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  1. BubbleWrap

    Test kits suggestions?

    I'm doing my nano mixed reef on a very tight budget. Tank: 18inch cube AIO Skimmer: Bubble Magus QQ Salt: Redsea Coral Pro WC: Weekly 15-20% Livestock: Fishes, inverts, anemones, softies, LPS, SPS(only Monti) My corals are doing great, but occasionally for some unknown reasons, some corals...
  2. polyppal

    New Hanna Magnesium (HI783) Reviews

    I picked up one of the new Hanna HI783 Magnesium checkers when they dropped last week, and after one or two mulligans I got it working pretty well. A little more complex than the basic hanna tests (requires 2 reagents) but nothing too bad, especially vs the other titration mag methods. The...
  3. O

    Anyone tried measuring Potassium with a Hanna Checker?

    Has anyone tried to use Hach (product nr 2459100) reagents for testing Potassium in a Hanna Checker with a 610nm led eg. the one for Alkalinity to test the Potassium level in a reef tank? If so did it work or not? If it worked could you please share the absorptionformula and the Hanna checker...
  4. Muffin87

    First impressions of Hanna Magnesium Checker HI783 (No more titration for me)

    I got the magnesium checker about a week ago. It's very easy to use, comparable to the Alkalinity checker in terms of ease of use. There's only one extra liquid reagent to mix with the unreacted sample water, when concocting the "blank" cuvette for C1. When I first got it, I first checked its...
  5. Hanna Checkers

    For sale Kentucky Hanna Checkers

    I have a bunch of Hanna checkers and smart stir for sale. These prices are not shipped but I am willing to ship. I would prefer to sell them all at once. Reasonable offers will be considered. Salinity (includes 8 calibration packs) $45 Alkalinity (DKH) (nearly new reagent) $30 Phosphate ULR...
    $10.00 to $45.00
  6. AbjectMaelstroM

    3D Printed Test Kit Organizers (Hanna, Salifert, Red Sea)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad 3D Printed Test Kit Organizers (Hanna, Salifert, Red Sea). For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  7. Rimsky

    Hanna Checker Cuvette Clarity

    Hi. I wonder if there is a way to determine the clarity of Hanna Checker Cuvettes, so that one can determine if it is time to change them. I imagine that the checker itself should be able to give you a value for the cuvette with RO water that you can use to determine its "clarity". No...
  8. damsels are not mean

    Can I test for nitrate in freshly mixed saltwater as a "control" to make sure my test kit is working properly?

    Just got some new hanna checkers today and tested high range nitrate. The result was too high to read, and the instructions say to dilute it if that happens. I cut the sample in half and added more water, same result. After a second halving I got 52! This result seems ridiculous as I'd expect...
  9. rene9898

    California Dry Good Trade WTT for

    Hanna HI772 Marine DKH Alkalinity Checker HC ALK Hanna Instruments HI758U Marine Calcium Checker Bought both from BRS in November 2021 and never used Looking to trade for a BRS media reactor with pump.
  10. Two Hanna Checkers

    For sale Two Hanna Checkers

    Two Hanna Checkers. Copper has 21 regents good until 2023. Low Phosphate has an unopened box of regents expired on 05/2021. You pay shipping fees.
  11. R

    Is it safe to trust our test kits?

    Hi Guys, I understand that hobby grade test kits are used more for reference and stability. I also understand that number chasing isn't always the best to do with our reef tanks. But I would like to share a story (photos included) and get your input. For years my hanna alk checker has been...
  12. Muffin87

    Hanna Nitrate Low Range w/ dilution VS High Range: 28% difference!

    I made a large water change today, and thought'd it be "fun" to compare results between the new Hanna Nitrate High Range 782, and the old Low Range 781 using the dilution step. 781 Low Range diluted 782 High Range Percentual Difference Before Water Change 24,9 33 27,9% After Water Change...
  13. shadow1013

    Hanna PH Checker - Which One?

    Hanna has a few different PH checkers. Which would you choose and why?
  14. Paul Kachirsky

    Hanna LR Nitrate Checker For Sale (Like New)

    Selling my Hanna LR Nitrate Checker. Its in great shape. There are still plenty of reagents for last for a bit. $30 + Shipping
  15. Cunning_plan

    Contradictory phosphate tests

    I'm having a bit of a conundrum with my phosphate tests. For the past year I have been using the red sea test kit, whilst not particularly easy to read I have felt comfortable that my levels have been stable at the 0.12 level. I recently bought a Hanna checker to try and help get more precision...
  16. reef fish

    Florida Testing Hanna checkers combo

    Hanna checker Calcium checker with 2 refills Dkh checker no refill Ultra low phosphate almost new refill Regular phosphate almost new refill sell as a lot $180 shipped
  17. MarineDepot

    Explore the Brand New Hanna Instruments High Range Nitrate Checker and Pre-Order One Today!

    The long awaited High Range Nitrate Checker from Hanna Instruments is here and available for pre-order. With a measurable range of 0- 75.0 ppm it has never been easier to get an accurate digital read out for the Nitrate levels in your aquarium. If you have any questions about this new checker or...
  18. sujcab111

    Hanna low range ammonia checker

    I recently bought a Hanna low range ammonia checker. In the description on how to use, it only references freshwater. Did I buy the wrong one? I have a reef tank. Picture attached
  19. vabben

    New Hanna Checker being released at Reef-A-Palooza

    Just recieved an email from Hanna Instruments introducing a new Hanna Checker! Any guesses? Or wishes? High range Nitrate Checker...
  20. reef fish

    Florida Georgia hanna calcium checker With 2 Reagents

    Used be in good shape hanna calcium checker With 15 test left to do in the cases plus 2 brand new Reagents unopened $115 shipped
  21. E

    Alkalinity help please

    So I’m confused and need some help I have a mixed reef tank softies/lps and I have been testing my alkalinity each day for 7 days to try and figure out how much to dose each day, I am using the Hanna alkalinity checker so it’s pretty accurate, my problem is it’s staying the same I have no drop...
  22. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Testing Hanna checkers Alk/cal/phos

    Calcium and alkalinity both have plenty of reagent left. Phosphate does not come with any. Selling off since I just received the starter bundle as a gift. Calcium sold Alkalinity sold Phosphate LR $25 All plus shipping
  23. M

    Hanna Magnesium checker

    Just got a Hanna Magnesium Checker HI719. Is it working for saltwater?
  24. Muffin87

    Questions about calcium, nitrate, and chlorine testers

    How important is the quality of ro/di water used with the calcium checker? Is ro/di water testing 0 with any TDS pen good enough, or does it need it need to be pharmaceutical grade purified water? In the dilution step of the nitrate test, does the nitrate-nitrite-free artificial sea water need...
  25. DrOliphant

    FINALLY Calibrated my Neptune Conductivity Probe (Properly)

    I, like many others, have had issues with the conductivity probe from Neptune Apex. When I had the Profilux 4, it's probe nicely matched my two Hanna conductivity probes. After switching to the Neptune realm, I never was able to get included probe to calibrate. I purchased another on the off...
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