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  1. Winnie-Maxspect

    Take a closer look at Maxspect Jump L165 LED!

    Thanks @Reef Builders for the article! And please remember to watch the video on #Maxspect MJ-L165 LED! The Acan Garden Nano Reef and the Jump LED Lighting It https://reefbuilders.com/2021/10/20/acan-garden-reef-the-acan-garden-nano-reef-and-the-jump-led-lighting-it/ Maxspect is always...
  2. R

    Nano Build Red sea reefer 130D Max Hood modifications

    I bought an old red sea reefer max. I knew nothing about salt water I did the usual, tunze skimmer, media basket, upgraded return pump. Didn't see alot of threads about modifying to add LEDs other then Steve's and I'm sure that's a great kit but shipping to Canada was a bit much. I really...
  3. J

    Anemone Help

    Just looking for some advice on my nem. Kind of shrunk over the past 2 weeks. Have been using Wills Black box led about 24' over the tank. Settings were at 7 blues, 2 whites. I have brought it down to 5 blue, 2 white as I thought may be too much light. I've decreased feeding to 1x a week with...
  4. jdemarco

    Connecticut Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island FS Brand New Aquatic Life Hybrid Fixture (White- 60 inch)

    For Sale White 60" Hybrid Fixture [Also have 4 brand new ATI T5s (60")] Paid $525 for this fixture in April for new build which got canceled. Fixture Price is $415 With 4 New ATI Bulbs $475 Or purchase the 4 New Bulbs for $79 No Shipping. Located in Reading/Woburn Area May meet as far...
  5. Bouncingsoul39

    I’m Loving the NEW Current USA Orbit R24 Reef Light

    I started out with the AI Prime 16hd for my Innovative Marine 30L AIO. Seemed like the go-to light for this type of application other than Amazon Chinese stuff which can be a mixed bag. I made a thread here about all the issues I had with them so I won’t get into that again. I came across...
  6. N

    Budget LED Bar Lighting for Softies and LPS

    TLDR; What is an LED light bar that measures =<4.5'' in width and ~29'' in length that can support low/medium light corals in a 29gal Aqueon tank. Hi everyone! I'm new to the hobby and new to the forum, though I have read hundreds of R2R threads in the past month and a half. I'm currently...
  7. L

    Can anyone identify these lights?

    Hey all, I’m trying to identify why my tank isn’t successful. I use the ViParSpectra lights (6 on my 220) and I’m wondering if I’d have more success with different lighting. My lfs uses these and his corals grow nicely but the owner is never there and the kids that work there don’t know what...
  8. Roid my reef

    Build Thread Huge MONTIPORA cap

    Not from my tank but I got a few big frags of it in my tanks. Just had to show off this monster red monti cap. More vids and store tour on my YouTube at Aidansaquatics and ig at Aidansaquatics
  9. Roid my reef

    Build Thread 3x4 FOOT WIDE monti cap.

    Not from my tank but I got a few big frags of it in my tanks. Just had to show off this monster red monti cap. More vids and store tour on my YouTube at Aidansaquatics and ig at Aidansaquatics
  10. S

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. BNIB Ecotech G4 Pro

    I have 1 BNIB Ecotech XR 30 G4 with diffusers 650 shipped. Brought for build but decided to go in a different direction.
  11. West1

    Idaho Black Noopsyche k7 w/arm and controller

    I just received my ReeFi Uno for my frag tank. Now that I have matching lights to main tank (Reefi Duo Extremes), I have no need for the K7. It grew my corals well and I’ve seen good growth on my clam. I haven’t used the controller in about 1yr and noticed I am getting some error. I synced the...
  12. TxMex78

    Texas SOLD - Used Radion XR15 G4 Pro w Diffuser

    SOLD Used XR15 G4 Pro w Diffuser $300 shipped Purchased from BRS on Aug. ‘19 Manufacturer Date May 29, 2019 Removed from Ecolive Smart account
  13. Ej Chavex

    Texas Kessil AP700

    Have a Kessil AP700 that I don't need anymore since downgrading. Asking 450.00 shipped and including pp fees. I'll do 400 if picked up locally located in Arlington, TX
  14. Cacopepo

    Help I need my lights Fix.

    As the title say I need help fixing my Skkye dual strip light. I live in the Orlando area. I tried soldering new knobs and failed. I need new knobs to be solder and all leds change if possible. I rather fix this light than buy a new Chinese box. It’s been good since day one. I am on a budget,I...
  15. Winnie-Maxspect

    Stay tuned for Maxspect upcoming MJ-L165 Blue Edition LED!

    Read more from @Reef Builders - Maxspect Jump L-165 LED Strikes a Balance of Features, Power, and Price: https://reefbuilders.com/2021/03/05/maxspect-jump-l-165-led-strikes-a-balance-of-features-power-and-price/ Please stay tuned for more information on #Maxspect upcoming MJ-L165 Blue Edition...
  16. Martyd

    South Carolina Dry Good Trade WTT: Ecotech Radion for Frag Pack

    I have an Ecotech Radion Xr30 Gen 2 that I would like to trade for frags. Can be zoas, lps, sticks or a mix. The light was manufactured in 2012 and was used at 50% power for 4 - 5 years. It was in storage for the remainder of the time, as I out of the hobby for a while. The ballast failed after...
  17. D

    Georgia LED Xr15 g5

    I have a brand new xr15 gen 5 pro. Never used. Wanting to trade for a blue version. Or sell for 380.
  18. Naso180

    Lighting at frag swaps - Coral Farmers/Sellers what LEDs do you use at swaps that make your frags POP!

    Most of us know that our corals aren't going to look as good in our tanks as they do when we see them at the frag swap or expo, but what lights do the sellers use to make them look like that? I have a small tank that I would like to really make pop. I mean as 70's black light poster - frag...
  19. Lizzybxi

    Seachem Tidal (50,75) vs. Aquaclear (70)

    Hi I'm debating which HOB filter to buy. I was planning on turning them into DIY refugium with chaeto. I know the Aquaclear filters are super popular for the diy hob refugium but I seriously dislike that it doesn't self-prime. I have yet to see anySeachem tidal refugium diy which is why im...
  20. StephenMcn

    Build Thread Trigon 350 update

    Update on trigon 350 build
  21. Reef-Engineer

    ATI Straton LED Light - Comments, Review, PAR, Coverage, Discuss...

    Hi All, I purchased two pre-embargo ATI Straton units for testing and feedback. The two units were replacing an 8-Bulb 48" ATI Powermodule over half of my new ~340g SPS reef. I wanted to document my findings and comparison on PAR, heat, sound (none!), look, build quality, coverage, and so on...
  22. ReeferB28

    Virginia Washington, D.C. Reefbreeders 24" Photon V2 plus For Sale

    I've got a barely used Photon V2+ 24" fixure Used for 2 weeks, moved and still in it's box. Everything that came with it from Factory is included. Great light, but I got a Bigger tank and will need a bigger fixture. $399 brand New, $330 Shipped. Will provide additional details to interested...
  23. quaker

    Pennsylvania LED Ecotech Radion XR30 Gen 3 (not pro) with diffuser

    3 lights available following upgrade to gen 5s. Asking $175 each or best offer. Includes light, power source, linking cable, diffuser and original face plate if diffuser is not desired. In use since July 2016. I had these suspended on chainlink which you can have if desired. Unfortunately...
  24. Sleeping Giant

    Fluval products

    Just wondering if anyone uses Fluval products in their reef tank(s). I currently use: CP1, CP2, CP4 powerheads Fx4 canister filter (used a 306 canister filter prior, but wanted more water volume) Fluval LED marine 3.0 Bluetooth (48-60") Fluval LED marine 1.0 white/blue switch (48-60"), will...
  25. cwb_reeftank

    How to put a Preset for AI on Iphone

    I had trouble adding a preset to my AI Prime 16 HD and I had to figure out how to do it on my own. The following steps are what I did to get the preset on my Prime using my Iphone. First thing I did was go find a preset, AI's website has its signature series where it has people that are using...
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