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  1. The Tampa Bay Saltwater Experience

    Spotlight The Tampa Bay Saltwater Experience

    I've been a Tampa Bay Saltwater customer for more than a decade now and have started at least half a dozen saltwater reef aquariums using their rock, sand, and clean-up crew. TBS is an amazing asset and resource for hobbyists in the USA. In this article, I hope to offer some insight into their...
  2. L

    Something showed up in my tank

    Had this thing show up in my saltwater tank on one of my rocks and I’m trying to figure out what it is. It’s growing slowly as well.
  3. CincyReefer07

    How long to wait before running Skimmer and/or UV

    Trying to understand and figure out when the right time for me to begin running my skimmer and UV is on my new tank build. 310 gallon display tank, been up and running since September 2nd of this year. Just added my first group of 5 captive-bred fish to the tank over the last couple days. I have...
  4. F

    Just picked up Australian Live Rock!!!

    I happened to be in LA this week with the family. Stopped by warehouse to pickup some AMAZING Australian Live rock!! @Eric Cohen was great on helping me out over the phone and accommodating me. I met Kyler & Nayt who helped me pick through all the rock...these 2 guys were...
  5. J

    Baby bamboo shark

    Hi guys, I have a baby bamboo shark that will be a week old tomorrow, I got him to eat tonight, while I have tried ghost shrimp for the past 4 days today he took to the frozen shrimp, I was beyond excited that he ate for me but I have two question. 1. is it normal for them to sit after they...
  6. S

    New Jersey Live Rock Drygoods FS - BRS Pukani Dry Live Rock (45+ LBS) - $200

    Rocks are majority BRS Pukani but there are also other types in the mix. Pick up only. $200
  7. OldRed1

    Low profile black urchin

    This small urchin, a little larger than a quarter in diameter, came as a hitchhiker attached to live rock from the Gulf of Mexico. I wish I could get a better photo, but it’s perched upside down on a rock I can see only from this angle. Could it be some form of pencil urchin? h
  8. F

    Hello all!! Glad I found this site! Starting my FIRST saltwater tank period have questions

    Hello All, My name is Mike, I'm here in California.....I chose the name FreshSaltyGuy because I've only ever ran Freshwater tanks successfully for the past 15 years. I started off with a 20 gallon, then 50 gallon is where I ended up which was plenty. I was able to breed lots of fish in my...
  9. CincyReefer07

    CUC Crew Recommendations for New 310gal

    Hey guys! Well my 310gal has been up and running now since the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I’ve had lights on it now for a couple of weeks. Just put my permanent light setup(coral cares) on it last weekend and have them on a 10 hour light schedule at only 20% intensity right now. I used...
  10. Eric Cohen

    Real Australian Live Rock PICS!!!!!

    I’m just stoked on this live rock. We have been soaking and playing with it now for about 10 days. Water chemistry in our system is perfect which is amazing after loading over 500lbs into it. Hope you all agree this is some beautiful rock, and considering the fact that I have seen more than...
  11. Eric Cohen

    Australian Live Rock Pictures

    I’m hoping to let more people know that I have real live rock curing and available for shipping. This was our first shipment but reminds me how much I love love rock with each piece being so unique. I wanted to share the pics I took today. The water quality is perfect just after 10 days of...

    California Live Goods Everythin

    All Sold. I'm getting rid of everything at what I think is a steal of a deal. Big sailfin tang 2 Valingmi Tangs about 6 to 7 inch in size 1 Blue Regal 4 to 5 in 6 Damsels 2 beautiful snowflakes clowns 6 other clowns 2 powder brown Tangs 1 beautiful tailspin wrasse 1 watchman goby pistol...
  13. L

    Growth on live rock

    Very new to saltwater tanks. I have a few things growing on my live rock and was hoping someone could identify it for me. New tank 1 month old, 10g nano tank. Test results have all been good and within the recommended levels. See images of growth attached. Also noticed a bunch of clear looking...
  14. T

    Palytoxin: Can dissolving Palythoa release the toxin?

    Hello, I have around 21kg of love rock heavily covered in Palythoa (seems that it's most likely the dangerous specie). I would like to put it all into a sump, without lighting and wait until it dissolves. Would it endanger myself and my livestock? Of course Activated Carbon will be used all...
  15. Eric Cohen

    Live Rock - Australian: Real Deal!

    We are very grateful to provide this high quality “Real” live rock to the hobby. It’s amazing how much rock you get for the pound as You can see from these photos. We will offer new styles in upcoming shipments. Please reach out to us if your looking for some diversity or planning a new...
  16. Eric Cohen

    Australian live rock! Fresh batch just in!

    I’m excited to offer real Australian live rock! It’s hard to believe we still have this opportunity to enjoy real live rock and flown here fresh from Australia!!! We are cleaning the rock and holding it in our new rock system with heavy bio-filtration and skimming. minium order maybe 5 lbs? I...
  17. B

    Michigan Live Goods 70 lbs Figi Live Rock + 48 lb Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    70 lbs Figi Live Rock + 48 lb Red Sea Coral Pro Salt $200 or $4 lb Straight from Fiji last year (paid $1000 for it), has never been in another tank. It is clean, and pest free. Only had it set up in tank since March 2021. All livestock gone
  18. J

    Michigan Live Goods Pukani Live Rock and Arch $2/lb (Total 70lbs)

    Last bit of live rock with some GSP coral on a few pieces I have for sale. Nice Arch as well. Pukani live rock is the best rock you can buy. $2/lb Located in Freeland.
  19. Sailaway

    Slightly annoyed.

    Went to my LFS today, JUST to get live rock. Now- it’s about a 30-40 minute drive to get there and I was planning on getting a big ol’ chunk of rock, showing them my parameters so I could maybe get an estimation on how much longer I should cycle before adding livestock. I also went with my...
  20. J

    Virginia WTB Looking for live rock/rubble in DMV - DC/NoVA

    Hi R2R, I have slowly been accumulating supplies for my first reef build (stay tuned for a build thread) for a Waterbox 100.3. I’m Just about ready to get this thing filled. To that end, I’m Looking for some live rock/rubble to get things started off on the right foot. I have a rock scape...
  21. CincyReefer07

    Rinse dry rock in tap or rodi?

    I have close to a couple hundred pounds of dry rock, half being Marco rock from BRS, another half being old fiji and pukani rock that’s been dry for years. I’m going to be aquascaping my 310g build in a couple weeks and want to give a quick rinse to the dry rock before going in the tank to...
  22. sarinaruu

    what is this ? came with live rock and it keeps opening and closing

  23. N

    Need help identifying worm

    I just got some new live rock from another hobbyists tank and found these worms. Anyone have any idea what they are and if they are harmful?
  24. Shadowfire

    Hitchhiker on Australian Live Rock ID

    Hey I had a couple of these show up in my quarantine frag tank after adding some Australian Live rock from unique corals. I wanted to double check that they were safe before any of that rock goes in my display. They don’t seem to have bothered any corals, but I’m still relatively new to all...
  25. B

    Michigan Live Goods 70 lbs Fiji Live Rock - Michigan

    70 lbs Figi Live Rock + 48 lb Red Sea Coral Pro Salt $200 or $4 lb Straight from Fiji last year, has never been in another tank. It is clean and pest free. Only had it set up in tank since March 2021. All livestock gone, few pieces of coral left on rock (rock anenome, chalice, scroll coral...