1. reddevilant

    String of Pearls Macro!!!

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad String of Pearls Macro!!!. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. String of Pearls Macro!!!

    For sale String of Pearls Macro!!!

    I still have a whole lot of my String of Pearls algae! It's too beautiful to just trim and throw away! Anything I send out won't just be a single strand of the algae as most branches also have 1-3 other branches growing off of it as well. PRICES: I decided to sell pieces about 5-6 inches long...
    $20.00 to $40.00
  3. reddevilant

    String of Pearls Macro Algae

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad String of Pearls Macro Algae. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. tippytango

    Macroalgae in display!?

    Please share your experience and photos if you have them! I am loving this look and concept. Already ordered some red grape caulerpa I am planning on just keeping a simple soft coral tank so they should benefit from this environment, right? Thanks!
  5. WheatToast

    Where did all the Turtleweed/Maiden's hair algae (Chlorodesmis) go?

    I thought Turtleweed/Maiden's hair algae (Chlorodesmis) was quite a popular macroalgae a few years back, but it never seems to be available anymore. What happened? Does this have to do with recent collection bans in the Indo-Pacific region (but isn’t Chlorodesmis also native to the Caribbean)?
  6. WheatToast

    What are your thoughts on Grid Filters?

    Note: I do not intend to use one on my current system, but I might consider them for a smaller project. Lately, I have seen these “Grid Filters” doing the rounds in the freshwater hobby. Though their capacity and flow rate would likely be quite low, they seem like an interesting way to...
  7. BaghdadBean

    Build Thread Bean Build-a 142 gal 12 year Science Experiment Build

    Hey guys, I’m Bean, a sarcastic, gimpy, old broad-combat veteran turned shepherdess with a whole lot of sass and not nearly enough spare time. I used to be deep into reefing, from the late eighties through the early 2000’s, but I had to break down my reef and give my corals to locals when I...
  8. WheatToast

    Can I Eat My Tank's Macroalgae?

    In all seriousness, is is it safe to harvest and eat macroalgae from my own aquarium, specifically members of the Ulva genus (and possibly Caulerpa lentillifera in the future)? Is there something they would contain after having grown in my aquarium that would make them inedible or would a...
  9. WheatToast

    What Green Macroalgae is this?

    Does anyone have an idea what this green macroalgae is? I obtained it a month ago on some LFS live rock (which I assume originated from the Indo-Pacific when wild live rock was more popular). Since then, it has doubled in size, having grown to an inch across. It is smooth, and stiff yet is very...
  10. WheatToast

    Treating Bryopsis and Valonia as Desirable Macroalgae?

    We have all heard about strenuous, frustrating battles against the Sea fern (Bryopsis sp.) and Bubble algae (Valonia sp.), but can they be viewed in a positive light? I have heard, on a few occasions, that Bryopsis and Valonia are excellent additions to planted marine aquariums for their...
  11. ARID N18 Pax Bellum Macroalgae/Chaeto Reactor

    For sale ARID N18 Pax Bellum Macroalgae/Chaeto Reactor

    I have a mint condition reactor, with only 5 months of use. I have purchased a new sump with a built in refugium and will no longer need my Pax Bellum. This N18 comes with an Inline Disconnect Set (2), an extra Light Sleeve Assembly (unopened in box), extra chamber liners (3) and 1 unopened 250...
  12. M

    worm like things attached to macro

    Hello All, Today I took out macro algae to clean and rinse and found these guys underneath the branches. they aren't moving actively and seem attached permanently to my macro. when trying to detach, they break and "head like" part stays on macro. Either it has mouth attached to macro or it...
  13. WheatToast

    Build Thread WheatToast's Anti-Reef (Aqueon 40-gallon Breeder)

    This loaf is about to set out on an adventure... I guess it's time for me to begin my first build thread. After suffering way too long with my previous (first) build (a temperate system with freshwater rocks and sand as well as a HOB filter that never left the diatom phase), I decided to...
  14. BeachWater2

    Any experience with sargassum?

    A few weeks ago I accidentally brought home a sargassum crab Portunus sayi, with some water from the beach. I had one before, so I knew he needed his own tank. They eat everything. He's in a bucket for now, with a little HOB filter. I got him some sargassum, which slowly died, and he ate it. I...
  15. WheatToast

    POLL: What brown macroalgae do you own? Pictures?

    It's all in the title. What brown macroalgae do you own? Please post pictures! Edit: Include those you have owned as well.
  16. Alaeriel

    Asterina and Macroalgae?

    I've set up a nano macro tank to grow out some algae for the 200 gallon tank. We picked up some true live rock and it came with this little guy. Looks like an asterina to me. I've seen anecdotes of some specimens munching on corals, but very few reports about their interactions with macro. He's...
  17. AlgaeBarn

    Livestock The 3 most important events in world history?... (chaeto)

    The sealing of the Magna Carta. The invention of the World Wide Web. That time we updated the website with Chaeto on a THURSDAY. Chaeto is available in our Ultimate Refugium Starter Packs today!
  18. AlgaeBarn

    Life finds a way...

    Have you ever had something grow in your tank where you least expected it to? The is a piece of caulerpa that decided it was going to grow THROUGH a cabbage coral.
  19. TFP2021

    Livestock Dry Goods Add live and colors to your tank.
  20. REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2021: Tigahboy's Macroalgae Paradise!

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2021: Tigahboy's Macroalgae Paradise!

    R2R Username: @Tigahboy Build Thread: Tigahboy's Macroalgae Tank(s) Introduction: Greetings from Seattle, Washington! I’m super honored and thrilled to be featured this month on Reef2Reef. Although I go by Tigahboy and tigahboy.h2o online and in social media, my real name is Dennis, and...
  21. JoannaCora

    AIO Build Mini Macro Display (Fluval Evo V)

    Here to show off! Set up this 5 gallon AIO on Tuesday, the star of the show is meant to be the macroalgae, however, it is seemingly pretty sparse. Just wait for it to fill in! There's a lot of halimeda opuntia that I trimmed down to nubs before deciding to use the left rock in this tank, so I'll...
  22. JoannaCora

    Pic Heavy New Live Rock I.D.

    Happy Saturday (to most). I purchased 20lbs of deco live rock from which arrived on Thursday, thanks Dan! I'm loving it so far and I am excited by every new thing I see. If you have seen my other posts you'll notice I'm kind of a name junkie, so as you can imagine getting rock...
  23. BostonReefer300

    Vibrant and Macroalgae - Poll

    Many of us with refugiums and macroalgae use Vibrant occasionally to tackle a troublesome nuisance algae outbreak. You're supposed to take your macroalgae out before you dose Vibrant. However, it's unclear (at least to me) how long after last Vibrant dose you can put the macroalgae back in...
  24. reddevilant

    New York WTB Looking for a variety of macro algae

    I'm looking to buy a lot of different types of macros to add to my collection in a 90g tank I started in January. I already have and thus not looking for: -Red Ogo -Red/pink galaxaura -Blue scroll algae -Red titanophora -Blue hypnea -Red king thorn -Botryocladia Occidentalis (red grape)...
  25. A

    Nano Refugium

    After searching for refugiums for my 20 gallon salt tank i found little to nothing that would work or was sold to fit that product need. I was wondering if anyone else has found a company that makes this, or has any experience making their own? I made my own using a breeder box then adding a...
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