aqua illumination

  1. twhit030

    Florida Lighting 4 ai prime 16hd

    I have 4 ai prime 16 lights over a 75 gallon tank I’ve had ai before and love them. I’m going to an all acro system and want t5s for those insanely high par numbers. All 4 lights have been running approximately 3 days. I still have original box for all of them asking 700 shipped for all 4...
  2. Schraufabagel

    AI Spectrum Settings

    What does everyone have their AI spectrum settings at? Specifically for the AI prime. I’m still refining my schedule. At the moment the colors aren’t quite to my liking. I have calcified macro algae, softies, LPS, and easy SPS (birdsnest, pavona, stylophora)
  3. cheykaser


    Ok I know there are some double dippers out there...salties and freshies..... I recently broke down my freshwater to go salt so looking to selling my Aqua Illumination Prime HD's and all the CO2 system. Lights with flexible arms $125 ea shipped. Complete CO2 $175
  4. C

    Hydra 32 Flex Arm 18”

    Hydra 32 Flex Arm 18" (Will also work for the Hydra 26 as long as it has the two holes for the screws to attach.) Never used, decided I liked the rail mount better. Paid $68, asking $40 shipped
  5. J

    Washington, D.C. Lighting AI HMS Single Arm Mounting Kit - $40 shipped

    Clearing out some equipment. Works as it should and comes with an Allen wrench. This is the older mounting type with two thumb screws that secure it to the tank. $40 shipped conus. Thanks!
  6. J

    Question about PAR and general lighting

    Hello! I have a 4 ft, Innovative Marine EXT 100 tank, and lighting consists of 2 AI 32 HDs on the rail. They are 11 inches off the surface of the water. My goal is LPS/Softies only, and then I have a few BTA's. Over the last couple of weeks, I have had a few LPS losses. I'm wondering if my...
  7. brittneykaiser

    Build Thread Cajun Reefer's Waterbox Marine X 90.3 Build

    Hey, everyone! So my Waterbox Marine X 90.3 finally came in! And I'm head over heels for this tank. The stand took about an hour and a half to build with my husband, and then I made my own saltwater to fill the tank. I used Aqua Forest sea salt for the basics. I've got 60lb of Fiji Pink sand...
  8. jackalexander

    Upgrading 32g Biocube

    Didn’t want to do it because i’ll probably upgrade in the near future but I can’t stand the stock LED’s on the biocube so I’m going to purchase an AI Prime 16HD Reef LED and the flex arm. That’ll come with an added cost of an ATO and a screen top (don’t want the wrasse to carpet surf). I don’t...
  9. Jay00498

    Massachusetts Lighting LED SOLD Hydra 26hd w/ mount - Hydra 26hd no royal blue

    I recently bought a pair of used Hydra 26HDs that I won’t be needing anymore after acquiring different lighting. One hydra is fully functional and will come with the single HMS mount. I also have a second hydra 26hd that has a burnt out royal blue channel but other wise works. 1. hydra 26hd w/...
  10. Flazh510

    Build Thread Red Sea Journey- 300xL edition

    Well let's start from Day 1, I started my saltwater journey after being in freshwater game for 6-8 years. Well last year with a 29 gallon tank later I started the salt water tank and later in the year my wife cousin gave me his 65 gallon tank with a clown and a goby. This past Thanksgiving I...
  11. C

    Can't Access My AI or Website Anyone else?

    Last night, I turned off my pair of hydra 26 hd lights using the app. Today, I can't access my lights through the website. The website won't load, and the app gives me an error (Connection Timeout - Check your wireless connection). It will do that under wifi or 4G. Is my aqua illumination...
  12. iOweYou

    California LED Innovative Marine & AI 32 for sale

    IM nuvo skim DC - $100 AI Hydra 32 + HMS mounting kit- $350 (2)Jebao rw-4 - 80$ I will post photos tomrow when i clean everything up. Lights are less than 3 months old. Skimmer is less than 2 months old.
  13. veselym

    Montana Lighting Powerheads Hydra 26 HD’s w/mounts and AI Nero 5’s

    I am selling 2 HYDRA 26HD’s with AI light mounts, as well as, 2 AI Nero 5’s. Lights and Powerheads have been on my Red Sea Reefer250 for a little over 2 years with no issues. Hydra’s $235 each shipped w/mounts Nero’s $150 each shipped Pics coming as I am giving the Nero’s a vinegar bath as we...
  14. CenCalReef

    California Lighting LED Package Deal Kessil A160WE, Mounts, Spectral Controller Bay Area

    Hey guys so now that I've received my new lighting setup I am ready to sell my old lights, everything works great and is in absolute excellent condition. Everything will come with its original boxes from lights to mounts and controller. Purchased both lights on 9-24-19 were not in use until late...
  15. Dythomas11

    Lighting LED Radion XR30 GEN 3 & Ai Prime w/mount

    Purchased a complete set up from another reefer and don’t have use for either of these anymore. Both work perfectly, maybe need a decent cleaning. Radion XR30 Gen 3 - $325 shipped AI Prime (white) w/ tank mount - $150 shipped
  16. kartrsu

    Build Thread KARTR's Mixed Reef Reefer 250 Build

    Time for an upgrade! Seeing as I will be working from home until the end of the year at the least, I decided I could afford the time to handle a larger system and pulled the trigger on a Reefer 250. I started reefkeeping in January 2018 with an IM fusion 20, which was the perfect size for my...

    Utah Lighting LED 2x AI Hydra originals LED fixture

    Selling two original hydras. These need a separate director or controller for programming. All leds work and the lights are in great condition. Includes the fixtures and power supplies only. No controller included. $220 shipped.
  18. R&J Reefs

    California Lighting AI Hydra 52 HD

    I have 3 hydra 52 HD’s and Hms mounting rail and hanging kit . Used for about a year . Hydra 52 hd 400.00 each includes shipping and hms mount . Hms Mounting rail and hanging kit . Rail is 61.5 inch rail . 100.00 for both .
  19. S

    Washington, D.C. Lighting AI lights

    Used AI Vega and SOL lights... Verified that they still work. The white light comes with controller...85 each plus shipping
  20. Adriaen

    Build Thread My first tank: Red Sea Reefer 170!

    Hello reefers! I joined R2R yesterday, and I'm very excited about the warm welcome I got! People told me already about the tank threads, so let's give it a shot. This might become a little bit of a long story, but we'll see how it goes. As long as I can remember, I've been passionated about...
  21. Cudaman

    In need of a AI Controller or Director

    Desperately in need of a Aqua Illuminations Controller or Director to run some older SOL Fixtures ... or if anyone has a secret to controlling these without AI’s lousy controllers . Appreciate any input y’all got !
  22. E

    Xr15 G5 or Hydra 32 - RSR250

    Hi, I’ve asked this question previously but slightly differently. I am getting my Red Sea 250 prepped to start getting into corals. Mixed at first with SPS eventually. I’ve narrowed down the lighting to the XR15 G5 and Hydra 32. The XR15 is just out of what I wanted to spend but willing to if...
  23. J

    First time building a tank, could use some opinions and knowledge.

    Hello reefers! This is my very first time building my own reef tank and I could really use some help! Current set up: 40 gallon imagitarium modular aquarium (30W x 17H x 19D) 307 Fluval Canister filter Hydor 565 wave maker 200W Titanium no name heater (Amazon) Glass top Stock light (garbage)...
  24. reefer_nyc

    Build Thread Reefer_NYC Red Sea Reefer 250 Build

    Sup everyone! Thanks for checking out my build and enjoy the progress of how it became what it is today! Equipment List: - Red Sea Reefer 250 - 54g display and 11g sump - AI Hydra 26HD - AI Nero 5 (left and right back wall) - Return pump - Eheim 1260 - Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 ATO - Omega...
  25. Reefer37

    JBJ 45 Lighting Recommendations

    Hey everyone! So when I got my JBJ 45 from a Craigslister it came with a AI Prime HD and really I feel like it's not cutting it for lighting. I get a lot of shadowing and worried any corals over soft just aren't going to get the lighting they need/want. So I'm trying to decide on new lights...