live rock

  1. FangsAndGames

    Uncured live rock in sump or in tank?

    Hey all I gotta question to run past y’all. So I’m in the process of putting together a shopping list for a tank. I’ve made up my mind on adding a sump (a 10 gallon aquarium). I also want to run a predominately (or completely) biological/refugium filtration setup. However, I now have a decision...
  2. T

    Diatom Algae

    Hey guys! I’m a new reefer and I believe what I’m experiencing is Diatom algae which I’ve read that just letting it play its course is what I should do. I do have some green algae starting to grow and hopefully that will cancel out the Diatom (if that’s possible). I’m just looking for...
  3. B

    Live rock for sale

    My 100g sprang a leak and had to quickly downsize. I have over 100lbs of rock I want to get rid of. Various sizes. Currently in my old sump with heat, filtration and movement. Pick your pieces $3 a lb. also have some with zoas and yellow sponge - make an offer.
  4. R

    Nano Build Cycling

    Hi there! I’m new to the saltwater hobby and I’ve recently ordered a fluval evo 13.5 gallon aquarium. While researching, I’ve had some questions about cycling the aquarium that I’ve been unable to find answers to or that I’ve found answers to and want to clarify and confirm. My first question is...
  5. AquaHobby31

    Maryland Red Mushroom Rock

    Red Mushroom Coral on live rock. About 10 heads. Rockville, MD area. 80$
  6. AquaHobby31

    Maryland Dozens of Paly Corals on Live Rock

    Dozens of palys on live rock. Large rock. Rockville, MD area. 140$
  7. AquaHobby31

    Maryland Large Live Rock Covered with 4 types of Mushroom Coral

    Check out this Aquacultured live rock with dozens of mushroom coral covering. Hairy, Rhodactis, fluorescent, and red mushroom. Rockville, MD area. 180$
  8. duesmortem

    Potential Tankmate for Purple Firefish in 10 Gallon reef tank

    Hello there my fellow aquarists. I am new to the saltwater hobby, but I have been keeping freshwater tanks for almost 10 years now. I have a 10 gallon tank and here is a list of my current inhabitants: 1 Purple Firefish 1 Lettuce Nudibranch 1 Nassarius Snail 1 Anemone Shrimp 2 Blue Legged Hermit...
  9. B

    Ready for Rock - Help making a decision please.

    Not sure if it matters what my setup is to decide what kind of rock to use but there is a link below if you need those answers to help answer my rock question. Live Rock - I checked...
  10. Variant

    Observations From Using Lugol's for Live Rock Pests

    I wanted to note some of my observations from using Brightwell Aquatic's Lugol's solution to rid my live rock of pests. In hindsight, I would have been more intentional about doing this and taken photos and logs, but I figured I'd write something up. Context: This is my third attempt at using...
  11. tjsweldind94

    Cube Build My New Bio Cube 32

    This is my new biocube 32 I started a couple weeks ago, 25lb of live sand and 1 6lb live rock along wit some dry rock and two clowns, waiting on it to mature more before I do anything eles to it, fish are eating great and seem very happy, if you have one of these tanks what do you run your...
  12. Kenamen

    What’s growing in my tank??

    Should I be concerned about this growth? Is there something I should introduce to curb the algae looking growth? I’m going to be implementing a refugium in the sump in a few weeks time
  13. Reefer37

    Should I Keep My Filter Media?

    So tank is going on 10 months now, it is a JBJ45 which I started with 40lbs of dry rock. I changed out my chemipure in my media basket the other day and noticed a lot of build up of junk in my filter media (they're those simple plastic rings). Is there really any point for having those in...
  14. R

    Question regarding Live Rock and curing

    Just joined this forum as I have recently acquired a secondhand tank in hopes of starting a mixed reef tank. You can read my welcome post for details, but long story short, I have 100-125 lbs of dead(?) live rock that was included in the sale of the tank. I was informed by the previous owner...
  15. marcwjj

    Build Thread Fluval flex 32g - my first reef tank

    Hey fellow reefers, first off - thank you all for helping out on my numerous questions on setting up the tank. And I've been reading and learning a ton from the posts on this site, so far everything's going all right, so posting an update on my first reef tank. The tank is a Fluval flex 32g for...
  16. lilkiwi930

    How to get rid of critters and aptasia of live rocks.

    Hello everybody, So I have a question. I have been dealing with a aiptasia problem. After a couple weeks I am finally getting it under control. Just keeps coming back because I am probably missing some under a rock. I have been killing it with AiptasiaX. But my question is in the future when...
  17. Afkomjorgen

    Anemone? Hitchhiker ID

    Hello, I picked up a piece of liverock last week and have noticed some hitchhikers. I would be very grateful for any ideas on what they are. The liverock is sitting in my quarantine tank until I figure it out. I started sharing the light from my main tank for an hour a day to see if anything...
  18. Chowder3

    What is this on my live rock?

    Hi, so I’m starting over due to a possible contamination. I was removing everything from the tank and noticed these white crystal like things growing on the bottom of my live rock that was sitting on live sand. I’ve done research but I am not sure if this is dead coralline. Anyone know what this...
  19. Chowder3

    Next steps with tank after all fish die?

    Hi everyone! So on Monday night all my fish died except my electric blue hermit crab. So sad. My tank was established on May 10th of this year. I was doing the BRS 5 minute video set up. So far so good ~no issues until now. In my tank we’re 2 pairs of clown fish and the blue hermit crab. Monday...
  20. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut New York $20 bucks for 40lbs of live rock!

    I have about 40lbs of live rock. (I didn’t weigh it but it’s definitely about 40lbs maybe more!) The rock is from a tank tear down that’s been cycling in a brute container with a powerhead and heater in my garage for almost 5 months. I ghost feed a small amount of pellets every other day. Some...
  21. j.register3

    Live Rock/Copepod question!

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the saltwater hobby & am very pleased! I went to my LFS yesterday & bought some Tonga reef ready rock & some Fiji live rock to add to my nano reef. When I woke up this morning, boy was I pleased... COPEPODS EVERYWHERE!! (Tank has no fish yet) My question is, what do I...
  22. T

    Dying anemone

    I purchased live rock and unknowingly it came with a baby bubble tip nem. My tank is about a week old and not established at all. The nem isn’t doing so well and only comes out when the lights are off sometimes. What do i do?
  23. Olemiss

    Georgia Dry Rock Live Rock Left over rock local pickup

    Selling let over rock from a tank tear down. 3 large peace’s of rock totaling 140 lbs. $2.75 per pound
  24. C

    Florida Live Rock CaribSea Life Rock - Shapes and Arches

    I have 100-150lbs of CaribSea live rock available from a tank breakdown. I’m looking to get $2lb for it. Located in East Orlando. I will take pics of the actual rocks tomorrow, but posted stock pic for now. cross posted but hoping to sell local in one shot if possible.
  25. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts Miscellaneous WTS/WTT Misc Stuff From 40 Breeder Breakdown

    I broke down my 40 Breeder tank as I am replacing it with a 50g AIO. I have some stuff I hate to throw away but I just dont have a use for it so I figured I'd post it here first. Everything must be picked up locally, Taunton or Lakeville, MA, and is technically free but if you are able to trade...