1. A

    I need help identifying this item on my live rock

    What is this on my live rock?
  2. W

    Gorgonian Identification

    Hi, Can anyone help me ID this Gorgonian ? It was sold to me as a photosynthetic gorgonian but I want to make sure... Perhaps an Orange Spiney Gorgonian ? Best regards Jesper Wille
  3. H

    id help with brain coral and leather

    Need help identifying these 2!
  4. Gonj

    Blenny with Bloated Stomach

    So I noticed my blenny occasionally has a very bloated stomach, I'm not sure if it is related to this bubble he has on his fin, the bubble has gotten smaller so I took him out of QT but now seeing this inflamed stomach I'm not sure what I should do. It doesn't look like this all the time, but it...
  5. ridgeburyreefer

    Coral id-freebie from aqua sd

    Received this awesome dude as a freebie from Aquasd (awesome company!) but what is it? LOL
  6. D

    Algae identification

    Need help with the identification of this algae both the green one and the purple. Was using tap water but switched to RODI a week ago. Already had brown diatoms tank is two and a half months olds. Ignore the photo bombing cardinal
  7. Holmzie123

    Need help identifying

    Hi, I added this zoa from wwc a month ago and it has these weird dandelion like things on them. They survived a dipping and I'm not sure what to do. The zoas with them on them don't open so I should clearly do something. Identifying it first seems like a logical first step, anyone have any ideas?
  8. JasonCrimmel

    Aiptasia or another anemone?

    I've had my tank setup for almost 8 months now. Live rock came from Tampa Bay Saltwater back in September 2020. These guys have been around for a while and at first we were happy to have some anemones, but the more research I do I start to think they are Aiptasia... but really large ones! I...
  9. DeNovice

    Coral ID please

    Can someone help me identify this please? I think I did a bad thing. My LFS is in the process of transitioning management so they’re a bit disorganized at the moment. The guy didn’t know what this was. I assumed since it was soft and branching it looked like some type of leather which are...
  10. P

    What are these brown and white things?!?!

    I found these little brown things growing on my rocks. But now I’m also noticing white parts on them, some of which are a bit longer than others. What the heck are these?
  11. D

    EMERGENCY Hippo tang disease?

    Hi I recently bought this hippo tang.I’ve had it now for about a week now and since I’ve had it it has got some sort of disease I think and also hides at the back of the tank howveer I can’t diagnose it because I can’t find anything similar,I’ve attached some photos.If anyone has any ideas it...
  12. R

    Algae, worm, snail or?

    Anyone have an idea what this is growing from under one of my zoas?
  13. R

    can someone help me to id this hammer please.

  14. luemarie

    Unidentifiable blue ZOA

    No one has been able to tell me what this little guy is. mom feeling like it’s a blueberry pie zoa but no green lashes. And the coloring isn’t that of a blue rhino. help :(
  15. J

    Coral identification

    We bought this coral under the miscellaneous label. Can anyone help identify it for us?
  16. Alexvalencia11

    Help me identifying coral please !

    Hey guys so I bought a random pack from a local reef store which I now realize wasn’t a good idea for me cause this is my first reef tank, I would like help identifying the corals an maybe placement tips it would be much appreciated!!!
  17. D

    What Starfish is this?

    Hi guys, Saw this star while browsing my LFSs, can’t seems to find out what it is. Seems to be brownish in light, black in a dimmer light. Both pictures are of the same specimen Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  18. J

    Need help to ID these zoas.

    Anyone have a clue what zoas these are? They look cool so i bought some but theres no name. It said just zoa. Not sure of price will give a clue. They were 2.50 for 8-10 polyps. Thanks
  19. omgnotyouagain

    Can someone help.

    So I got a group of these and I assumed they are all just regular bubble tips but they eventually lost them and now I get this. thanks in advance
  20. taymarie

    Coral ID?

    I bought some coral frags a few weeks ago. Started with just the two big ones then I watched the babies blossom. Then today I noticed the one that doesn’t look like the others. What kind of coral is it? I also got a surprise baby mushroom on it. I am very surprised that the shell raised so many...
  21. V

    Zoa ID

  22. Squeven

    Strange Lump

    I found this red limp in the back of my BioCube 32. It was solid when I pulled it out with a turkey blaster, and loosened up when I put it in a cup. It doesn’t feel like cyano, and it was only in one spot. Testing parameters, will update when complete.
  23. C

    Can someone identify for me?

    Can someone identify this for me?
  24. S

    Is this a Dino cell?

    I’ve been trying to battle this ‘brown algae’ for quite a long time now. I’ve finally gotten a microscope to observe all the cells in my aquarium. Does the picture below look like Dino cells. The cells do move around and they go away at night and come back in the day. This makes me think it is...
  25. hds4216

    Can anyone identify this nem?

    Species unknown. Pretty though.
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