hospital tank

  1. NanoReefer2025

    Ich Treatment

    A few days ago, I noticed minuscule white spots on some of my fish, and assuming it’s ich, I’ve been trying to gather all the supplies for a quarantine/ hospital tank to treat them. I simply have a 10 gallon, a cheap HOB filter, a 50w heater, a thermometer, and some old aquarium decorations. Is...
  2. katiestl

    EMERGENCY Disease identification and treatment help

    One week ago, I added a gem tang, a mandarin and a blenny. Everything was just fine before then. Sunday, the gem tang got stuck to the side of my powerhead and died Monday. Also died Monday, the mandarin. Tuesday, I lost my blue eyed kole tang. so right then I started treating for ich with...
  3. McCarrick

    New to hospital tanks (not new to reefing)

    Hey all, sorry for the long read. I got ick in my tank on my royal gramma. I am new to hospital tanks. I set one up 2 days ago and last night I caught my royal gramma. He survived the night in the hospital tank and so I caught the rest of my fish to put into the hospital tank with him. (I...
  4. zatch

    The complete $48 Quarantine Tank Setup! (That you can pickup from Petco Today)

    One of the big concerns people seem to have with Quarantine Tanks is the additional cost. After dropping hundreds to thousands of dollars on a Display Tank, the last thing many might be inclined to do is buy another set of equipment that they will only use infrequently... After a trip to Petco...