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  1. nycfreshreef

    Zoa eating “asterina” starfish experiment

    Interesting perspective After noticing an “asterina” starfish (I actually believe the are a different species) population starting to grow in a 1.5 year old mixed reef - I kept a close eye on my 2 colonies of illuminati zoas (as I started to see the asterinas sitting on zoas) I was able to...
  2. Pieces of the Ocean

    Live Goods SPONSOR Livestock Build your own high-end SPS frag pack and save!

    Mix and Match 3-Frag Pack and Save 25% OR Mix and Match 5-Frag Pack and Save 35% https://www.piecesoftheocean.com/collections/our-collection https://www.piecesoftheocean.com/collections/our-collection
  3. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods Sps, zoas, chalices, and nexus anemones for sale

    Sps, zoas, chalices, and nexus anemones for sale Bill murray frags $45 approx 1” Mother colony shown CCH Big Bang $100 Oregon Tort starting at $60 for approx 1” frags (Colony shown) Green Goblin frags $20 apptox 1” (colony shown) WWC Rainbow Sherbet $60 (Colony shown) TGC Crazy Eyes $200...
  4. Reefifier

    Washington Live Goods SOLD Zoas, Great Owls, Godbeast, gonis, leathers Finished, new thread started

    Zoa frags for sale If your interested in a pack or smaller frags PM me. Shipping is $50 or local pickup available. Shipped UPS Next Day air with 2-Hour Standard DOA as soon as package is delivered, must provide pictures with original packaging. Shipping cost is not refundable Message me for any...
  5. Blamerobb

    FS: Great Owl Zoas 300pp multiples available

    I have a few singles and additional with multiple heads. 300 for single. 550 double 750 for triple. Free shipping for anything over a single. Single shipping for 25 within the US. Have a 5 head as well. Multiple variations available! Feel free to message for inquiries and deals! Also willing...
  6. Finnys_Reef

    Tank raised natural split jawbreakers for sale or trade

    I have a surplus of jawbreakers taking over my system and I’m in need of thinning out the pack. Here’s a few i have for sale. If you are interested in any other just let me know. 1. Nickel size with dime size baby $200 (First two pictures) 2. Little bigger then quarter size with baby $200...
  7. Alex.dave23029

    Cb fire shroom frag

    Local pickup Antelope, ca 95843 or can ship Shipping is 55 flat. First pic is mother. Second pic frag is for sale. Can also trade for a high end bounce
  8. coral reeftank

    Collectors Acro Packs!

    Hey Everyone, I have some goodies available! All pieces are WYSIWYG, PACK 1 contains 12 pieces and is 950 shipped . Please PM me with any questions you may have, feel free to look at my show thread or Instagram for pictures of mother colonies. Thanks for looking! CRT Hot Rod CRT Golden...
  9. coral reeftank

    Collectors Acro Packs! + Berghias Nudis

    Hey Everyone, I have some goodies available! All pieces are WYSIWYG, PACK 1 contains 12 pieces and is 950 shipped . Please PM me with any questions you may have, feel free to look at my show thread or Instagram for pictures of mother colonies. Thanks for looking! CRT Hot Rod CRT Golden...
  10. nycfreshreef

    Question about pests on new frags lps

    Hope everyone is doing well , just wanted to get your opinions. I took a very long break from the hobby and recently got back in about a year ago. since then , I have spent nearly 5 figures with a large/popular company that is supposedly quarantining their corals in an attempt to be pest free...
  11. nycfreshreef

    Nuvo im 40 build fully stocked 10 months in nycfreshreef

    Just wanted to share my recent set up after taking a very long 15 year break from aquariums Been running close to 10 months now everything seems very happy and is growing (everything except amazeballs) currently on my 3rd frag , keeps closing after few months while a dozen + other Goni do fine...
  12. R

    Looking for Rainbow Wellso

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a beautiful rainbow wellso, must be willing to ship to Abq, NM. Thanks in advance!
  13. O

    WYSIWYG high end Zoa pack

    Zoa pack available $460 shipped, only one available, please pm for additional questions. Standard DOA Zoa pack available White zombie 4 polyps Pink hypo 3 polyps Grin ripper 4 polyps Rainbow infusion 7 polyps Exosphere 6 polyps Bsa kamikaze kush 2 polyps Wolverines 3 polyps Pikachu 10+ polyps
  14. reefsponge

    Minnesota Live Goods *Price reduced 1/25*Mature Jawbreaker’s, Strawberry cheesecake discosoma, Chunky Favia’s and Pectinia

    Have some colorful frags to offer. If you would like additional pics, please don’t hesitate to ask through pm. Shipping available, $45 next day air. Mature Jawbreakers. . I purchased my mother jawbreaker in 2011. It is the Poletti strain and has developed yellow, green, red and purple. Very...
  15. nycfreshreef

    Goni support group & appreciation thread Post your Goniopora

    New Goni Support Group (& appreciation thread) as we all know how demanding yet beautiful they can be Here are a hand full of mine that are my current favorites (last picture is not mine but is a legendary corals “Jack Frost” Goni , I have been looking for one but can’t find it anywhere ) Post...
  16. The Roaming Reefer

    New York Live Goods KI Colorado Sunburst Anemone

    KI/Pecan2phat lineage. Local pickup near 12590. I have currently have 5 total. All in the 4-6 inch range. Shipping is available if the buyer covers it. PM with any questions
  17. Matt F

    New Jersey Live Goods Med to High End Local Pick Up Only

    Hey there again have a bunch of corals that I have extra and a want to move. Willing to do pack deals at the moment not looking for trades but you can always send me a PM about it. Local pick up in 08822 NJ. Not shipping anything. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to PM me. Orange...
  18. coral reeftank

    Illinois Live Goods Instant Collection Acro Pack

    Hey everyone! I have another amazing pack available that will jump start your acro collection! This pack is $1000 shipped and includes the following 13 WYSIWYG pieces. CRT Super Shortie CRT Hang Over CRT Delight RR Blue Thunder CRT Gold Meister CRT Golden Eye CRT...
  19. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods Torches and hammers for sale

    Four head Rapunzel HG $600 (pics 1-5), Two head NY Knicks $300 (pics 6-7), Three head GC Hellfire $540 (each head is splitting to multiple heads) (pics 8-10), Malaysian Banana $180 (pics 11- 12), Four head cotton candy $240 ($60 per head) (pics 13- 15) also have a double for $120, and rainbow...
  20. Reef Lounge Coral


    We recently updated our website with a MASSIVE collection of high end zoanthids and to celebrate, have SLASHED prices on everything! If you’ve been thinking about building your dream zoa garden, nows your chance!! *FREE SHIPPING OVER $300* Feel free to DM us or message us on IG with any...
  21. W

    Florida Live Goods BMF Rainbow Bowerbanki- High end

    I have had this coral in my tank for years. Aquaculture, Healthy, and pest free. Purchased directly from BMF signature corals. All frags have been healed and growing for months. BMF Rainbow Bowerbanki: Mother colony NFS A) SOLD B) $700 C) $1,500 D) SOLD E) $1,200 F) $2,500...
  22. W

    Florida Live Goods TCK Master Bowerbanki

    I have had this coral in my tank for years. Aquaculture, Healthy, and pest free. Frags have been healed for months and growing well. Tck Master Bowerbanki: Mother colony NFS A) $550 B) $450 C) $450 D) SOLD I ship via UPS Overnight. Shipping is $50 and free at $500. Free pickup in...
  23. ReefStable

    Favia of the Gods - $60!

    Favia of the Gods - $60 Usually these go for nearly $100 but when the growth is good, I will pass along the good fortune! First picture is rough idea of the frag, about 1/2" to 3/4". Second photo is the colony it will grow into! https://reefstable.com/store/favia-of-the-gods
  24. adsf430

    New York WTB Looking for a REAL Yellow Goni

    Looking for a legit yellow goni. Nothing that is called yellow but is really green please. Also interested in other very high end gonis but no common glitter gonis or amazeballz.
  25. TankCandy

    Live Goods SOLD Zoa packs. +PLUS UNLIMITED $15 addon fags!!!!!

    I got a couple Zoa packs available. All prices include shipping. Must purchase any of the packs or clusters to qualify for the unlimited $15 Frag bin. I accept PayPal, CC, Venmo, CashApp, and Crypto. [email protected] DOA Policy: Standard DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer must...