aqua illumination

  1. C

    Montana Aqua Illumination Hydra 64 HD with Tank Mount and extra actinics

    $700 for the whole thing or make a reasonable offer. I’ll ship free if within the lower 48. I purchased this about a year ago for my reef tank. It is in excellent condition and can be paired with the app for customizable lighting schedules. I am also including the two actinic lights I’d run...
  2. midatlanticdm

    Virginia AI 32 HD with Flex Arm - $300 ea

    I am selling two AI 32 lights with flex arms. The lights are about 2 years old and I have had no issues with them. I am selling for $250 ea, $500 for the pair. I will ship but buyer is responsible for shipping costs.
  3. jeffreefer85

    Eshopps Deskmate Filtration and Lighting

    Question: for a light for the Deskmate 4.8 gallon. I am between the Kessil A80 Tuna Blue (with or without the controller) or the AI 16HD. Recommendations? Also, what is everyone using for media filtration and where are you putting it? I see the Eshopps Media Tray sold on Amazon apparently...
  4. 11f150

    Lighting Reefi UNO gen 1 led lights

    Reefi UNO gen 1 lights for sale. In great condition, very well made lights. $200 each
  5. trmiv

    Florida SOLD AI Nero 7 - Florida -$220 shipped

    SOLD AI Nero 7 used for a few months. Only ran about 30% on random/pulse.
  6. A

    California AI Prime 16HD

    Used for less than a year. $150 shipped to lower 48
  7. Thawman

    Hydra 32 upgrade from 26 AIP files?

    Hello! I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find the posts and of the ones I did there was no useful info about how to fix the problem. Replaced my Hydra 26s HD with Hydra 32s HD. I'm using the Pirates.aip file for the Hydra 26, when I load it up in the Hydra 32s the first 2/3 are...
  8. C

    Could the Kessil Spectral X Controller work for the AI SOL Blue lights?

    I am seeing some really good deals on AI SOL Blues out there but it’s obviously because it’s becoming harder and harder to find a controller that works. After digging a bit, it looks like all of the accessories to control them via Apex share accessories with controlling Kessil‘s as well. Has...
  9. immo

    West Virginia 2 AI Hydra 26 HD's $350

    I have read the rules. I have 2 hydra 26 HD's that I got with my tank. I used these lights for about 6 weeks before I switched over to an AP9X. I never noticed any issues with the lights, and all the LED's in the pucks appeared to be working. Mostly looking to sale, but would consider possible...
  10. LilElroyJetson

    Two XR15 Pros and two Nero 5 or MP40s for 3 ft. Long 16” Deep 45 Gallon?

    Any thoughts on whether the two XR15 Pros will be sufficient for an SPS dominant tank? Dimensions are 36x18x16 (pictured below). Leaning Nero 5s for flow because I like the wider flow pattern, and I think they look a lot better and are easier to clean. Fish getting sucked in less of a concern...
  11. db2022

    Lighting AI prime 16hd with mount and diffuser

    I have these two AI prime 16hd with mounts and diffusers. They are in excellent working condition and have been used for 8 months at 40% intensity. They come with original boxes. I’m asking 180 for one or 350 for both of them. Shipping will be extra ~ $20.
  12. R

    Another AI Blade discussion

    Hello all, Looking to add a controllable light to my Aquatop 40 cube (21.7×21.7×21.7). Love the look and coverage of the 30w actinic blue and white it comes with but I want it to be more controllable than 2 on off switches on the cord. I ordered the current usa orbit 24 but the app was not...
  13. R

    New York Ai Nero 3’s

    2 AI Nero 3’s both working and citric bathed $120 each + shipping or both for $220 + shipping UPS with insurance
  14. db2022

    Lighting AI Hydra 32 hd w mount

    I have this AI Hydra 32 hd w mount that has been used for a year on a 30g lps/softies tank. As you can see in the photos it’s in an excellent condition. It has never been used above 32% as it gives out a lot of par on a 30g tank. I’m asking 300 shipped. Please pm me if interested.
  15. M

    Used nero 5 issue

    My LFS has this used nero 5 for sale for 115$. The issue is that it starts spinning for a turn then stops, then starts, again and again. Its like its stalling. Does anyone know if this is a common issue, and if it is easy to fix? I would love to score a cheap nero pump. How is AI custommer...
  16. BadCrab

    USA wtb AI EXT Rail Tank Mount (48")

    Looking for between one and three of these. Rail+Mounting Bracket. Black (not silver) These are the old ones (EXT Rail) meant for Sol/Vegas Located in Phoenix but happy to have them shipped. Have enough of these for now. Thanks, ATAquariums!
  17. sxyooj

    Minnesota Prime 16hd and Nero 3

    I have a prime 16hd with 12” flex arm and 2x Nero 3s for sale both are like NEW , prime was bought new in November and Nero’s were bought new in December. Manufacture date on Nero’s are Nov 2022 prime 16hd with arm - 200 shipped Nero 3 - 150 shipped each With PayPal and shipping fees I am...
  18. O

    MXM module release date???

    @NeptunePaul or really anybody at Neptune Systems…. I know that there are a lot of us, myself included, Apex owners that also have a ton of EcoTech and AquaIllumination equipment and when the MXM module was announced late last year went absolutely bonkers when we heard that finally there was...
  19. Broadfield

    Illinois Aqua Illumination: Pair each of Nero 3s and Nero 5s

    Selling a pair of AI Nero 3s and a pair of AI Nero 5s. They are in mint condition and include all original packaged parts and retail boxes. NOTE: they do include the various power adapters to work in other countries... forgot to include them in the images. These are right at a year old and...
  20. mattnoch

    Maryland Want to buy: New or used Radion Xr15 Pro G5, Reef Brite XHO-K15 pair, and Nero 3

    Looking to buy a Radion XR-15 Pro G5 used or brand new, with Mobius preferably so I can upgrade my lighting. Also looking for an AI Nero 3, I am located in Maryland! Message me if you have the goods!
  21. Djalexchang

    Florida 24 in aquatic life hybrid fixture g2

    Only used for 6 months, local pick up in Orlando fl. No shipping available
  22. JuanGutz

    Colorado AI MKII controller

    Hello, I have an (Aqua Illumination) AI MKII controller in the box ready to sell. I had two controllers and sold one with my lights and they didn’t want my second one. Perfect working condition and these controllers are getting hard to find for sol, vega and hydra lights. $110 thru PayPal G&S...
  23. S

    AI Blade Strip Led Lights!

    Aqua Illumination now has strip lights! These are LED strip lights that are meant to serve as standalone or supplemental lighting. Sizes arrange from 12” to 66”. I’ll likely get a pair of the 12” Glow lights to supplement my Radion G5 XR15 Pros.
  24. G’s Reef

    Texas (4) AI Prime 16HD And (1) Ai Hydra 26HD

    I have a couple lights up for sale to make room. 3 white AI Prime 16hd with no mounts 165$each shipped. 1 black AI prime 16hd with hard mount and extra Lense 185$ shipped 1 AI Hydra 26HD with Flex Mount 200$ shipped. located Houston Tx
  25. G’s Reef

    Texas Aqua Illumination Hydra 52 Non HD x2

    Have 2 great lights work great. They are hydra 52’s Non HD. You need the controller/director/apex to change the color spectrum. 150$ shipped. Just lights and power supply’s