nero 3

  1. stephanjupillat

    Pennsylvania Misc. Pumps Drygoods Icecap CO2 reactor, Kessil A160WE, Nero 3 & Bashsea ATO

    Selling some unused pieces. Prices include shipping Icecap CO2 scrubber Medium SOLD I'll include at least 2 refills of media. I have about 2-3 gallons worth left from a 5 gallon I bought but will can't ship that. If you pickup you can have the rest of the co2 media. Zip code 18929 Kessil...
  2. B

    Wavemaker Placement AI Nero 3

    Hey everyone, I got a AI Nero 3 yesterday and am having some difficulty trying to find the right spot for it to go. I have an Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon and am wondering where I should place it. I have some pictures below to show where it’s at now. What would you guys do?
  3. C

    Cube Build Best Flow in 40g cube.

    Trying to figure out the best placement and flow pattern for my 40 gallon AT cube. I have 2 Nero 3s and a mighty jet pump. The aquascape is centered in the tank with the left side being higher.
  4. H

    Please Help! MyAI App All Of A Sudden Cannot Connect BLE To My Devices

    Good evening. My Nero 3 and AI Prime have been running without any issues for over a year! For the last few days, the Nero 3 has said it cannot connect to BLE. Sadly, I have not been able to turn on Feed Mode to feed. A few minutes ago, I tried fixing it, and accidentally deleted the AI Prime...
  5. D

    Connecticut WTB Nero 3/ Mp10

    Looking for a used Nero 3 or mp10 that was bought between the past two years.
  6. C

    Nero 3 pump issues

    Hey everyone, I recently just purchased an AI Nero 3 powerhead. So far I love the device very pleasing to look at and isn’t all bulky or anything. But I’m having a problem with the speed. I have it scheduled to run all day at a constant speed of 50% it will run at 50% for about 15 seconds then...
  7. R

    New York Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Ai Nero 3’s

    2 AI Nero 3’s both working and citric bathed $120 each + shipping or both for $220 + shipping UPS with insurance
  8. Benpastw

    Virginia Washington, D.C. Powerheads SOLD 2 Nero 5, 1 Nero 3 Powerheads

    Barely used and like new, work fabulously with the app (easiest control ability out of any powerhead I’ve ever used) comes with original packaging. 450$ shipped for all three.
  9. sxyooj

    Minnesota Powerheads LED Drygoods Prime 16hd and Nero 3

    I have a prime 16hd with 12” flex arm and 2x Nero 3s for sale both are like NEW , prime was bought new in November and Nero’s were bought new in December. Manufacture date on Nero’s are Nov 2022 prime 16hd with arm - 200 shipped Nero 3 - 150 shipped each With PayPal and shipping fees I am...
  10. R

    Virginia Misc. Pumps Drygoods Reefwave25

    Just purchased a Reefwave25 used. It works good but is too strong for my tank. $200 shipped or trade for mp10 or Nero3.
  11. mattnoch

    Maryland WTB Want to buy: New or used Radion Xr15 Pro G5, Reef Brite XHO-K15 pair, and Nero 3

    Looking to buy a Radion XR-15 Pro G5 used or brand new, with Mobius preferably so I can upgrade my lighting. Also looking for an AI Nero 3, I am located in Maryland! Message me if you have the goods!
  12. CtrlFeq

    Florida Package Deal Drygoods Waterbox 20 w/stand, AI Prime 16HD, heater, ATO Pump, Nero 3

    Selling a Waterbox 20 along with AI Prime 16HD, Duetto ATO, Nero 3, heater. This is a ready to go system. I also have some rock if you're looking for turn key. If you'd like additional pictures let me know.
  13. wolt

    Ohio WTB looking for ai nero 3 or something equivalent

    looking for an ai nero 3 i can trade a used nero 5 or pay if the price is good
  14. pegasus_sb

    Aquarium Controller Misc. Pumps Drygoods Hydros controller starter kit with ATO and Nero 3

    I have a hydros controller starter pack with auto top off add on. I used for a month and took the tank down since I’m not in a place to start up a tank currently. Can ship as well if interested party needs to have it shipped. also have a Nero 3, bought it second hand. it made a noise a low...
  15. gspeed124

    USA WTB AI Nero 3

    Hi, I'm looking to buy an AI Nero 3. Let me know if anybody is selling theirs. I live in Georgia pick up or shipping!
  16. D

    Powerheads Drygoods SOLD FS: Nero 3 - $125

    Nero 3 up for grabs. Will ship at buyers expense. Used about a year, have all magnets and box. I may or may not have the nem guard but if I do I will include it. $125/obo + shipping.
  17. MaD_ReefeR

    Florida Powerheads Drygoods SOLD ** SOLD** Nero 3 powerheads

    I have a pair of Nero 3s I bought a few months ago, opened them when they arrived to check them out but haven't used them so they have never been it water. $300 for the pair shipped, or local pickup in FL, Tampa area. Can add more pics by request when I get home
  18. Turpstur

    USA WTB Nero 3

    Setting up a new tank, looking to purchase a new Nero 3 if anyone knows a vendor online who still has one in stock or has one lying around. Will pay $180 if new.
  19. shakacuz


    looking to buy an ai nero 3 wave pump and maxspect xf330 gyre with controller.
  20. S

    Improving Flow in Fluval 13.5

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find a better solution for flow in my fluval. I had been using the Jebao SLW-5 but it is too loud and takes up too much space in my tank. I am a beginner so I'd like some opinions on how far this pump could take me in my Fluval 13.5. My goal is mostly LPS/soft coral and...
  21. S

    Choosing Fluval 13.5 Flow

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find a better solution for flow in my fluval. I had been using the Jebao SLW-5 but it is too loud and takes up too much space in my tank. I am a beginner so I'd like some opinions on how far this pump could take me in my Fluval 13.5. My goal is mostly LPS/soft coral and...
  22. R

    Powerheads Miscellaneous Drygoods Vortech mp10 and nero 3

    Hi im selling 1 vortech mp10 with extra wet side and 1 Nero 3. The vortech works fine i have it for almost 1 year . The nero 3 i bought in April 2022 i have BRS proof of purchase MP10 - $210 + shipping fee Nero3 - $150 + shipping fee can pick up iN Manhattan-NY.
  23. C

    New Jersey Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Aqua illumination nero 3

    Aqua illumination nero 3 powerhead. 8 months old. In great condition.
  24. C

    Powerheads Drygoods SOLD AI Nero 3

    I have an AI Nero 3 pump that has a bit of an issue. The pump works perfectly fine as long as you do not turn it off. Whenever you turn the pump off, it decides when it wants to restart or not. I have cleaned it and gotten the same result. It does not do it every time, but only is an issue when...
  25. K

    Delaware Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Pair Nero 3

    Pair Nero 3 under year asking 280