live rock

  1. Finnys_Reef

    Pennsylvania Zoa colony rock

    Multiple different zoa colonies on well established live rock. These have been tank raised for years i just want to make some room for my tank move. Local pick up only located 19335
  2. L

    Illinois WTS - MacroRocks - Shelf Scape 50 Dry Live Rock Kit - Brand New in Box

    $50 Shipping through UPS to anywhere in the US. Will include $250 of shipping Insurance. Pickup Is available if you can travel to Bushnell, Illinois. MacroRocks - Shelf Scape 50 Dry Live Rock Kit - Brand New in Box
  3. L

    Florida WTS Live rock with soft coral attached. 30$

    Decent sized piece of live rock with several soft corals attached. I am in Saint Petersburg/Tampa FL.
  4. legacy2mj

    Dry live rock “cook”

    I’m building a max nano cause a buddy just had it sitting in his garage, no real spacific plans with it, got a little nano sump built and plumbed in. Since Iv just been doing this on free time here and there nothing about it has been urgent. I have some dry live rock I’m gonna put in it. I have...
  5. jbonez_

    Media basket question

    I currently have a 20g AIO IM. I have a filter sock on one side and a media basket in the other side, my tank is dry sand and rock and has been cycled for a couple months now, I kinda regret not using live sand but oh well. My question is, I've been debating using my empty media basket (besides...
  6. Q

    Some help with TBS live rock

    Hi guys. Got some really great live rock from TBS full of life, sponges, micro brittle stars, ect. But have a problem with a number of undesirables that also arrived on the rock. Upon initial inspection I removed an octopus, 2 mantis shrimp, a couple of gorilla and decorator crabs…. And some...
  7. O

    Gulf Live Rock Shipping

    I'm getting ready to bite the bullet and order a shipment of live frock from Gulf Live Rock. I live in Indiana and according to their site it would take around three days for a shipment to reach me with their standard shipping option. I am hoping I'll be okay to just do that shipping rather than...
  8. Q

    How much rock

    Hi guys. What’s a good rule of thumb for adding live rock to an aquarium to start of off? I’ve seen calculators, stating 2 pounds of rock per gallon of water but based on past experience, that really fills the tank up with a shed load of rock. The idea is to establish a new tank with enough...
  9. vcnt

    Rock Questions

    Does the color change? I have noticed that not live rock usually is white like the image but live rock is purple, does the bacteria change the color?
  10. msayeka

    Rock has something on it. Is this algae?

    So I got a anemone that came with a rock it was attached on. The anemone moved from the rock and when I took at closer look at the rock it looks very strange. Is this some type of algae? It looks like it had tentacles growing from it and some other weird patterns. Please see pictures below and...
  11. blueface

    Michigan Live Rock

    Premium 10+ years established coraline covered live rock. Total pest and algae free. Many large pieces and Tonga Branch mixed in. 250+ pounds to choose from. Take it all for $350.
  12. K

    Adding live rock to an established tank

    Can I add a leather coral on a live rock to my tank? I’m getting a good deal on a coral but the issue it’s attached to a live rock, not sure if I can add it to my tank with out anything dying?
  13. blueface

    Michigan 250 + Lbs Live Rock

    Tearing down my tank that’s been set up for 10+ years. Lots of coraline and totally pest free. Even have a bunch of pieces of Tonga branch mixed in. Pick up only
  14. B

    Seeding dry rock with live sand and live rock

    Hey everyone! In my last thread, I discussed my used live rock. I've decided that for my new tank, I want to create a HNSA (Habitat Negative Space Aquascape). From what I understand, using dry rock seems best for this. However, I'm hesitant to cycle the tank with bottled bacteria, as I've heard...
  15. J

    Florida 13"+ Diameter toadstool leather coral, Black Ice Clownfish, 100+ pounds live rock - local pickup 32669

    Preparing to sell entire aquarium and looking to find homes for live goods before the dry goods. Rock was done as part of a rebuild in 2020, with 3+ years of maturity and coralline. Coral and clownfish are before the rebuild in 2020, and what are my last few live items. More pictures can be...
  16. N

    EMERGENCY New Reef Tank

    Hello I’m new to this forum I’m setting up a 40 gallon reef tank it’s an all in one system that is going to be ran with light filtration I have a question regarding rocks tho I had a previous tank with some rocks that got infested with GHA and so I’ve been researching a lot on how to clean that...
  17. D

    Illinois 50+lbs Live Rock with Coral - SE Wisconsin

    Taking down my tank and selling all livestock before I sell the tank/equipment. Rock has been in the tank for approximately 6 years. Lots of purple coralline algae on the rocks. Also included are all of my coral. Tons of mushrooms (3 different types/colors), a leather coral, a large...
  18. D

    Should I bleach cure live rock that's had no load for 2 months?

    I recently purchased a second-hand 260g reef with a few fish, coral and live rock. During the move, the tank developed a leak. The tank is now resealed and curing, but it's been a long process and the fish and coral died within a few days after the move. I spent a whole weekend scrubbing hair...
  19. LiverockRocks

    Livestock TBS Treasure Chests Rock'n Brown Trucks.

    Tampa Bay Saltwater is Florida's first Live Rock farm. Established in 1984 by Richard Londeree, TBS continues today with Jocelyn & Madelyn farming, diving and shipping. We are a small family run business that specialize in sustainable ocean harvested live rock. Shipping ocean harvested live...
  20. GoldenReef98

    How to acclimate a live rock to an established tank

    I can't find any forums with this answer, I have a friend asking if he can add one of his live rocks that has been established for over a year now with copepods to a new tank under two months. The new tank is a 32 gal that has been doing great, main question is how long should he acclimate his...
  21. F

    180 gallon tank build question about weight on floors

    Hello All, In the middle of putting together my 180 gallon tank. I'm getting ready to bring it all into the house from the garage. I have Lifeproof waterproof Vinyl planks on a cement slab throughout the entire house, so the stand and of course tank will sit on top of this. Obviously this is a...
  22. P

    Illinois Live Rock

    Hey. I have over 150 lbs of 10-15 year old live rock in Chicago area. While a ton of original life on it is gone, it is perfect for a cycle or extra rocks for scaping. I will not separate, I just want it all gone. If you are local, and willing to pick it up, dm me. I don't want much for it...
  23. -JoJoReefing-

    Help ID: nudi with long stringy tentacle

    Get this nudi-like hitchhiker from TBS live rock. Seems to appear more often after lights out. Mostly transparent, a little green/brown. Have two very very long stringy tentacle extending from its front and end, the stringy tentacle is very thin and has a comb-like structure. Good or bad...
  24. LiverockRocks

    Tampa Bay Saltwater Labor Day SALE

    Sale starts Monday. Shipping begins in October.
  25. D

    Live rock growing colours

    Just wondering what the dark green and yellow patches are on this one piece of live rock