on rocks. Getting rid of algae the correct way is not a quick process. It could take from 2 weeks to month. If you want the quick and lazy way to get rid of...
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