1. Reef Lounge Coral

    Indophyllia - perfect specimen - $325 shipped

    Shipping from Southern CA. Dm on IG for more info: @reefloungecoral
  2. Art Calde

    Florida GC Hellfire Torches

    GC Hellfire torches $100 per head One double and one triple left Jupiter Florida pickup only
  3. Art Calde

    Florida Malaysian Blue Neon torch

    Malaysian Blue Neon torch $60 per head Very unique torch. Blue tips and neon center Jupiter Florida pickup only ( reef saltwater aquarium coral tank )
  4. Boogiedown_Reef


    Multiple Indo gold torches available 1 head-$100 2 heads $190 3 heads $$250 Pick up at 10520 (will deliver for an additional fee) PM for Number and Video
  5. polyppal

    Colorado DEALZ! High End Torches/Anemones/Etc in DENVER! NY Knicks / Inferno / WWC Hawaiian Punch / Dragon Soul, Blues Clues Bounce

    Great deals on some premium livestock! My lights are very blue and its hard to get a crisp/color accurate photo sometimes, but feel free to come see them in tank before purchase! Im downtown Denver (Broadway & Alameda) Free frags on multi packs. No shipping at this time (probably will in the...
  6. Jersey Corals

    ** Weekend Special! 35% OFF SITE WIDE! 50% OFF $499+!**

    Jersey Corals Weekend Special! 25% OFF SITE WIDE! 40% OFF $499+! Check it out at!
  7. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Indo hellfire torch ,Ny knicks torch

    Indo hellfire 2 heads splitting to 5 Heads $560 Ny knicks 2 large solid heads $540 Todd’s torches $190 each Tri color fade/ reaper torc frags single head splitting to 3-4 $125 Local pickup available , shipping $30-46$. Standard DOA rules apply , picture and video of coral inside unopened bag.
  8. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Indo torches , dragon soul, cotton candy , Todd’s

    Hey reefers! Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Making some space in my display tank. Here’s some torches , 1- indo dragon soul 2 mouths splitting into 2 heads $225 2- indo dragon soul 3 mouth splitting into three heads fat knuckle $350 3- cotton candy splitting to 3 heads...
  9. OdetteDelacroix

    California FOR SALE: Jester NY Knicks Torch 3+ heads

    Hi there :) I have a beautiful piece for sale, it is a NY Knicks Jester Torch. Currently has 3 heads, two of which are splitting a.k.a soon to be 5 heads ;) Looking to find a great home for this guy. This torch has been a STUNNER in my aquarium and a fan favorite for sure! Asking ($200/head)...
  10. Art Calde

    Florida Hellfire Torch

    Selling a Double head of Gator Coral’s Hellfire Torch $300 From the colony on the first picture top right Jupiter Florida pickup only
  11. TNreeferBX

    Acantho Showoff Thread

    I wanna see some nice acanthos out there, here’s my indo
  12. Rogued_Reefer

    Florida Indo Hammers for Sale Miami

    I’ve got indo splatter hammers for sale! prefer local pick up 33126 but will consider shipping at buyers expense. $25/head.
  13. K

    Aussie or Indo torch preference?

    So I keep hearing horror stories about Aussie torches. They say they only last 4 to 6 months, etc. Whats up with Aussie? Why they so hard to keep? Thanks
  14. Z

    Nevada Gold wall hammer colony’s

    Gold wall hammer colony’s available. Big chunks, lots of mouths on each piece. Green stems, gold tips. $250 each local pick up in Las Vegas or $300 shipped.
  15. Legonch


    Tomorrow am, at 8am mst, this torch goes up for sale, in the members only section of!! This torch is a dark stem, neon green center, with baby blue tips and orange/peach colored tips. This coral will be listed with a very attractive discount off retail. We will be...
  16. Legonch

    Livestock Big Discounts on Hot Corals!!!!

    Big news this morning! We have added an area for site members only, where every Monday morning at 8 am mst we will post coral for sale with a site member only discount!!! You will need to create an account on, look for the log in icon at the upper right corner of the...
  17. Legonch

    Livestock New hot batch of corals up on the web page! Wow!! Gotta check these out!

    Just uploaded a bunch of new coral to the web page. These are really worth checking out. Beautiful corals we have had in our system for a month, and ready for new homes. Any questions, please ask. Thanks for checking us out!
  18. TopShelfAquatics

    The Holiest of TSA Holy Grail Torches!!!

    A couple beauties that we have cooking up at the farm!!
  19. Legonch

    Livestock New Fire corals added to the web page! Hot update!

    I just added some new frags to the web page Emerald Reef Supply. These are super nice frags! These are out of our systems, and are healthy and ready to go. Most were fragged 10 days ago. Thanks for looking!
  20. Legonch

    Livestock Hot Indo Acro frags!

  21. Legonch

    Livestock Emerald Reef Supply intro to R2R sale! 15% off everything!

    Hey everyone, we just joined r2r, and are excited to post some nice corals for sale. We are a small shop based in Colorado. We've been professionally reefing for over 6 years. We pride ourselves on clean, healthy corals, and top notch customer service. We'd love for you to give us a try. All...
  22. wolt

    Is this good flow for a torch coral

    Is this good flow for a torch coral. Also if someone could I’d this torch that would be nice it was sold as indo dragon soul
  23. Omarons

    California Indo Purple tip torch

    Selling my 2 head purple tip indo torch I can sell one or both together Selling each head for $160, or $300 for both heads trades welcome I live in San Jose
  24. C

    Indo bonsai coral - first SPS

    Hey everyone! So I just added in a Indo bonsai today. (First sps!) I think he is doing well but as I have not much background info on how these should look at the frag stage, want to get your options. Also input on if the location is adequate would be appreciated Thank you!
  25. G

    Need more acros

    Hello quick question I have a 180 that’s going to be sps dominated but I need help I want to buy a bunch of sps and Indo like bulk does anyone know a good website or a wholesaler that can help me out ???