1. chcgregg

    400w Bulbs which are similar to Radium 20k

    Hi Guys, Here in Australia we can't get as much, and specialist lighting is hard to come by, which apparently is Metal Halide? :rolleyes: Giesemann are really the only quality option, some unbranded probably chinese globes are also available, but I'd imagine quality control isn't as strict...
  2. Crustaceon

    What’s lighting your sps tank?

    Just for fun, let’s see what everyone is using these days as lighting to grow their sps “sticks”. I know many here run a combination, so feel free to go nuts with your choices. Let’s see some pretty pictures and settings!
  3. salty_trout

    New halides increase my temp, what should I do?

    My inner reefing mind says maintain stability and just increase the jagers to maintain that higher temperature and avoid a large fluctuation every night. Thoughts? I have it hanging pretty high but maybe higher? The lights are the odyssea 250watts. im using 2 ushio 20k bulbs and a mix of...
  4. salty_trout

    putting my new metal halides on my apex.... timer issues

    just installed 2 250w ushio 20k bulbs in my halide/t5 fixture and moved my old maxspect ethereals to the new frag tank. I noticed it takes several times for these to fire to turn on sometimes. is this normal with new bulbs or just how it is? these are DE bulbs. Can I program these to turn on...
  5. kevin.st

    Utah Reefbrite MH setup

    I would love the 36" setup with ballasts. Shipped to Utah.
  6. RickG


    I have two Luxcore 400 W selectable ballasts for sale. Both were used for 5 months when i ran halides but i switched to an ATI fixture some months ago. $200 shipped for both. Any questions please feel free to ask. I have the box for one, but cant find the other.
  7. kinetic

    FS: Giesemann Infiniti DE 250w 48" Metal Halide T5 Fixture (custom Polar White)

    Testing the waters a bit. I just found my mint condition Giesemann Infiniti fixture from back when I had an ELOS tank. This is an Infiniti that was custom built by Giesemann for me, in white. Because it was custom, it cost quite a bit more. I realized I had kept it because I thought if I ever...
  8. zachxlutz

    Daily Light Integral, PAR, and Photosaturation Discussion

    I'd like to start a discussion based on a few things I've been reading lately regarding optimum daily light integral, PAR and photosaturation in our reef tanks and with the advent of this new lighting forum. For those of you with PAR meters and the ability to continually monitor PAR via an...
  9. james30ct

    3 250w radiums 20k. Never used

    Selling 3 never used 20k Radium bulbs. 250w single end. $160 takes all 3.
  10. Aaron Davis

    Is this a good lamp???

    Hello, There is a gentleman in my local area selling this lamp with the details below: Hamilton Halide/VHO aquarium light with cooling fans and mount. 2 175 watt halide lights, 2 T12 VHO lights and 2 Moon lights I've never heard of these lamps and am trying to find out if it's worth the...
  11. DipSpit

    Build Thread Cross Post: 180g Cube Reef

    Hello all, Not sure if this is allowed but I would like to share my newly finished 180g cube reef. If this is against the R2R forum rules please delete. Original thread at link below! https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/180g-36-x-36-x-32-cube-project-complete.285818/
  12. Broadfield

    Talk Me Into Or Out Of Halides

    I typically don't ask for advice in anything I do. I like to learn on my own merit, whether it be learning from mistakes or getting lucky the first time. With that being said, I have never owned halides before. I currently have a Giesemann Aurora, which is a T5/LED hybrid. The fixture is...
  13. Eliot

    40 Breeder Lighting: SPS Dominant

    Looking to start an SPS Dominant 40 breeder. Came across a Marineland t5/metal halide fixture with -one 150w Metal Halide -four 39w T5s Is this sufficient for an SPS Dominant reef or should i look elsewhere?
  14. ycnibrc

    Large Build AAA dragon 360g zeovit staghorn dominate reef

    Well, let me introduce my self my name is Anthony from socal. I have been addicted to reef/salt water since 1983. I have kept many different tank and the current set up is a 265g leemar. I'm moving to a new house and I told my wife it's going to be difficult to move a 265g glass aquarium so...
  15. D

    Metal Halide as only light?

    I am thinking about using my 150 watt metal halide light as my only source of light for my 30 gal frag tank. I have it hanging about 24" above the tank. Temp is good. I have been running it for an hour a day (during the peak of my light cycle) for 2 weeks now with no issues. MY main lights...
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