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75 gallon

  1. Sleeping Giant

    My 75 gallon video

  2. Callieach

    Build Thread 75 Gallon Peaceful (Mostly) Reef

    Thought I would share our 75 gallon mostly peaceful reef tank. :) Equipment: 75 gallon high tank 10 gallon banshee BioFuge sump Eshopps overflow box Jebao PP Series Wavemaker (PP-8) Aqua Excel In-sump Skimmer (Can't remember the model...) 2 Mars Aqua LED Lights Chaeto and Pods in abundance...
  3. W

    75 gallon stocking

    My 75 gallon stocking is 2 maroon lightning 2 chalk bass Tomini tang Starry blenny Purple dart fish Six line wrasse, might be taking it out Is there any more fish I can put in the tank or am I at the max
  4. Carebearsss.x

    75 Gallon Tank. Any Suggestions?

    hellloooo everybody! im looking to buy some lighting for my 75 gallon tank! which brand would you recommend I should get?
  5. Lmdw121

    Powder Blue Tang died after a few days

    I have a 75 gallon reef tank. I purchased a powder blue tang and it was doing great the first couple of days and then stopped eating on day 3 and hid in the rocks. I had my water tested and it was perfect. This is my 2nd attempt at a tang. I heard they are hard to keep, but what is the proper...
  6. Twillyg21

    Build Thread My new 65g SPS dominant tank build!

    Hello all! I started a new tank build yesterday on a 65 gallon tank with a 20 gallon sump. I’ll update as I go, but here are the pictures so far. So fricken excited!!
  7. J

    Can AWC be adequate for my situation so that I don't need to do 2-part?

    Hello! So I have a 75 gallon aquarium set up. It has a few soft coral and a few LPS atm. My goal for my tank is for it to be a soft coral dominated with a hand full of lps here and there tank. I don't like the fact that If I want to start doing two part, that I will need to to do mandatory...
  8. aerofly0610

    Build Thread Returning to the hobby after 15 years - 75g

    Hello R2R peeps. I am returning to the reefing hobby after 15 years or so. I have 3 young girls that love animals and this might be a good learning experience for them. I decided to put a 75g tank in my basement home office that my wife and I share. So the journey begins!! Here is my plan...
  9. mario4933

    Build Thread My very first SW tank build!! 75 gallon beast.

    Hello everyone! I’ve never been much of a writer but after finding that a lot of people make build threads I decided to give it a shot. I’m mostly doing this so I can journal my journey and maybe I can help those starting out avoid mistakes I’ve made. Where to begin? Hmm [emoji848] Let’s...
  10. AshwinRavi

    Recessed or Flush in-wall reef

    Hello, reefers! Wife and I moved into our new place with an option to put the reef tank in-wall with a fish room behind it. As of now, we are planning to have our 75G installed in the wall and maybe open up the wall more few years down the line when we decide to expand the aquarium. The...
  11. Reefahholic

    Build Thread Reefahholic’s New Rimless 75/G build

    I’ll start with the stand of course!
  12. M

    Help deciding if someone's got to go

    Hi guys - it's been a while a don't post here. Just got rid of a bad algae breakout and regained my love and faith on the hobby! I got a 75g with 30g sump going for about a year now, and haven't done much to it other than cleaning and regular maintenance. Today I found myself staring at the...
  13. kdino

    Build Thread IM 75INT Basement Build

    Hey everyone, this will by my largest tank to date and I am super excited to be sharing my build with you all. I was originally in the market for a Waterbox 100.3 as I love their build quality and have their 10 gallon cube in my office....That was until i came across the Innovative Marine INT...
  14. Scrappy RN

    Tennessee 75 Gal system for sale, moving, everything must go! Knoxville area.

    Entire 75 gallon setup for sale. Reef ready, comes with internal pump, protein skimmer, 20 gal sump, 30 gal can for water changes, external pump and tubing for water changes, 2 power heads, LED reef lights, all rock and substrate, all water testing kits, RO/DI filter and tubing, refractometer...
  15. Raege

    Some Glass, a bit of water, and dash of dreams

    Hello all, I've been out of circulation since underground filters were the way it was done. I've been catching up on the 1 or 2 changes ( lol holy moly a lot more than 1 or 2 things to catch up on) since last I was in the hobby for about a year. A lot of books, websites, and if course lurking...
  16. AshwinRavi

    Apex with Wansview cam?

    Happy Friday reefers, I recently purchased the apex wifi controller, and have had the wansview cam from Amazon for a while now (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JGBIC80/ref=twister_B074BTLH3S?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1) I have the cam installed right on the glass and for what its worth, it's doing a...
  17. SnookNRedZ

    Marineland 75 Gallon Inquiries

    As the title implies, I'm curious on any experience/ input on the 75 gallon Marineland tank. I found one on Craigslist f/s that has been torn down locally due to Hurricane Irma earlier in the year. I've read about some very chilling stories of their Deep Dimension tanks springing leaks, blowing...
  18. AshwinRavi

    Would skimmer contradict refugium?

    This might be a no-brainer question to few or most, I am just having a hard time understanding the interaction of these two. I have a 75G DT with 20L sump, the sump is basically set up with a filter sock, water passes through the length of the sump (recently added chaeto to this section, sump...
  19. AshwinRavi

    Buying colony vs frags-pros and cons?

    In general, what should someone keep an eye out when buying colonies? What do you look for besides good polyp extension and making sure the corals aren't covered in pests. As of now, I have several zoa frags and few LPS like Acans and euphyllia, all of these are very small and to be honest it...
  20. AshwinRavi

    AI Prime HD vs Current USA IC Loop PRO

    Hello, reefers! My tank is 75G, 48" wideX18" long X21" deep. I went from 2X165W Chinese LED to Current USA IC loop pro(2x48" strip). I like the sleekness of the lights but I am afraid I don't have enough PAR for my corals. I have mostly soft corals with some LPS, & no intention of moving to...
  21. AshwinRavi


    Hello all, I have seen a few posts regarding this a few times before. I recently upgraded my aquarium from 165W Chinese led to 48" IC from current USA. I had good growth with the 165W but wasn't a fan of the light spill happening in the room, when lights come on, it was basically for the whole...
  22. AshwinRavi

    is this a fromia baby???

    Hello all, just recently purchased a red fromia about 4-5inches across in length. 3 days later, I find this somewhat close to where the fromia hangs out. is this a pest or a fromia baby? I don't know anything about fromia reproduction, so I am very skeptical about it being a baby. help!!
  23. Wrasse-cal

    Gyre 230 or 250 for 75 gallon tank?

    I accidentally picked up the Maxspect XF250 Gyre when I meant to buy the 230. I have a 3 foot, 75 gallon tank. I assume the 250 is going to be massive overkill and I should swap the 250 for the 230? Thoughts?
  24. Crabs McJones

    WTB 75 gallon aquarium

    Looking for a 75 gallon tank that anybody's looking to get rid of. If you got one shoot me a price ( of if I'm lucky enough that you just want to get rid of it :) ) or if you want to trade for any frags I may have. Must be in decent condition. Drilled or non drilled doesnt matter. Would like...