hammer advice

  1. A

    Got some hammers, what should I do with them?

    I picked up some hammer coral off FB market place. It was way more than I was planning on for my new tank. I was thinking a head or two, now I have ~15. Got the hammers and two pieces of sinularia for $40, seems like a good deal. Wondering what to do with them. Thinking one dedicated rock to...
  2. neforpubl

    Looking for some hammer advice.

    Please read whole post. Sorry for length. Wondering if we have any euphylia experts in here? Every coral in my tank is doing fine and one of my hammer heads is doing great, but one is having bailout and the other is about to say screw this also. Note: sand is not a perm spot for it either. I...
  3. J

    Hammer coral turning grey

    I have recently gotten back into the hobby after a 7-8 yeah hiatus, previously having a fish only tank. I have an IM sr80 with lps and softies. The tank has been set up since April 2023. I have a question regarding one of my hammer corals. I bought it as a peach/orange colored hammer around the...
  4. cz_reef's

    Hammer wont extend fully

    Hey all so for the last few days my hammer has been partially closed, i added a sandsifting goby that lasted all but 24 hours in my tank because of the massive sand cloud he caused and since then my hammer has remained partially open instead of full and extended, any ideas why? Will it go back...
  5. N

    Hammer loosing a head

    I’m desperate what’s happening to my hammer? It was splitting and I woke up to this. Should I remove the flesh?
  6. mmbaba

    Hammerhead’s not doing so well after years of being fine…

    Hi everyone, I’ve got a handful of Hammers that have been in my tank for 3+ years and have always done pretty well. Over the past 3 weeks or so, they’ve all closed up (photos 1-3). About 5 weeks ago I added a new coral, I think it’s a Monti(?) - photo 4. I have not changed anything else with...
  7. Q

    Too much flow for my hammer ?

    Hello Was wondering if my hammer have too much flow ? It feels like he is very open almost too much. What are you thought ? Thanks in advance :)
  8. S

    Flatworm help, dying hammer

    Hello, Could someone help me with an ID on this flatworm? Maybe 1/4” in size. I have a fairly new mostly lps tank, I have recent lost of hammer which was doing really well for the first few month. I woke up one morning to a head with exposed skeleton, I took it out to dip the coral again (I...
  9. L

    New behaviour from Hammer and Frogspawn - what are they telling me?

    Last night I made an adjustment to my flow as it was a little overwhelming for many or my coral. When I checked the tank this morning, I noticed everyone was happier, but my Hammer and Frogspawn look different - as you can see in the pic, they both are loose. They used to have their tentacles...
  10. V

    Can anyone ID what this is on the skeleton of my wall hammer?

    In person it looks like a white blob with little spiky looking extrusions. assuming its a sponge? I've noticed it not filling out as much as usual. TIA!!
  11. T

    Hammer coral is Inflated

    It only does this at night, then it goes back to normal looking healthy when the lights turn back on. All my parameters are in line so u don't really know what is happening. I ordered some Lps from a guy and none of them had any flesh including this one, and they are all acting funny for the...
  12. Naldy

    Need Help with ID of white thing in my hammer.

    Hi all, I have no idea on what this white cotton like stuff is growing in one of my hammers. I read somewhere that it might be a Pineapple Sponge, but I have no idea…the thread had very blurry photos. These are the clearest photos to try and ID what the heck is this. TIA for all the help!
  13. alexiosue

    Hammer Coral Mouth Opening?

    I recently noticed my hammer corals mouth keeps coming out (if that is in fact his mouth). Usually it just happens for a couple of minutes then it’s covered up again. However I am worried that something is wrong. I just got the coral roughly 5 days ago. Checked salinity and all other levels and...
  14. L

    Deflated Hammer

    Hello, My hammer randomly does this and hasnt looked fully inflated and happy since i bought it. Water parameters are normal. I just moved it a little higher on my aquascape in hopes of getting more light/flow. .
  15. J

    EMERGENCY Hammer coral, dying, dead or just something we missed.

    Okay so in order of photos. Hammer when introduced, then hammer reciding, moved it and still did. Away from home three days, wife says that it looks weird. And come back to last photos in set. Then decided hey nice host bio material at the very least. Back in tank. And my dreams was true seems...
  16. N

    Hammer bent over

    Hey Everyone, Just looking for some advice on my Hammer Coral. I feel it’s not doing to great and has constantly been bent over to one side. Not sure what the issue is as I can’t find anything online. I’ve attached a pic Current Parameters Salinity:1.025 Calcium:410 Mag:1320 Alk 7.4
  17. afamuz

    Is my hammer dead?

    Got a hammer 1 week ago. Was doing perfectly fine till i saw my hermit one day eating at it and it had fallen off the rock. Now 2 days later it fully receded and you can see the skeleton. The little tentacles are completely loose and not puffy and it looks dead. The head at the back looks alive...
  18. Trevor Paden


    I recently dosed magnesium like an idiot since I got hair algae and someone more experienced said magnesium allows more species of algae to grow so hair algae will get out competed. So I dosed 4ml of fritz RPM mag. I am unsure if before or after the mag spike is when the hammer started acting...
  19. Raise_the_Reef

    My Hammer Coral has retracted - any tips??

    Our hammer coral retracted all of its polyps about two weeks ago and it's skeleton is fully exposed now. There are a few other hammers in the tank - most of which are well and thriving, so I'm not sure that it's has to do with the tank itself? We've already dipped it and nothing came out...
  20. C

    Is this normal on my hammer coral?

    I got my first hammer coral a couple of days ago and it's opening up quite well, but then I saw this (red circle on the pic). What is this? Is it normal or something bad?
  21. kdtorgy

    EMERGENCY Help with hammers

    Hi reefers. I need some help with my new Hammers. I got these two from a well respected LFS just under two weeks ago at the same time I upgraded my lights to two Radion G6 XR15 blues on my 140 gallon mixed reef tank. I was told to put them at 140 PAR, which I did (I have a PAR meter). They...
  22. W

    Skeleton showing on hammer

    Hi, I’ve been struggling to keep this hammer happy the past few days, during the day it looks some what deflated and during the night it fully retracts and shows skeleton. I’ve been struggling to keep parameters stable the past week. My alkalinity seems to drop from 7.7 to 6.9 in about 3 days...
  23. L

    receding tissue on wall hammer

    started my first reef tank 3.5 months ago, got this hammer 5 days ago not realizing it was wall and not branching. i understand that these are much harder to keep and while it’s opening up and looking happy during the day, i’m noticing a little tissue recession and some exposed skeleton. i’ve...
  24. Sarabeth3412

    Brittleness of hammer

    I had accidentally hit one of my hammers last week during a water change and the one branch broke off; it was a clean break though and all looked fine with the main hammer. I put the broken piece in my other tank. This morning I looked in my tank and I noticed that the main stem is breaking...
  25. T

    Hammer dying?

    Would anyone have some insight as to what’s going on with this hammer? The polyps on one of the heads seem to be receding in the middle? Thanks!