prime 16hd

  1. 66cts

    Coral ID

    I recently received a new coral for free after buying a new Prime 16HD, Trying to figure out exactly what this coral is since I'm new to saltwater. I currently have a EVO 13.5 and have the prime mount 10 inches above water, Any tips for acclimation mode and Lighting programs? I have GSP, ORA...
  2. 66cts

    Prime AI 16HD Settings for 13.5G

    I recently purchased a 16HD for my EVO 13.5. I was running my stock lighting for awhile but was getting algae growth from the intense white light. I bought the metal arm and its sitting about 10 inches above surface. I have 4 corals, a GSF, a ORA vargas cespitularia, A kenya tree, and One SPS...
  3. Jay00498

    Massachusetts LED SOLD AI Prime 16HD W/ gooseneck

    One available used AI Prime 16Hd with 12” gooseneck . Used for 6 months and have have upgraded. $175 plus ship PayPal only Sold
  4. Saltees

    4 x G5 XR15 or 8 x PRIME 16HD for 120G SPS Tank?

    Just watched “BRS Investigates”. Just asking... How many of you would consider 8 x PRIME 16HD (440W) over 4 x G5 XR15 (420W) on 120G (4’x2’x2’) SPS dominated tank? 8 PRIME costs a tad more than 4 XR15, worth it? Thanks!
  5. Aqua Splendor

    (Video) Aqua Illumination Prime 16HD + Giesemann T5 = All combination possible

    Hi, I previously made videos about Hybrid reef light with Radion G5 and T5, this time I did it with the Aqua Illumination Prime 16HD. So if you are looking for T5 Combination with that Prime 16HD well here the video: After each clip I took a picture so I can post it on this forum: Full...