live sand

  1. L

    Yellow patches in Carib sea "live" sand

    Is this normal? I got this sand in June and the expiry date says December 2021 so surely it should be OK
  2. B

    Beneficial bacteria die off?

    I am cycling my current tank with the help of 3 live rocks and a bit of sand from a mature aquarium sitting in a pantyhose at the back of the sump. The problem is I didn't have a heater for a day and the water was really cold, will the bacteria have died and how long do you think the cycle will...
  3. R

    Nano Build Cycling

    Hi there! I’m new to the saltwater hobby and I’ve recently ordered a fluval evo 13.5 gallon aquarium. While researching, I’ve had some questions about cycling the aquarium that I’ve been unable to find answers to or that I’ve found answers to and want to clarify and confirm. My first question is...
  4. Reefer37

    CaribSea Hawaiian Black Sand Can Poison Your Tank

    So I've seen a couple posts about this, but I felt the need to share my experience with this sand and my strong opinion towards it. I waited about 3/4 weeks to verify if the actual problem stemmed from the sand or something else. I did no other changes with my tank in terms of flow, filtration...
  5. alimac122

    Tell me to quit messing with my tank

    Okay. As EVERYONE of us is stuck at home and MANY of us have started a new project. I built my tank last week and got it salted and seeded on thursday. I was ALMOST finished cycling on Monday. Then i added more raw meat and the chems screwed up again. Which just means more bacteria so not...
  6. AquaNerd

    How to Pick the Right Substrate for your Marine Aquarium

    If you are new to the hobby or you want to learn a little more about choosing the right substrate for your aquarium then take a look at this article from guest contributor, Robert Woods.
  7. Joe Batt

    Live sand and pests?

    I am shortly doing a restart on a tank, using dry rocks to try and start out as pest free as possible. I was looking at the RedSea live vs dry sand and my question is, is live sand pest free, or similar to live rock in that it can harbour nasties (ie aptasia spores etc) ?
  8. Kayzah

    Build Thread Kayzah's REEFER 170 Build

    Hi Everybody, I just got a REEFER 170 and I'm creating this thread in order to document my progress in the REEF hobby, and as a beginner, ask for advice and guidance so as to avoid clumsy mistakes as I made in the past. I stepped into the Reef hobby two years ago (2016), starting off with a...
  9. Katie Bourgeois

    New to saltwater!

    i just recently bought a 90gal custom tank off a friend and her husband, they didn’t have time for it anymore. The only think I kept from their set up was the live rock. They told me not to put my rock onto the glass but an instagramer I talked to said his sits on the glass just fine. So I’m...
  10. C

    Live Pods, what is there to know?

    Anyone up for Live Pods 101 What pods are good for what livestock?
  11. Agraves77

    Is Live Sand Necessary?

    Do you have to use live sand? or can it be just a regular substrate? Thanks in advance
  12. Susan Edwards

    Live Sand Question

    Okay, this is a very newbie question as I've always had freshwater before. I received my live sand today, and my salt, and my RO unit. It might take a day or so to get the water I need. In the meantime, can I add the sand? Or do I need to wait until the water is ready to go in so it doesn't...