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  1. Hydra 26 + AI controller (Non-HD)

    For sale Hydra 26 + AI controller (Non-HD)

    I have a Hydra 26 non hd with the AI controller for sale. This light was run at 60-70% on blues. Picture of lights on had settings set to 1% There is one violet light out but when on you don’t even notice it. pm me about any questions
  2. PBnJOnWheat

    North Carolina Dry Good Trade AI LED’s, Brackets, and Light Rails (Out of Hobby Temporarily Sale)

    These are practically brand new, I set them up and had them on maybe 2 months over a 4 foot LPS and softie tank. Very light use for the number of lights over that frag tank. I am currently trying to sell them to someone else so that they can use them as I won’t be able to run my tank for a...
  3. diamondreef

    Help with Lighting Please!? AI Hydra 32

    Hello, I currently have a 25G JBJ Biocube with an AI Hydra 32 led. I’m not sure how I should set it up through the app. Colors, percentages, times, etc. Anyone able to offer any advice or photos of how yours is set up? I plan to have mainly softies corals, cyphastrea, zoanthids and other...
  4. cheykaser


    Ok I know there are some double dippers out there...salties and freshies..... I recently broke down my freshwater to go salt so looking to selling my Aqua Illumination Prime HD's and all the CO2 system. Lights with flexible arms $125 ea shipped. Complete CO2 $175
  5. RazorRamon

    New York Selling AI Hydra 64 HD, With HMS Light Mount, and 3d Reefing light diffuser!

    The light has only been used for 3 months light is like new, everything Is in perfect condition and working order. includes Light, HMS mounting arm, and 3d reef diffuser. I am asking for 650$ for everything
  6. Beej1254

    Ohio AI Prime Hd, AI hydra 26 hd

    All fixtures are WHITE. I have the following for sale: 2 AI Prime HD/ $140 each - shipped. 1 AI Hydra 26 HD $220 - shipped. All lights are working, and I just swapped the Prime lenses recently. I’m currently using these lights over my display. You can see my tank if you search Reef_therapy...
  7. J

    Best lighting

    Looking to purchase lighting for my 90 gallon with center brace what would you recommend? I would either get one kessil ap9x https://www.reef2land.com/collections/kessil-lights-led-aquarium-lighting/products/kessil-ap9x-led-controllable-aquarium-light Or 2 ai hydra 32hds...
  8. Tiwo

    California Skimmers LED Ai Prime HD, Eshopps skimmer and overflow

    AI Prime HD: 120$ Used at 50% max for about 2 years Eshopps overflow: 40$ Not sure of the model, ran it on a 40 gallon and it has a 1 inch u-tube and a 1 inch barb fitting on the bulkhead X-120 Eshopps Skimmer: 120$ Used for 2 years, pulls lots of dark skim out Prices are obo, pm if interested...
  9. alucard102k1

    Florida Aquariums Lighting LED Hydra 26 hd

    Sell Hydra 26 hd in perfect working conditions all led working, works with wifi, $230 shipped..
  10. veselym

    Montana Lighting Powerheads Hydra 26 HD’s w/mounts and AI Nero 5’s

    I am selling 2 HYDRA 26HD’s with AI light mounts, as well as, 2 AI Nero 5’s. Lights and Powerheads have been on my Red Sea Reefer250 for a little over 2 years with no issues. Hydra’s $235 each shipped w/mounts Nero’s $150 each shipped Pics coming as I am giving the Nero’s a vinegar bath as we...
  11. cwb_reeftank

    Build Thread 30 breeder

    I've had a build thread on here before with a 55 but I have recently moved to Tampa (back at the end of March). I setup a little temporary 30 breeder. However now I am keeping it for a little bit till I get my 75 down here or if I see a nicely priced setup down here I'll get it. But with this...
  12. NewYorkReefer1988

    New York AI Hydra 26 (non HD)

    AQUAILLUMINATION HYDRA 26 (non HD) in fantastic condition - black colored shell This is a very well cared for unit and works 100% and is easy to program and ready to use. This is for the light only with power adapter of course and I do have an 18” flex arm to go along with it. This has...
  13. xiixravenxiix

    Tank upgrade.

    Currently in the process of getting everything together for an upgrade from a 20 gallon tall tank to a 36 bowfront. I have a AI prime 16 and was wondering if I should get another or upgrade to a Hydra 32. Mostly LPS in the tank currently but do want sps in the future.
  14. NewYorkReefer1988

    New York Hydra 26 (Non-HD) for sale

    AQUAILLUMINATION HYDRA 26 (non HD) in fantastic condition - black colored shell This is a very well cared for unit and works 100% and is easy to program and ready to use. This is for the light only with power adapter of course and I do have an 18” flex arm to go along with it. This has...
  15. MichaelP121579

    Tennessee AI Prime 16 HD (4)

    I upgraded my tank to a redsea reefer 425xl. Bought thease Prime 16s 3 months ago for my shallow reef. They will come with mounts and boxes. Can provide serial numbers if needed, they have been ran around 38% 8 hours a day. I'm ordering 32s in the morning Asking 700 shipped for all 4 with...
  16. R

    Chemical warfare? Mushrooms and zoas

    Interesting observation I wanted to run by you guys for suggestions. Almost everyday, for about 2 or so hours after my lights hit near peak intensity, a few groups of zoas (some on bottom) and my spikey mushrooms distort as shown below. At about midpoint in the light cycle (still at peak...
  17. H2Ocooled

    Oregon AI HD Prime (black) flex mount and diffuser

    I have moved to a larger tank and no longer using this setup. Selling one AI HD Prime black, 12" flex mount arm, 3DReefing Diffuser, power cords, manual, and box. The 3dreefing Diffuser works awesome, it really improves the viewing of your tank and only has a minor impact on the output of the...
  18. J

    Ai Hydra26HD problems

    Hey all, so i just bought another hydra 26 about 3-4 months ago and i was having no problems at all with it until this morning when i went downstairs to go to work and noticed the aquarium lights weren’t on. I saw the small led blinking red and was like ohhh f*** not again(i had another drop in...
  19. ycnibrc

    California AI prime hd SOLD

    Hi there I have 2 white and 1 black AI prime hd for sale $150 each. Less than 6 months old pick up in Irvine if u buy all 3 I can ship it to u free. Pm with question. I can ship individual light for $10
Coral Frenzy