hybrid t5 fixture

  1. C

    New 235g SPS build hybrid lighting questions

    Hi, planning out my build for the new house. 235g display, 300g stock tank sump with a standard 75g and a 42"x42" frag tank sharing it. Sps dominant with a few encrusting lps (leptos, cyphastrea, etc.). Using the LEDs from my previous tank in a new hybrid fixture (61" Aquaticlife Hybrid...
  2. shadow1013

    6' tank - Dual 3' T5 fixtures or single 5' fixture?

    I'm planning a build with a 6' tank and thinking of getting the AquaticLife T5 Hybrid fixture but it only goes up to 5' long. Would you do dual 3' with complete side to side coverage or would you do a single 5'? If you have put a T5 fixture that wasn't as wide as the tank I'd like to see it to...
  3. biggie4jets

    Looking for recommendations on hybrid lighting

    Hello, I have a 80 gallon lagoon tank which currently has 2 ai primes on it. I am looking to upgrade to hybrid lighting with ai primes in the middle. I have an extra ai prime laying around so I will use that in the fixture as well for a total of 3. I know I want the aquatic life hybrid fixture...
  4. M


    I am selling an ATI 36" new T5HO Hybrid 4 bulb light fixture and the bulbs! I have 4 new bulbs in there that have only been used for about a month and work perfectly. I have 2 ATI blue plus bulbs, 1 aqua blue special bulb, and 1 coral plus bulb. I am currently getting out of reefing for a...
  5. S

    New Jersey FS: Used Aquatic Life 36" T5HO Hybrid LED Mounting Fixture w 4 ATI Bulbs & Extras

    Hello, For sale is an Aquatic Life 36" T5HO Hybrid LED Mounting Fixture with 4 ATI T5HO bulbs an extras. Usage Description Items were used for less than a month. Some items are brand new (please read below). Delivery includes 1 x 36" T5HO Hybrid Fixture 2 x Round Fixture Bracket for Kessil...
  6. Kessil A360X and AquaticLife Hybrid T5 Fixture

    Kessil A360X and AquaticLife Hybrid T5 Fixture

    Kessil A360X and AquaticLife Hybrid T5 Fixture
  7. Rakie

    Build Thread The Garden -- Rakies shallow SPS cube

    This build has been living since October, tank is stocked and has SPS and blah blah. Might as well start the story from the beginning though.. _______________________________________________________ Finally got all the equipment gathered and am starting to build the tank The tank is a modest...