hanna salinity tester

  1. Ignitros

    Washington Hanna Reef Testing Kit

    Asking $175 for the entire kit plus shipping. Only used for a few tests. I am selling a barely used Hanna Reef kit. It includes the Calcium, Alkalinity, Phosphorous, pH and Salinity testers along with extra reagents and calibration fluids.
  2. JAM-MAN

    Hanna Salinity Tester Disinfection Protocol

    I use my Hanna Salinity Tester routinely, but would like to check my quarantine tank salinity. I've asked Hanna, but thought someone here may have information on safe methods to disinfect without harming the carbon electrodes. Thanks in advance.
  3. AquaLocker

    RAFFLE PRIZE Hanna HI98319 Salinity Tester Giveaway (no purchase necessary)

    No purchase necessary, but lots of ways to enter - for R2R members only! One winner only. The winner receives a new Hanna HI98319 Salinity Tester Learn more about this product here: Ways to be entered: PLEASE post in this thread when you have qualified for any entry in any category below...
  4. LilElroyJetson

    How Many Test Kits Do You Have?

    I know...I have a problem. I was organizing my supply cabinet and realized I have clearly accumulated more test kits than should ever be necessary. BUT it has been helpful having everything I need at arms reach, and the ease of use of these kits has caused me to test consistently, which I’m...
  5. AquariumSpecialty

    Check out the new Hanna Salinity Tester at Aquarium Specialty

    We are taking pre-orders for the new tester. It features graphite sensors for in tank use and better reliability. We expect orders to begin shipping next week. https://www.aquariumspecialty.com/hanna-instruments-hi98319-marine-salinity-tester.html