live rock

  1. Deathling


    Hi, I am new to the hobby and have just begun cyclying my first reef tank. I have placed 5kg of live rock in my 24L (6g) tank and with 3-4 days it began to small bad. Since then i have done a 40% waterchange, and it only seems to be getting worse, there has been a plethora of worms (majority...
  2. BlueWorldJeff

    Switching out Live Rock

    I sold my live rock to someone who is starting up a Red Sea Reef tank and has cycled the tank for 5 weeks with different live rock. My live rock has been in my tank for 3 years and is formed into pillars with epoxy. He wants to remove some live rock from his tank and add the pillars. The...
  3. FishyBusinessAq

    We've got Reef Rock!

    How much rock should have in your reef tank? Some say 1 to 2 lbs. per gallon - others say much less. Whatever your thoughts on the matter, just make sure you do your research and have enough for the species you are housing to hide in and graze on if needed. Shop:
  4. Iona Skye

    California Full 200gal setup with chiller. Must sell quickly to move. Los Angeles/Long Beach

    Hello everyone, $2000 for everything altogether. Here's a breakdown, in no particular order: 200gal tank, black background with built in overflow, 96" long, 25" tall, 20" deep Stand, needs some repair & cleaning Bubble Magus, curve 7 skimmer Refugium, Eshopps, 36" long, 16" tall, 16" deep...
  5. MnFish1

    Lets talk about 'Live rock"

    So in reading a couple threads recently - people talk about 'live rock' yet seem to mean completely different things. What do you think best describes what the term 'live rock' means? To me there are many different kinds of 'live rock' 1. Live rock taken directly from the ocean - shipped...
  6. AJI23

    Biotek reef rock. Vs BRS reef saver rock.

    I’ve used BRS reefsaver rock for a long time. I’m setting up a 180 and looking to purchase some rock. I can’t find a single review about the biotek rock, yet it looks the same as the reef saver and about a $1 per pound cheaper. Any experience with the biotek rock. Thank you.
  7. M

    Is my rock live?

    A while ago(3-4 years ago) when I first started my tank, I used Dry rock. I never got coralline algae to grow even though my calcium is at about 400-420 and my dkh is at 10-11. I am now wondering if my dry rock is now live and how would I know if it is. I am honestly just assuming its live since...
  8. Nfd552

    Waterbox 4gal pico

    I just got a 4 gal waterbox aio. I have a 75g which is an established tank, and a 70.2 waterbox which is cycling with dry rock to have the 75 transferred into it. Since I’ll have no use for the rock in the 75 after the transfer I’m thinking of using a piece to seed this 4 gal pico. What’s the...
  9. Evan28395950

    What’s this gold looking thing?

    Just noticed this on my live rock. Any ideas?
  10. choss

    Friend or Foe - snail ID

    I found this small orange snail in my tank this morning. He would have originated from some live rock that was acquired through gulf reef live rock. Thanks as always for your help!
  11. Jvesche20

    Best way to lower phosphates?

    Currently I’m letting my tank fallow. I’m on my 5th week and I got till 72 days. Had ich and trying to get rid of it. When I first started a while back I used tap water to fill up my tank knowing better. I had an insane amount of algae I’m my tank. Did some research and got an rodi unit. I had...
  12. MLSReefer

    Arizona Break Down Sale

    x2 Jebao RW-8 - used for 11 months, works fine. Cleaned and ready to ship. $80 for both / $40 ea + shipping Water Blaster HY-5000 - used but works fine. Cleaned and ready to ship. $140 + shipping 1 micron and 0.5 micron pre filters -sediment and carbon- new. Can bundle. pm me + shipping...
  13. K

    Moving rock

    Hello guys, I have a 55 gallons salt tank.. I moved it and made the mistake of using the same sand bed.. ever since then I’ve had phosphate issues.. I’m in the process of buying a new tank. I’m getting a 90 gallon and moving everything from my 55 gallon into it.. gonna buy new sand and...
  14. mcarroll

    Weird Reef Trends – Bleach

    One of the weirdest trends in reefing has to be the increased use of bleach in the hobby. Once upon a time it was only (mis-)used to clean dirty filters and such. These days the most common use for it seems to be soaking live rock in it — to kill it. Did we flashback to the 1960s when this...
  15. ihavecrabs

    Live Rock Review - Live Rock N Reef

    Anyone looking for Live Rock may run across the site LiveRockNReef.. I was in need of seeing my dry rock with some quality live rock and stumbed across this site. I ended up going this route because there were quite a few decent reviews and at the end of the day, if all the hitchhikers died...
  16. AquariumSpecialty

    Haitian Rock at Aquarium Specialty with free shipping

    This is some of the very best rock for aquascaping. Lots of interesting shapes! Learn more here...
  17. Frederick Edwards

    New live rock

    Would love some guidance on what these are on my live rock. If you need better pictures or different angles let me know and will try my best. Picture #1 Picture#2 Picture#3 Picture#4 Picture#5 Picture#6 Picture#7
  18. Burrito

    New tank build: curing/ bleaching rock question

    I am about to start a new build of an 80g shallow reef 4x2x16” with a sump ranging from 30-60gals. (Haven’t decided yet) I have about 30lbs of love rock in my current 30g tank. It’s carbisea liferock. I have about 60lbs of old/used live rock I got from another reefer I planed on buying some...
  19. Trickman2

    Muriatic acid, Live Rock and Vermetid snails... oh my !!!

    Randy, Muriatic acid, Live Rock and Vermetid snails... oh my !!! How long after acid before you can use the rock again? I tore down my 90 gallon and was doing a reset when decided to go bigger. I had infants and had a big battle with vermetid snails, the tank went into maintenance mode only...
  20. MccReefer

    Rescaping my tank with live rock from LFS

    I decided to totally rescape my tank. (50g) So I purchased some “Real Reef” live rock from my LFS that’s been in their tank for about a month. -Drove 5 minutes home without any water but rocks were still wet. -I have some live rock from an established tank sitting in my sump about 20lbs...
  21. mainn

    Bleaching Live Rock?

    So I picked up some old dry live rock with some nice crusty gunk on it. The rock is totally dead at this point, it was sitting out of any tank for quite a while. I want to use it for a totally new setup which I can't get water in for about a month. I threw all of it in a bucket with an amount...
  22. Zazzy

    New rock in 9 year reef

    So I added more dry rock into my reef and over the past week ONLY that new rock began to form diatoms and air bubbles. I dose 20ml of white vinegar everyday. My nitrates are undetectable and don't have phosphate test kit but just added a ton of phosguard little more then I should have to be...
  23. Eggpaul

    Need advice on Aquascape.

    150 gallon tank. Total water is 137 gallons with sump. Here are two pictures. One is without the live rock, the other is with the live rock. I know the color will match later on, but please let me know if I have too much rock in the tank. There is 124 lbs of dry rock in the display...
  24. Joe Batt

    Treating and reusing old rock, and phosphates...

    Just restarting an old tank and wanting to make sure the rock is 100% pest and phosphate and problem free. I bought around 40Kg of rock from a guy that had removed it from his tank around a year ago and it has just been sat around dry since then. However, I don't know or trust the history (I'm...
  25. C

    Coraline Algae

    Hello im somewhat new to saltwater aquariums ive had mine up now for roughly 6 months. Im have trouble getting different types of coraline algae to grow. The only color i have is a reddish color and from what i understand other colors have to be physically brought into my tank? How would i go...