nero 3

  1. MaD_ReefeR

    Florida Powerheads Drygoods SOLD ** SOLD** Nero 3 powerheads

    I have a pair of Nero 3s I bought a few months ago, opened them when they arrived to check them out but haven't used them so they have never been it water. $300 for the pair shipped, or local pickup in FL, Tampa area. Can add more pics by request when I get home
  2. Turpstur

    USA WTB Nero 3

    Setting up a new tank, looking to purchase a new Nero 3 if anyone knows a vendor online who still has one in stock or has one lying around. Will pay $180 if new.
  3. shakacuz


    looking to buy an ai nero 3 wave pump and maxspect xf330 gyre with controller.
  4. S

    Improving Flow in Fluval 13.5

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find a better solution for flow in my fluval. I had been using the Jebao SLW-5 but it is too loud and takes up too much space in my tank. I am a beginner so I'd like some opinions on how far this pump could take me in my Fluval 13.5. My goal is mostly LPS/soft coral and...
  5. S

    Choosing Fluval 13.5 Flow

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find a better solution for flow in my fluval. I had been using the Jebao SLW-5 but it is too loud and takes up too much space in my tank. I am a beginner so I'd like some opinions on how far this pump could take me in my Fluval 13.5. My goal is mostly LPS/soft coral and...
  6. R

    Powerheads Miscellaneous Drygoods Vortech mp10 and nero 3

    Hi im selling 1 vortech mp10 with extra wet side and 1 Nero 3. The vortech works fine i have it for almost 1 year . The nero 3 i bought in April 2022 i have BRS proof of purchase MP10 - $210 + shipping fee Nero3 - $150 + shipping fee can pick up iN Manhattan-NY.
  7. C

    New Jersey Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Aqua illumination nero 3

    Aqua illumination nero 3 powerhead. 8 months old. In great condition.
  8. C

    Powerheads Drygoods SOLD AI Nero 3

    I have an AI Nero 3 pump that has a bit of an issue. The pump works perfectly fine as long as you do not turn it off. Whenever you turn the pump off, it decides when it wants to restart or not. I have cleaned it and gotten the same result. It does not do it every time, but only is an issue when...
  9. K

    Delaware Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Pair Nero 3

    Pair Nero 3 under year asking 280
  10. WestonNanos


    Looking to sell my innovative marine 50 gallon as a package with all equipment and live stock included. Please do not inquire about parting out... Everything must go all at once. $800 firm, as most of you know there is probably that much in coral alone. for super detailed info on everything...
  11. C

    Kentucky WTB Looking for Nero 3 or MP10

    Hello, My Nero 3 is starting to have some issues, so I will need a replacement. If anyone has a Nero 3 or a MP10 (möbius compatible) please let me know before I go buy new. Thanks!
  12. Ai Nero 3

    For sale Illinois Ai Nero 3

    I have available a aqua illumination Nero 3 for sale at $120. Shipping available as well.
  13. Nero 3 for sale

    For sale Pennsylvania Nero 3 for sale

    For sale Nero 3 pump asking $140 and it can be shipped. Location in lower gwynedd if want to pick up. I’m working condition. Message if you have questions.
  14. J

    Powerhead shortage ??

    Where’s all the power heads? Can’t find a new single Nero 3 or 5 anywhere. MP40 is up $30 when it’s already ridiculous enough to pay $400 for it.
  15. Wavemakers Ecotech,AI and Tunze

    For sale Wavemakers Ecotech,AI and Tunze

    Selling below wavemakers — 1. 2x Ecotech Vortech MP10 QD with 2x extra wetside(400$ Both with 2 extra wetsides 2. 2x AI Nero 3(purchased 3 months ago,pretty new.comes with boxes) (240$ both) 3.Tunze 6085,excellent condition(130$) 4. Tunze 6105 with controller,Wire torned but works perfectly...
    $1.00 to $200.00
  16. J.selfmade

    Garden eel

    So I bought two garden eels for my mixed reef and let’s just say if you love flow, dont add these to your tank I lost one in about 45 minutes it got caught in my Nero five which didn’t come with a fish guard. I will be bringing back the other one to my lfs @newyorkreefaquatic in Queens, ny.
  17. Tonycass12

    Freshly repaired pump failing before 24hrs

    Got my Nero 3 back from AI yesterday. They told me the controller was faulty and replaced it. Got home from work today to find the pump not running. Tried to re set, checked the pump for blockages and made sure the propeller was moving smoothly, can't connect it to the app unless I connect...
  18. CtrlFeq

    Nero 5 Waterbox 20

    Hey everyone, I have about a 7 week old Waterbox 20 and wanted to get a little more flow in the tank. I've been trying to get ahold of a Nero 3, but it's impossible and my local shops are saying they're back ordered a couple months. I have the opportunity to snag a Nero 5, but not sure if that...
  19. adsf430

    Do I need two power heads in a nano?

    I have a Red Sea max nano that’s a very mixed reef. Right now I have the stock pump and one Nero 3 powehead on 20-60% facing different directions. Should I get a second Nero 3? I don’t like the look of so much of the glass being blocked and the cost is a factor. Also worried about too much flow...
  20. BioCube 32 - Everything Upgraded

    For sale BioCube 32 - Everything Upgraded

    Time to sell one of my setups. Pretty much everything on it has been upgraded. I removed the lid (no longer have) and added a AI Prime HD16 reef light with adjustable AI aluminum rimless tank arm. Kraken Reef custom acrylic lid with feed port and feed cup. AI Nero 3 wavemaker, 100W digital...
  21. tharbin

    AIO Build Waterbox Mini Peninsula 15 build and impressions

    I thought I would start a build thread to hopefully give a little back to the R2R community. Hardly an expert but I figured I would document the build and my impressions of the gear I installed in the hopes I would help someone else make a better decision on a piece of equipment. After watching...
  22. Luke 29 Gallon

    Nano Build 29 gallon Mixed Reef!

    Just wanted to show a few corals I have packed in this reef before I upgrade to my 75 gallon! I use two AI 16hds. A simple hang on the back with aquachar carbon and it’s a life saver. I can honestly tell a difference. I have a nero 3 and a small jaebo wave pump on either side. Thinking about...
  23. Reefwave 25

    For sale Reefwave 25

    Red Sea Reefwave 25 Used for 4 months in my RSM 130 I upgraded to a Reefer 350 and bought all Nero pumps. So it’s up for sale for 200 But I prefer to trade for a Nero 3 (must have fish guard)
  24. c3stacks

    Build Thread Louisiana Cade 600 S2 Build

    Hello, Im just a newbie who’ve recently started the saltwater tank hobby after a 5 year hiatus. Trying to familiarize myself with the R2R platform. I will post updated pictures on the build shortly. Vectra S2 return pump 150W Eheim Heater 2- AI Nero 3 Dalua GW7 protein skimmer AI Hydra 64
  25. Reefing Reefer

    Nero 3 Schedule

    I’ve been running my AI Nero 3 on my Evo 13.5 for about 6 months now, but I’ve never been content with the schedule. I started tinkering with my old equipment (I ran an Aqamai KPS prior) and decided to run them both. I remember having success with the preset schedules and decided to match my...