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  1. N

    Can I cycle bio media balls with live rock?

    Hello I’ve been reefing for several months now and have completed two successful fishless cycles. One being on my 13 gallon the other being my 37 gallon. I recently purchased a new 60 gallon tank and plan to move the contents of my 40 into the 60 (live rock, livestock, etc…). Obviously, I need...
  2. VermontReefs

    KP Aquatics Live Rock - Question

    Couple Questions For Experienced LIVE ROCK Reefers: Should I purchase 80-100lbs of KP Aquatics Premium Live Rock Shipped in Water ONE month ahead of my tank being ready for rock? Is it worth patrolling for critters/cycling ahead of placing the rock in my Cade? Is there any advantage or...
  3. K

    150lbs approx Live Rock, Fish, Lighting, etc

    I am selling everything I have as a bundle. I have approximately 150 lbs of live rock, pair of clown fish, six line Rass, hippo tank, and a few other cleaning crew, Current Loop system for a 90 gallon system (water fans are not part of the system), refugium and all supplies that I have as well...
  4. F

    USA WTB Totoka rock and BIG rock live or dry

    Looking to buy some totoka rock. It’s very spiky. Idc if it’s live or dry. I’m also interested in any really big pieces of any kind of rock whether it’s branch or shelf or Pukani etc etc. I’m adding a photo of the totoka so you can see what it looks like. I can pay with PayPal g&s. I’ll pay...
  5. I

    Help me build a layout for my reef

    I'm trying so much to build my rock layout, but everything that I build is terrible. Hope someone help me with a good layout. There's all my rocks in the picture. The paper is the size of my display (60 cm x 30 cm)
  6. Andres Pineda

    EMERGENCY Information

    Hi there, i hope you al doing ok. This green and red stuff has grown inside back muy tank, is it a bacteria or is normal or what. Im a begginer. And after all my fish died from brooklynella, some of you told me to leave the tank with no fish for about 2 months and that's what I'm doing. Also...
  7. Solga

    Maintaining ONLY live rock long term

    I have done some searching, and can not seem to find an answer for this. Maybe it's that I do not know how to phrase the questions either, but I am going to try to explain my thought process here. While I have my "down times" during the day and wile I try to go to sleep, my mind goes about...
  8. lilithereefer

    tank sale!!!

    items for sale - ocellaris clownfish - 1 inch - gsp colony 5 inch by 6 inch - duncan - 5 heads - snails, banded coral shrimp, nad hermit crabs - bubble tip anemone (green) - 100 pounds of live rock location : nyc, if you want to buy anything you can dm me and i will send you the pricetag
  9. VermontReefs

    Post Live Rock Reef Setup - Let see them

    Live Rock Users - Let’s see your tanks that you built using actual real Live Rock! Whether it’s an old school tank with Fiji LR or KP Aquatics FL LR I want to see your reefs! While I appreciate Dry Rock I just want to see pics from Live Rock Builders. Post em Up!
  10. F

    California WTB 2-4lbs Established living rock

    Hey all, I'm starting a Pico jar (2.5g anchor Hocking jar) and I'm looking for a tiny amount of established real living rock, ideally 2 pieces in the 2-4lb range total as I need to fit it in the 9" opening. Ideally shipped in water if possible, overnight.
  11. TankRazr

    USA WTB Haitian Rock

    Does anyone have some Haitian rock rat-holed away? I'm looking for approximately 15-20lbs of flat-ish pieces. Would need it shipped to 81650 Any leads would be appreciated. TR
  12. WheatToast

    I say “Living Rock” You say “Live Rock”

    A random question… In Peter Scott's The Complete Aquarium (1991), “live rock” is always referred to as “living rock.” Has anyone heard this latter term being used? I am simply curious.
  13. H

    It just gets better and better...

    A few months ago my lfs convinced me to buy some live rock to speed up my cycle. It was a huge mistake. First, I got GHA. Next, I saw an aiptasia coming out of the rock. They sold me some F-Aptasia to get rid of it. It worked. The next day I saw multiple aphasia coming out of the rock along...
  14. at11ok

    Build Thread My first reef tank 55 gal

    So this is my first reef tank that I recently started and so for I think it is a success. I got a good deal at PetSmart that came with the filter, heater, lights net and thermometer. I already had a small 10 gal tank with fresh water fish and decided to try a salt water reef tank for the first...
  15. I

    Nebraska WTB Nebraska - Premium Live Rock, small amount

    Looking to buy a few pieces of well-established live rock to 'seed' my new tank. Due to moving, I had to dismantle a tank that I had set up for 5+ years and would like to get set-up again. I picked up some live rock from my LFS to get started, but I'm looking for a piece or two of that good...
  16. FindingCoral


    I spent an hour today picking out Live Rock to get my 2.0 tank started again. I’m so Excited!! Cycling starts tonight! Can I see everyone’s Aquascapes??
  17. FindingCoral


    So my tank took a nose dive last week and EVERYTHING DIED. I know what it was so that’s behind me now. Anyway… Im starting anew and have a question… if I have live rock, do I still add Bio-Spira?
  18. WheatToast

    Strange Spiked Growths

    I have absolutely no clue what these things are. They came on some LFS live rock, which I believe originated from the Indo-Pacific. They have no holes, feel quite tough, do not bend, and have small “tufts” on their spikes. They also do not appear to have grown since I introduced them a few weeks...
  19. K

    Mushroom flathead coral parasite eating at 'foot stumps' of mushroom coral or normal pedal laceration behavior?

    I have a few month old 3.5 ish gallon tank with one Turbo Snail, a ton of live rock from E-bay (claimed the live rock was cured) and a large mushroom coral frag. The live rock is teaming with life, so it is hard to tell the difference between what is a live rock hitchhiker and what is a...
  20. S

    Why is it snowing on my live rock?

    Anybody know what this snow is? (And what may have caused this?) What changed around the time the snow appeared? (about a week ago) Lights? (bleaching the algae?) I've had an old 2 bulb T5 fixture, but just added a neptune sky 12 inches up only at 25% (afraid of the ugly stage). Salt? I've...
  21. WheatToast

    Build Thread WheatToast's Anti-Reef (Aqueon 40-gallon Breeder)

    This loaf is about to set out on an adventure... I guess it's time for me to begin my first build thread. After suffering way too long with my previous (first) build (a temperate system with freshwater rocks and sand as well as a HOB filter that never left the diatom phase), I decided to...
  22. WheatToast

    Thoughts on purging mobile pests from live rock with hypersaline water

    What are your thoughts on purging mobile pests from live rock with hypersaline water? Explanation from KP Aquatics: "(Optional Step) Undesired critters (we really don’t like the word unwanted pests as every creature has a purpose in life) can be removed by submerging the live rock into a...
  23. C

    Live rock in AIO chamber

    Hi all, I have read that running live rock or “rubble” in an all in one back filter chamber isnt a good idea as its a cause of detritus build up and therefore influences nitrate rises. Im curious does this count for larger bits of live rock? Or just the rubble? And im assuming rubble is...
  24. J

    Help me identify 5 Hitchhikers on my Live Rock from LFS

    Hi- I am a new hobbyist and am just cycling my first reef tank! I went to my LFS to purchase my live rock, and noticed some interesting hitchhikers. I have done some research and believe one is an Aiptasia anemone- and have read it is recommended to nip those in the bud. But don’t know what the...
  25. CMMorgan

    Florida Aquariums Skimmers Sumps Package Deal 90 gallon tank with sump, skimmer and stand

    Sold - Thank you for looking.
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