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  1. High end mini Zoa colony 15+ polyps

    For sale High end mini Zoa colony 15+ polyps

    High end TSA Warp drive zoa mini colony. 15+ polyps 1 polyp retails normally retails for $112-$134 WYSIWYG
  2. little_soldier8

    Help ID? Looks awesome

    Does anyone know what this coral is? I bought this at my local lFS today and the owner didn’t know what it was as well. I was thinking maybe a favia or chalice of some sort, but not sure.looks awesome though (pretty big)
  3. CoralStop

    Illinois WTB WTB High End Colonies Holy Grail Micro, Zoas

    I’m looking for colonies of High end corals looking for holy grail micromussa Rainbow eclipse zoa Little shop of horror zoa Princess Oxana Speckled Krak pink Krak Golden Leopard Marvin the Martians Butt Munchers Butt kissers Hallucinations Reverse hallucinations OG Bounces Only interested in...
  4. J

    Acanthophylia & more

    Specials! Need gone! Acanthophylia - $785 Rainbow Chalice Frags- $80 Rainbow Welsophylia - $210 Red cynarina - $240 Acanthophylia will include a free frag of Rainbow Chalice and free shipping. All other shipping is $45
  5. theocorals537

    Massachusetts High end Zoas

    Hello everyone ! Got some zoa frags to get rid of. 4p Speckled Krak (2 available ) - $285 14p Bowzer - $420 2 p Bowzer -$80 3p Leprechaun -$180 4p Leprechaun -$220 5p Leprechaun -$250 Standard DOA rules apply , overnight shipping normally around $40 pm for pics or questions !
  6. David Calzada

    Texas SOLD 1p Oscar The Grouch High End Zoa

    High end beautiful zoa!!! $275 shipped 1p Oscar the Grouch on a 1.5-1.75 plug and picture of the colony it came from for reference Standard 2 hour DOA Message me for more details or questions
  7. aquaman69

    AW Live Coral Auction 7pm CST

    We are a small local fish store located in Olathe, Kansas. We have been serving the kansas city area since 1993 and we are now serving the online community! Every Wednesday at 7pm CST and Saturday 5pm CST we hold a facebook live auction. We auction roughly 300 items each week, with most items...
  8. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Indo hellfire torch ,Ny knicks torch

    Indo hellfire 2 heads splitting to 5 Heads $560 Ny knicks 2 large solid heads $540 Todd’s torches $190 each Tri color fade/ reaper torc frags single head splitting to 3-4 $125 Local pickup available , shipping $30-46$. Standard DOA rules apply , picture and video of coral inside unopened bag.
  9. theocorals537

    Massachusetts High end Zoas

    1 - CB white zombie -95 2 - CB white zombie -95 3- 2p ASD soprano 160 4 -9p Acid reflux - 240 standard doa rules apply, shipping cost depends on location. Pm me for any questions!
  10. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Dragon soul torches

    Reposting these 2 torches , smaller one is splitting to 2 heads $240 shipped, larger one splitting into 3 heads , $300 shipped Standard doa rules apply
  11. theocorals537

    Massachusetts ULTRA Magician Zoa colony

    20 +polyp colony ultra magician zoas, nice chunky and healthy. $220 , shipping depends on location. Standard DOA rules apply.
  12. CoralNerd

    Kessil 500x F.S.

    Kessil 500x I used for two weeks. Condition new in box with everything that it came with. It's a great led and really powerful don't hesitate. Message me if you have any questions. Price $700 Pickup in Fullerton
  13. Tucker64

    Ohio WTB Death Star and Dayglo Volcano zoas

    WTB Death Star and Dayglo volcano zoas. Msg me with a price and pics of what’s available. Located at 44314 Ohio
  14. GTM42

    North Carolina High-End Designer Zoas For Sale Cheap!!! Packs available!

    My zoa collection has grown out of control and I had to trim it back! I have 3 frags of Speckled Krakatoa, 2 frags of Reverse Hallucination, and a 3 polyp frag of Seduction zoas. Pics are below in white and blue light, grown under a Radion, and photographed under a Kessil A-160. Each Speckled...
  15. AndyZ89

    Build Thread AZ’s High End Corals Build

    Hello Reefers, It took a little while to get a build thread but its finally here!! My Name is Andy and I joined R2R in January 2020. I started my first reef tank in February 2020. I’ve always been a freshwater guy and still have a 125G freshwater tank. I bought this Red Sea Reefer 350...
  16. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive- Bred Gold Flake Angelfish $600

    I only have only two of these captive-bred goldflake angelfish in stock! The gold flake is a beautiful angelfish that does well in mixed reefs and is among some of the better options to be reef safe for angelfish. They're great to add at this 2.5-3" sizing so they can grow into your tank and...
  17. J

    Florida WTB Looking for High end mushrooms!

    I’m looking for high end mushrooms preferably local Miami area. Jawbreakers, Eclectus, Hobbit bounce, Berserker bounce, Juggernaut, Neptune bounce, baby shark bounce, pirates booty bounce, fire magic carpet, Deadpool, ragnarok, biohazard, Etc let me know what you have
  18. TrillBill

    Wtb high end mushrooms

    Hello everyone! I’m looking to expand my mushroom collection! I currently have OG bounce, neptune bounce, reef koi bounce, jawbreaker, and a variety of more inexpensive shrooms. I’m looking for more high end but am always looking for crazy colors. Thanks in advance and happy feefing!
  19. The Camaro Show

    The Camaro Shows HIGH END SPS 550 Gallon system with Custom AGE 210g and large grow out system! (Picture Heavy)

    Hello all, My name is Chayse and I love collecting and sharing my corals. I am a hardcore stick head and zoa fanatic. But I mostly specialize in high end and rare corals. I have been reefing for a little over 3 years now and keeping freshwater for over 10 years. Edit: 12/04/12 The grow out...
  20. Saltyreef

    California WYSIWYG high end & rare zoa's

  21. Underwatergardeners

    Livestock *New Sponsor* Underwatergardeners Huge Website Update

    Hello everyone, we are Underwatergardeners and new to Reef2Reef but have been around about 10yrs now. We travel doing fragswaps and trade shows and also sell locally and online. If you have seen us around please feel free to say hello in here :). Please take time to check out our website HERE we...
  22. Photosynthetic

    Build Thread 40 G Reef Savvy Mixed Reef

    Tank Dimensions: Reef Savvy 40 Gallon 24" x 24" x 17" Stand: Custom furniture Lighting : ATI Sunpower 24" 8 bulb T5 Non-dimmable (2 bulbs are all blue LED tube) 1 - 24" sBar actinic 1 - 24" Reef Brite Kessil A-80 (Fuge) WavePoint Blade HO 10,000K LED Fixture 9" (Fuge) Innovative Marine...
  23. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Mellepora Colony

    Green And Blue Mellepora Colony For Sale At SeaCityCorals.com!! $149.99 Will ship nationwide for $29.99!
  24. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Ultra Bright Orange Carlgreni Mushrooms On Sale 50% off

    Ultra Bright Orange Carlgreni Mushrooms On Sale 50% off Marked down 20% off retail price + Plus save 30% off with coupon codes "Welcome" & "20Off" $167.99 + Shipping https://daydreamcorals.com/product/ultra-carlgreni-mushroom-1/ https://daydreamcorals.com/product/ultra-carlgreni-mushroom-2/
  25. Steven w

    New York High end zoas (gb fantasy, poinsettias), chalice packs (rainbows, crazy fox)

    JKR Rainbow Chalice, JF Crazy Fox, JF Raja Rampage, OG Mummy Eye $600 shipped 2 polyp GB fantasy, 2 polyp CB El Corazon, 2 polyp JF Acid Reflux, 6 polyp CC Scarlet Fever, 5 polyp Moneyshot, 2 polyp Poinsettias, 1 polyp Bloody Maryjanes, 3 polyp GB Buttkissers. sold Large frag of Rastas, 3...