live sand

  1. L

    Newbie Help Needed!

    I upgraded my tank last weekend from. 105 litre to a 350 litre tank.. I used 20lbs of live sand arag alive special grade I put in about 3kg of rock from my old cycled tank and put in the siporax from my old tank that would have live bacteria on it. Water is 25 degrees, salinity is 1.026 ppm...
  2. Jesse Sunday

    I infected my son ... (Cycle and ID question)

    It's official. He's as much of an addict as I am now. This is the start of my son's 32g BioCube that we just picked up this weekend. We added about 30lbs of (live) sand/crushed coral/shells and even some seaweed/other random life, on Sunday. It's settled down nicely. He's super excited...
  3. P

    Florida WTB Looking to purchase Fiji Pink Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand

    Looking for somebody who is willing to sell extra sand they have/want to get rid of for cheaper than retail value ($25/20lb bag). Will probably purchase multiple if it’s worth the price. Would prefer local pick up but willing to pay for shipping If a good deal is made. I have access to the sand...
  4. dangles

    MEGA DEAL Tampa Bay Saltwater LIVE SAND!

    SOLD I ordered too much! I just took delivery of it today. I have a 40 lb box that I didn't have any space for. I'm not sure how long it will be good for but if you're in the Dayton/Columbus area I'll make a sweet deal! From TBS it's $3.50/lb plus shipping. It was $185 just for shipping the 3...
  5. Rams

    New Jersey Live Goods 100lbs of live sand

    Around 100-120lbs of live sand.took it down from my old tank.It’s free and pickup at 08820.Pls bring 3-4 buckets when coming.thanks
  6. CallMeChris

    Nano Build (Tank Move and 8 week Update) 10g Nano, TBS live rock, live sand, hitchhikers, CUC (Original TBS Package)

    (Tank Move and 8 week update posted in replies, July 30th) Greetings! Doing a bit of an experiment. I will get into more details as to why I am doing this particular plan in future posts. For now, the short version is that I am starting a 10g nano tank as a QT/Observation tank for live rock...
  7. R

    Hello I've Fallen Off the Wagon Again

    Hello all, I first joined the hobby in 2008 as a teenager after working hard to save up money, I ignorantly went into a big box pet store seeking a complete reef tank build. I was guided by an employee (who I found out later did not even have a fish tank) to buy a 42g bow-front tank, a hang on...
  8. jacqueline1989

    Live Sand

    Almost 2 years ago, I removed from sand from my tank and put it in a closed container. I wanted to put it back in the tank, but I'm not sure if I have to do anything to it before? I wasn't sure if there's like a cycling process like it is with live rock.
  9. diverjm

    Moving 4 month old reef tank

    Hey guys, I’ve had my Biocube 32 setup now for about 4 months. I started my tank with 30 lbs of TBS live rock and 20 lbs of TBS live sand. I’m moving 5 mins away from my current apartment. I’ve done some research about moving reef tanks and wondered if I could get some insight regarding the...
  10. K

    Should I Cycle if I have Premixed Saltwater, Live Rock, and Sand?

    I recently bought the Red Sea Nano max Perninsula along with Premixed Saltwater from my local store, live rock, live sand, and a heater. Should I be adding anything extra to the water?? Should I be letting it cycle??? Or am I good to go?? I am soooo new to this and have done a good amount of...
  11. S

    Anyone know how or where to sell live sand and rock?

    Hi there, Reefers! I am moving and my new place does not allow tanks - any idea if there are any forums where you can sell/give live sand/rock and equipment? I inherited these tanks and I am not sure how to get rid of it without throwing it out and that fewla wrong! thank you!
  12. alexa08

    Reef Casa Studio 12 Starter Kit

    I am planning on purchasing the Reef Casa Studio 12 aquarium kit.. Ive heard TONS of great reviews, however It come with 6lbs of dry aquarium sand and a bottle of bacteria. I am wondering if anyone has purchased this kit and purchased live sand instead... IF you did that route, did you have to...
  13. 42Freeman

    Georgia Return Pumps Powerheads Drygoods UNOPENED BOXES FROM BRS

  14. I

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Coral, anenomes, live rock, live sand sale

    $200 15 anenomes, sinulara, toadstool, trumpet, cabbage, gsp, fuzzy mushroom, poscillapora, over 60lbs live rock and 40lbs live sand With Hanna checkers calcium and all. And refrectometer No fish
  15. Tired

    Texas Live Goods Ocean-harvested Tampa Bay live sand, FREE if you come get it. Instant tank cycle! Also, gorilla crabs. (no, seriously)

    I got somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 pounds of live sand from Tampa Bay recently, in early December, and I've decided it's not quite what I'm looking for. It was shipped in water and has gone straight into a tank with light and flow and such, so it should be full of life. I make no...
  16. The Tampa Bay Saltwater Experience

    Spotlight The Tampa Bay Saltwater Experience

    I've been a Tampa Bay Saltwater customer for more than a decade now and have started at least half a dozen saltwater reef aquariums using their rock, sand, and clean-up crew. TBS is an amazing asset and resource for hobbyists in the USA. In this article, I hope to offer some insight into their...
  17. CincyReefer07

    How long to wait before running Skimmer and/or UV

    Trying to understand and figure out when the right time for me to begin running my skimmer and UV is on my new tank build. 310 gallon display tank, been up and running since September 2nd of this year. Just added my first group of 5 captive-bred fish to the tank over the last couple days. I have...
  18. CincyReefer07

    CUC Crew Recommendations for New 310gal

    Hey guys! Well my 310gal has been up and running now since the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I’ve had lights on it now for a couple of weeks. Just put my permanent light setup(coral cares) on it last weekend and have them on a 10 hour light schedule at only 20% intensity right now. I used...
  19. A

    Advice on fighting dinos

    Hey everyone, I have been battling prorocentrum dinos for 1.5 years at this point. It likely started due to phosphate bottoming out as well as me using tap water. I am a student so I'm a little tight in the financial department so it took a while to get an RODI. My params: Alk 8.6, pH. 7.9, Calc...
  20. S

    Can live sand sit in a tank with no water?

    I am about to set up my tank and have the rocks, sand, but no water yet. I will have the water ready to be put into the tank in 2 days max, possibly tomorrow. My question is, is it okay to put the sand and rock in now and leave it without water for a day or two. I know the rock is okay but my...
  21. ChandlerTingle

    Florida Georgia Aquariums Live Rock Selling 34 Gallon Tank with everything included in it for those who are in Jax, FL or Northeast area of FL and southeast GA

    I’m selling this for $100 and everything in it is included The Second Aquarium is $135 with everything in it First Tank is 34 Gallons Second Tank is 38 Gallons Willing to lower the price in order to sell faster
  22. LiverockRocks

    Shark Sighting Sale: Benefits Mote Marine Shark Conservation

    Shark sightings make our day! Seeing a hammer head shark en route to the lease site means it is going to be a good day harvesting live rock. With local news reporting heavy shark activity in our back yard and in honor of the vintage Tampa Bay Saltwater shark logo; we decided to celebrate this...
  23. S

    And now for something a little different..,

    Hi! So after many years of wanting to set up a reef tank I am finally starting on my salty journey. I have kept FW for the last five years, the last two and a half was a 29 gallon planted tank that was rock solid. I sold it so now I can set up my 32.5 gallon Fluval Flex. My plan is to use...
  24. maryocean7

    New to Cycling Caribsea Live Rock and Live Sand help

    Hello everyone. Off the bat I am new to the hobby but have been doing research on different sites to learn before getting into the hobby. Now it's been 2 weeks now since we set up our waterbox 65.4 tank. We tried the fishless cycle using Dr Tims. In our tank we used caribsea live sand special...
  25. WheatToast

    Questions about Indo-Pacific Sea Farms (IPSF)

    Hello all! I am considering purchasing from Indo-Pacific Sea Farms (IPSF) and I have some questions about their products: Do they continue to sell Tang Heaven Gold (Sargassum)? What snails are packaged within their Live Sand Activator? I sent them an email a few days ago, but they have not...