light acclimation

  1. pvalentinaq

    Acclimating corals in Fluval Evo 13.5 w/ stock light

    Hello-hello, excited to post here for the first time after months of reading :) My Fluval Evo is cycled, had an addition of a clown pair on Sunday and some snails - so far so god, no questions there. But, today I've got my first corals (zoa, GSP, Xenia and a mushroom) and after acclimating and...
  2. bdare

    How fast do you increase PAR?

    Hello all, I finally got around to renting a BRS par meter. I have several SPS in my tank and I wanted to be double sure about the amount of light I was giving my corals. I'm currently running 4 Kessil 360x and 2 80W T5's over a 72" 220. At the peak of the lighting schedule, the Kessils are... - All-In-One Aquarium Filtration