1. Adriaen

    Build Thread My first tank: Red Sea Reefer 170!

    Hello reefers! I joined R2R yesterday, and I'm very excited about the warm welcome I got! People told me already about the tank threads, so let's give it a shot. This might become a little bit of a long story, but we'll see how it goes. As long as I can remember, I've been passionated about...
  2. Reef Breeders

    CoralBox WiFi Dosing Pumps

    Hey Everyone, The Coral Box WiFi Dosers are here!!! Heavy Duty Aluminum case, upgraded heavy duty dosing heads, and best of all, smartphone programming right out of the box makes dosing a cinch! Get yours here for only $179.99 shipped to your door, that offer ends february 10th...
  3. jameswetton2895

    James Wetton Reefer 525xl Build

    Hi Everyone, So after 4 years on and off in this hobby ( more off ) and a reasonably successful last 12 months with a signature 600 and then a reefer 170, I now have a Reefer 525xl deluxe model. I have always found threads on tank builds a massive help and hopefully by me documenting my...
  4. Elmer

    Build Thread 120 show

    I had a tank 3 years ago and moved several times from town to town just bought a house in southeast kansas so I figured time to start a tank again Cleaning out the debris In the first picture second pic is where it's gonna be in the den!
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