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  1. D

    Illinois Wisconsin Live Goods 50+lbs Live Rock with Coral - SE Wisconsin

    Taking down my tank and selling all livestock before I sell the tank/equipment. Rock has been in the tank for approximately 6 years. Lots of purple coralline algae on the rocks. Also included are all of my coral. Tons of mushrooms (3 different types/colors), a leather coral, a large...
  2. D

    Should I bleach cure live rock that's had no load for 2 months?

    I recently purchased a second-hand 260g reef with a few fish, coral and live rock. During the move, the tank developed a leak. The tank is now resealed and curing, but it's been a long process and the fish and coral died within a few days after the move. I spent a whole weekend scrubbing hair...
  3. LiverockRocks

    Livestock TBS Treasure Chests Rock'n Brown Trucks.

    Tampa Bay Saltwater is Florida's first Live Rock farm. Established in 1984 by Richard Londeree, TBS continues today with Jocelyn & Madelyn farming, diving and shipping. We are a small family run business that specialize in sustainable ocean harvested live rock. Shipping ocean harvested live...
  4. GoldenReef98

    How to acclimate a live rock to an established tank

    I can't find any forums with this answer, I have a friend asking if he can add one of his live rocks that has been established for over a year now with copepods to a new tank under two months. The new tank is a 32 gal that has been doing great, main question is how long should he acclimate his...
  5. F

    180 gallon tank build question about weight on floors

    Hello All, In the middle of putting together my 180 gallon tank. I'm getting ready to bring it all into the house from the garage. I have Lifeproof waterproof Vinyl planks on a cement slab throughout the entire house, so the stand and of course tank will sit on top of this. Obviously this is a...
  6. P

    Illinois Live Goods Live Rock

    Hey. I have over 150 lbs of 10-15 year old live rock in Chicago area. While a ton of original life on it is gone, it is perfect for a cycle or extra rocks for scaping. I will not separate, I just want it all gone. If you are local, and willing to pick it up, dm me. I don't want much for it...
  7. -JoJoReefing-

    Help ID: nudi with long stringy tentacle

    Get this nudi-like hitchhiker from TBS live rock. Seems to appear more often after lights out. Mostly transparent, a little green/brown. Have two very very long stringy tentacle extending from its front and end, the stringy tentacle is very thin and has a comb-like structure. Good or bad...
  8. LiverockRocks

    Tampa Bay Saltwater Labor Day SALE

    Sale starts Monday. Shipping begins in October.
  9. D

    Live rock growing colours

    Just wondering what the dark green and yellow patches are on this one piece of live rock
  10. H

    Illinois Live Goods Selling Fish/Coral/LR/Inverts/anemone including Black Storm Clown pair, royal gramma, pajama cardinals

    Breaking down tank. Location is Westchester, Illinois. Sales Final, I don't offer shipping for the live stock. Fish Black Storm clown pair - $50(sold) Royal gramma - $10(sold) pajama cardinals - $15 (for both)(sold) --------------------------------------------- Coral Candy Cane deep...
  11. P

    Anyone familiar with “Art Reef Rocks”?

    I’m looking to add rocks to my new Waterbox 320.7. I’ve used Caribsea in the past with other smaller tasks but I’ve been looking into a new brand called “Art Reef Rocks” due to the multiple design possibilities. Has anybody used this brand before and if so, what did you think about it? Have...
  12. Z

    Unknown snail

    At least three of these guys managed to hitchhike into my new nano tank on live rock. I will try to get better pictures tomorrow when the lights are back on, but they look like oyster drills to me. As far as I know, oyster drills are on the Atlantic side of FL and the rock came from the gulf...
  13. ba6982

    Georgia Aquariums Drygoods Red Sea reefer 170

    Red Sea reefer 170 for sale. Bought from BRS and set up since Jan 2020. $600 Includes all original plumbing and return pump. Upgraded to larger system. Great AIO thank. Cleaned and ready for pick up. Pickup location 30043. Also available is a 5 gallon bucket of dry live rock ~ 20+...
  14. rickysreef

    Maryland Live Goods Tank take down. Corals and live stock first

    Getting out of the hobby after a decade. Corals and live stock first. Please text or email questions/interest Local pick up or meet ups for now only Maryland Easter shore 21801 4438808687 [email protected]
  15. Mitchell Plourde

    Love rock that is now dead… prep to re-seed?

    Hello! I have a ton of rock that was once alive (years ago) but is now obviously dried. Is there any prep I would have to do before chucking it in a tank with a live rock to seed? This rock has been in buckets in my attic so no exposure to any moisture or elements for over 5 years. It was...
  16. SmugglersReef

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine IM50 Lagoon INT with sump, varios2 and Tunze 3155 plus many extras Boca Raton Florida

    Hi all this is a complete package tank is 1 year old does not include the corals or LED but does include the APS aluminium stand that opens front and sides, a trigger 26 sump, Reef Octopus Varios 2 DC pump, Tunze top off, Trigger 5 gallon top off container and all plumbing also includes live...
  17. alishasreef


    Hi all, I am resetting up my 36G. I started this one with live rock, and had years of vermatids, and other pests. I’m looking for different options this time. Has anyone used D-D AQUASCAPE NATURAL AQUARIUM ROCK...
  18. CallMeChris

    Nano Build (Tank Move and 8 week Update) 10g Nano, TBS live rock, live sand, hitchhikers, CUC (Original TBS Package)

    (Tank Move and 8 week update posted in replies, July 30th) Greetings! Doing a bit of an experiment. I will get into more details as to why I am doing this particular plan in future posts. For now, the short version is that I am starting a 10g nano tank as a QT/Observation tank for live rock...
  19. R

    Hello I've Fallen Off the Wagon Again

    Hello all, I first joined the hobby in 2008 as a teenager after working hard to save up money, I ignorantly went into a big box pet store seeking a complete reef tank build. I was guided by an employee (who I found out later did not even have a fish tank) to buy a 42g bow-front tank, a hang on...
  20. M

    Trying to make my QT tank look nicer, can I add live rock?

    I'm about to set up a 10G QT tank since I'm dealing with ich in my display tank. Since the QT will be near my display, I wanted to set up something that looks nice. So far the only fish I'll be treating is a filefish. I'm also going to be using copper. That being said, can I add a piece of...
  21. Sandeep1920

    New Jersey Live Goods Live rock

    This rock is from fellow reefer’s tank (old fellow getting out of hobby) as I bought whole system including fish & equipment but no need this much rock. I have around 100 lbs of this live rock and its in my fish holding tank. few rocks has zoa on it, if you take everything i can add piece of...
  22. DrewFish

    California Live Goods SOLD Tangs, wrasse, clowns, file fish, anemones, live rock

    Breaking down the tank. Purple tang - 4” - $125 Yellow bellied blue tang - 6” - $150 Kole tang - 4.5” - $40 Red coris wrasse - 6” - $50 Breeding pair of pink skunk clowns - $60 Aptasia eating file fish -$40 Small rainbow bubble tip anemones $20 each X however many are on the rock. Big 8”+++...
  23. hexcolor reef

    What glue holds sand to sculpt rock work????

    I’m thinking Elmer’s glue non toxic would work to help mold sand on to live rock. I have buckets full of white sand I’m not using and instead of using mortar I want to use some glue and sand to mold rock work. Any suggestions on the best glue I could get in large size such as Elmer’s gallon glue???
  24. B

    Tank Transfer ‼️‼️

    I want to use the same rock that I have in my current tank into my new tank. I have some algae on the rock at the moment, would it be ok to do some sort of dip to get the algae off the rock when placing it into the new tank? I don’t want any of that algae going into the new tank. What should I do?
  25. B

    New Tank

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of getting an Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon. I currently have a tank with live rock in it. A couple of weeks ago I took out probably 5-10 lbs of rock that was in the tank which was live rock. I dried it out and it has been in the sun the past 2-3 weeks. Is it...