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75 Gal system for sale, moving, everything must go! Knoxville area.

Scrappy RN

Nurse by night, Mom by day, Mad Reefer in between!
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Jul 1, 2016
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East Tennessee, USA
Entire 75 gallon setup for sale.

Reef ready, comes with internal pump, protein skimmer, 20 gal sump, 30 gal can for water changes, external pump and tubing for water changes, 2 power heads, LED reef lights, all rock and substrate, all water testing kits, RO/DI filter and tubing, refractometer, feeding tools, chemicals, base cabinet (nice one with no center panel in the way) electronic temperature controlled titanium heater, LED under cabinet light and surge protector already mounted, and more. Currently I have 3 fish left in the tank. A mated clown pair and a tang. I will donate these if they don't sell before then.

All new one year ago. Retailed for over $4000 for all of this.

Hasn't been moved since I set it up. Still has water and fish in it so you can see it's not leaking. These pics are from when it was first set up and going so the sump area is definitely a lot more grungy now, lol.

Asking $750 OBO because I am moving soon and can't take it with me. Need it gone asap. May be willing to sell some items individually if the price offered is decent.
Must pick up locally.
After the water cleared.jpg
Sump water line pic.jpg
Close up of sump.jpg
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