live rock

  1. S

    Long post - The dreaded move...

    Current set up: I have a 55 gallon fish only tank with a yellow-hooded eye tang, a pair of mated clowns, a red hawkfish, and lots of coraline algae and a green grassy macro algae (feels like astro turf). The lights on that one are blue spectrum and a bright white. I run a canister filter on...
  2. Gonj

    Sponge on Live rock ?

    Picked up some live rock at lfs noticed this little guy on the rock. Can anyone help me identify what it is?
  3. chadfish

    Sponges in DT

    I recently picked up a couple live rocks with yellow sponges. They came out of the seller's sump. I put them in to my DT, but now the sponge is turning grey. I think this has to do with flow. They are in shaded spots with less flow. Should I take them out an put them in my sump, or let...
  4. Devaji

    lets talk in sump bio media. rock vs matrix vs marine pure

    I would like to start a poll and see what R2R likes and uses. I would like to add some media to my new tank R 650P man made rock with NSA scape and sand but fell like i could use some bio media in the sump. what I am looking for is very pours so I dont have the classic pile of rock in the...
  5. jourspacedan

    Limestone Rock in Reef Tank

    Hi. What are the negative effects of using a limestone rock in a reef tank? I've done my fair share of research and the only think I could find is that it's not porous so it cannot house live bacterias as well as dry/live rocks. The thing is, I found this neat limestone rock and impulsively...
  6. E

    Need help with rock

    So I am starting a new tank and have got some rock from a friend tearing down a tank and I bought some of the dry "live rock" from this place in Florida. And I have some that has been sitting in my backyard for a year. Can all of this go into a new tank to cycle together or should I not put some...
  7. YoCamron

    Connecticut mini maxi anemones, live rock, and corals for sale in new milford ct

    All located in New Milford CT. send me some offers
  8. Manny’s Reef

    Will The Live Rock Survive?

    Hi everyone. I'm in a slight bind here and I wanted to request your opinion on here before I contact the shipper. I placed an order from GulfLiveRock for their premo deco rock. We scheduled delivery for today. However, I just got off the phone with Southwest Cargo who informed me that the...
  9. K

    Is my live rock dead? (Photos attached)

    Hello, I have very regrettably neglectedy tank after a big move. I have stored it in the basement for about a year now without as many water changes and care as I used to give it. Now that I have settled from my move I am looking to clean up and restart the tank to it's former glory. I have had...
  10. Toygar Niron

    Is this a type of Live Rock?

    Hello Guys, I cannot find a description for the type of rock I have added images to. To me these are not suitable for aquariums. I think colonies started to be sold as rocks after coral bleaching problems. Anyone have an idea about this?
  11. KyleJ42

    Connecticut New York Waterbox cube 20 complete setup $600

    Selling my waterbox cube 20. Thought i’d be where i am currently living for longer, but the wife and i decided its time to move. Dont really want to put a 15hr trip of stress on any of the fish/corals/inverts here. $600 obo. Comes with everything in pictures, plus about 120 gallons or so of...
  12. C

    Dry rock

    How far is your dry/live rock to the back of your aquarium?
  13. fox0521

    Not enough rock??

    Hello! Funny, I posted about my 55 gallon peninsula earlier today, asking for opinions on whether or not I should remove some rock as I felt like I had too much, and not enough room for my fish to swim! Well now I have the opposite problem, where I feel like I don’t have enough rock or places...
  14. fox0521

    Too much rock??

    Hey folks! I’ve got a 55 gallon set up as a peninsula. The tank is about 4 months old, and my question today is: can you have too much rock? I am worried that my tank won’t allow enough swimming room for additional fish, as I’ve already seen some minor aggression (territorial, clowns chase goby...
  15. A

    Are these spots on rock coralline?

    My tank has been set up for a month and now these purple spots started appearing on the rocks. Can it be coralline?
  16. O

    Free floating pods?

    I’m 2 weeks into cycling a tank and I just put in a tiny piece of LR in today 5 hours or so ago and I did see a couple of those more shrimp looking pods that crawl around on the rocks and in the sand. I crushed up a couple pellets and dropped it in to continue feeding the cycle and now I have...
  17. beamer281

    Live Rock and Sand Add Raw Shrimp??? I also added Bio Spira

    Cycling A new Tank I have Live Rock and Sand I also added Bio Spira Do I need to add Raw shrimp also???
  18. T

    5 Gallon Help

    Hi. This my first saltwater aquarium and I would like some tips and feedback. In the end, I would like to have some coral and maybe a couple clownfish. I got some live rock from my LFS and took a shot at aquascaping it. In my mind, it looks good, but I don't know if it will work for fish and...
  19. B

    Beneficial bacteria die off?

    I am cycling my current tank with the help of 3 live rocks and a bit of sand from a mature aquarium sitting in a pantyhose at the back of the sump. The problem is I didn't have a heater for a day and the water was really cold, will the bacteria have died and how long do you think the cycle will...
  20. FangsAndGames

    Uncured live rock in sump or in tank?

    Hey all I gotta question to run past y’all. So I’m in the process of putting together a shopping list for a tank. I’ve made up my mind on adding a sump (a 10 gallon aquarium). I also want to run a predominately (or completely) biological/refugium filtration setup. However, I now have a decision...
  21. TGREGS19

    Diatom Algae

    Hey guys! I’m a new reefer and I believe what I’m experiencing is Diatom algae which I’ve read that just letting it play its course is what I should do. I do have some green algae starting to grow and hopefully that will cancel out the Diatom (if that’s possible). I’m just looking for...
  22. B

    Live rock for sale

    My 100g sprang a leak and had to quickly downsize. I have over 100lbs of rock I want to get rid of. Various sizes. Currently in my old sump with heat, filtration and movement. Pick your pieces $3 a lb. also have some with zoas and yellow sponge - make an offer.
  23. R

    Nano Build Cycling

    Hi there! I’m new to the saltwater hobby and I’ve recently ordered a fluval evo 13.5 gallon aquarium. While researching, I’ve had some questions about cycling the aquarium that I’ve been unable to find answers to or that I’ve found answers to and want to clarify and confirm. My first question is...
  24. AquaHobby31

    Maryland Red Mushroom Rock

    Red Mushroom Coral on live rock. About 10 heads. Rockville, MD area. 80$
  25. AquaHobby31

    Maryland Dozens of Paly Corals on Live Rock

    Dozens of palys on live rock. Large rock. Rockville, MD area. 140$