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Prime 16hd and Nero 3

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Jun 2, 2021
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I have a prime 16hd with 12” flex arm and 2x Nero 3s for sale

both are like NEW , prime was bought new in November and Nero’s were bought new in December.

Manufacture date on Nero’s are Nov 2022

prime 16hd with arm - 200 shipped
Nero 3 - 150 shipped each

With PayPal and shipping fees I am pretty firm but worst I can say is no ;)

91F18AD0-6BD5-42F7-8E21-46153E721FA8.jpeg 0DC9C91D-0D86-4E3E-81BE-86816934AD19.jpeg DAFA2128-EBFB-4926-8A78-6C986CFE4688.jpeg
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