identify critters

  1. N

    What are these louse type critters?

    Found these today coming from one of the pores in my rocks. Not a clue what they are- Theres three of them I can count. Not sure if related but my clowns are acting very skittish (I’ve never seen them behave like this) I’ve added some rocks from the beach that I took from Majorca a few days ago...
  2. jtonephilthy

    Can someone ID this worm?

    Does anyone know what this is? I found this worm just sitting out on the open on a frag tile in the frag tank. Their is now sand and zero live rock. It could have been introduced on a frag plug but I dip everything before it enters this tank. I’m just confused on how I’m just now seeing this...
  3. VanCityReef

    Terrified to ask, is this Aiptasia?

    Checking on my sump and these are starting to pop up. Is it Aiptasia and if so, what's your best suggestion to get rid of?
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