led lights

  1. Luke iskra

    SHOW me your AI Prime HD settings on 32 Biocube!

    hey guys i have a 32 biocube running an AI prime HD curious to see what type of settings yall running been getting some red algae and other types with nutrients in check show what you run!
  2. Mrcote1

    New Hampshire Reef Radiance LEDs

    I'm selling two reef radiance LEDs. They are the new X1 Genesis LEDs and have about 7 months of use. Pickup in central NH or I'll meet anywhere in NH or Mass. I'm also willing to ship them. $350 takes BOTH lights. I also have par readings of both lights I took with an apogee MQ 510 if anyone...
  3. Scrappy RN

    Tennessee 75 Gal system for sale, moving, everything must go! Knoxville area.

    Entire 75 gallon setup for sale. Reef ready, comes with internal pump, protein skimmer, 20 gal sump, 30 gal can for water changes, external pump and tubing for water changes, 2 power heads, LED reef lights, all rock and substrate, all water testing kits, RO/DI filter and tubing, refractometer...
  4. Robg719

    LED Lighting Reco for 125G

    Looking for LED lights for a 125 Gallon mixed reef (60"x24"x24"). Interested in opinions from people who have experience with AI Hydra 52's, Radion G4 Pro or KessilAP700. Thinking 3 Hydra's or 2 Radions or 2 AP700's. May supplement with T5 down the road, if needed. I know this question has...
  5. MarineDepot

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  6. MarineDepot

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