Acclimating corals in Fluval Evo 13.5 w/ stock light


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Jul 21, 2021
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Hello-hello, excited to post here for the first time after months of reading :)
My Fluval Evo is cycled, had an addition of a clown pair on Sunday and some snails - so far so god, no questions there. But, today I've got my first corals (zoa, GSP, Xenia and a mushroom) and after acclimating and dipping, for now I have put them all on the sand bed and have reduced light intensity to a minimum (I have bought a separate timer/dimmer). How do I go about "light acclimating" if Evo stock light intensity is 500 PAR at the surface level and 90 PAR at the sand level when at full capacity. Do I start with 3 hrs a day on full power on sand bed, do I do 3 hrs a day on 50% capacity and place it on rock work or should I not bother with dimming/dropping to sand level at all, because lights are "weak" anyway?



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Jun 28, 2011
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Los Angeles, CA
to keep it simple i’d just leave them on the sand bed at 100% light intensity and then after 2-3 weeks i’d start moving them up to their permanent spots. If you start to see any whitening of the coral flesh move them back down.
The other option also trying to keep it simple you can set the intensity at 50% for the whole daylight period and put them in their permanent spots. Then you can raise the intensity by 5% peri week until you’re at your final goal intensity, be it 80-100%.

Generally, the mushy should stay on the bottom anyway. The others can be moved up.

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