1. M

    Identifaction help

    Hi. This is my first post on reef2reef. I normally browse but never contribute. Iv just discovered a white substance which looks gooey behind some of my live rock. I spend quite a bit of time admiring my tank so I feel its appeared quite quick. Everything else in my tank seems fine. All my soft...
  2. Uzair Aiman

    What are the white fat "tubes" and fluffy white stuff on my LR and Clam shell?

    Hi. Ive realised some "growth" happening on my clam shell and live rock of my Yuma Coral. Im not sure what it is and it just started to appear like a week ago. On the right seems to be the "tube" thing and on the left is the furry stuff. My yuma and clam is closed up cause I just turned my...
  3. S

    Anyone know what these microscopic bugs are? ID

    Hi, I’ve just finished cycling my tank and I’ve put a grain of sand under the microscope to see this? There like little bugs zooming round near/next to the grain of sand. Anyone know what it is? Is it bad or is it the bacteria that came with the live sand? Thanks :) Here is the video of microscope:
  4. Uzair Aiman

    Woke up to this little fella on my glass, what is it?

    Hi. I havent added anything new in my tank for a month or so ++. I woke up this morning seeing this little dude on my glass and Im not sure what it is. Is it reef safe? Should I remove it or is it a good CUC? Thanks in advance! Sorry for the picture quality, its not that big. Ignore the curved...
  5. W

    NEED ID: Got my nuisance under the scope!

    Hi guys, I've been reading this group for many months.:) 6 weeks ago I started my cycling of a 43 gallon tank without fish and with dry rock and live sand. There is no longer ammonia or nitrites and nitrates are at 100 ppm (Red Sea) and phosphates are barely detectable, 0.01 (AF) or zero. For...
  6. Alex C

    GHA or Worse?

    Hello! I am facing some type of algae that I’m having a hard time eradicating and properly identifying. But first some tank back ground. My tank is a Red Sea reefer 425xl. It has been running for 148 days. Up until last week my nitrates and phosphates had bottomed out to 0. As such I have...
  7. JamieTotten1996

    What is this?

  8. ChandlerTingle

    Male or female Peacock Mantis shrimp

    Anyone know how to identify the sex of Mantis Shrimps?
  9. I

    What’s on my snail’s shell?

    Found out I had aiptasia yesterday so I figured I might as well ask what’s growing on my snail also. This is the only snail with this growth.
  10. BurtMacklin

    Help with white, stringy, fluffy algae

    Tank is 6 months old. 65 gallon with 20 gallon sump and about 40lb live rock, 40lb live sand, two black phantom clown fish, two Bangaii Cardinals, one Tail Spot Blenny, one Royal Gramma, 2 peppermint shrimp, 3 hermit crabs, 10 turbo snails, 2 nerite snails, 2 cerith snails, 3 zoas, 1 radioactive...
  11. C

    What is this ? It’s sooooo big

    Trying to figure out what this is. It’s twice the size of my fist. It has 8 heads and weights like 3 lbs. what is it and how much are they worth?
  12. ridgeburyreefer

    Coral ID?

    My LFS gave me this dying frag about a month ago, this polyp was a tiny spec of red and now it’s grown, it’s part of a larger dead section seen to the left and above it. I’m looking for an ID. During the day it opens more out and looks like a flat red disc w this green center. There’s another...
  13. R

    Hitchiker/Pest/Critter/ what the heck IS THIS, Please Help!

    I bought my first ever coral about 4 months ago, a small 2 head Torch and a fungia plate coral, I dipped them both and got a small flatworm off the torch luckily. A few days into owning the torch and watching it get used to the water and extend, I noticed a little section of bristly exoskeleton...
  14. Gator2019

    Purchased as live rock, but it moves.

    I assume this is a clam because it opens and closes every now and then, but I don’t see any eyes. Bought it from a LFS as live rock, but it much have gotten mixed up. Any chance on ID/ how to take care of it in an establishing tank.
  15. Gator2019

    Purchased as live rock, but it moves.

    I assume this is a clam because it opens and closes every now and then, but I don’t see any eyes. Bought it from a LFS as live rock, but it much have gotten mixed up. Any chance on ID/ how to take care of it in an establishing tank.
  16. K

    Bounce Mushroom ID

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has an ID for this bounce mushroom.
  17. S

    New tank with a hitchhiker?

    I recently invested in a tank from someone who was moving. The coral was beautiful and everything looked healthy and well. I recently noticed a new small white mass on a rock that was in the tank that was never there before. After some small investigating me and my wife thought that it was a...
  18. BitReef

    Beginner to SPS - Help me ID some frags

    Looking for help identifying some of my SPS frags. I’m new to SPS and have some guesses, but want your professional opinions 1) The first 2 pics are the same frag. I recently accidentally broke the tip off.
  19. tech_reefer

    LPS id?

    I picked up two goniporas and an alviapora. I can’t remember the names of them. It would be helpful if I can get an ID and if the price is fair. The green one was $40, the pink and yellow one was $35 and the rainbow alviapora was $40, Thanks!
  20. A

    I need help identifying this item on my live rock

    What is this on my live rock?
  21. W

    Gorgonian Identification

    Hi, Can anyone help me ID this Gorgonian ? It was sold to me as a photosynthetic gorgonian but I want to make sure... Perhaps an Orange Spiney Gorgonian ? Best regards Jesper Wille
  22. H

    id help with brain coral and leather

    Need help identifying these 2!
  23. Gonj

    Blenny with Bloated Stomach

    So I noticed my blenny occasionally has a very bloated stomach, I'm not sure if it is related to this bubble he has on his fin, the bubble has gotten smaller so I took him out of QT but now seeing this inflamed stomach I'm not sure what I should do. It doesn't look like this all the time, but it...
  24. ridgeburyreefer

    Coral id-freebie from aqua sd

    Received this awesome dude as a freebie from Aquasd (awesome company!) but what is it? LOL
  25. Danroo

    Algae identification

    Need help with the identification of this algae both the green one and the purple. Was using tap water but switched to RODI a week ago. Already had brown diatoms tank is two and a half months olds. Ignore the photo bombing cardinal
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