1. AlgaeBarn

    Livestock The 3 most important events in world history?... (chaeto)

    The sealing of the Magna Carta. The invention of the World Wide Web. That time we updated the website with Chaeto on a THURSDAY. Chaeto is available in our Ultimate Refugium Starter Packs today!
  2. AlgaeBarn

    Life finds a way...

    Have you ever had something grow in your tank where you least expected it to? The is a piece of caulerpa that decided it was going to grow THROUGH a cabbage coral.
  3. TFP2021

    Livestock Dry Goods Add live and colors to your tank.
  4. REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2021: Tigahboy's Macroalgae Paradise!

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2021: Tigahboy's Macroalgae Paradise!

    R2R Username: @Tigahboy Build Thread: Tigahboy's Macroalgae Tank(s) Introduction: Greetings from Seattle, Washington! I’m super honored and thrilled to be featured this month on Reef2Reef. Although I go by Tigahboy and tigahboy.h2o online and in social media, my real name is Dennis, and...
  5. JoannaCora

    AIO Build Mini Macro Display (Fluval Evo V)

    Here to show off! Set up this 5 gallon AIO on Tuesday, the star of the show is meant to be the macroalgae, however, it is seemingly pretty sparse. Just wait for it to fill in! There's a lot of halimeda opuntia that I trimmed down to nubs before deciding to use the left rock in this tank, so I'll...
  6. JoannaCora

    Pic Heavy New Live Rock I.D.

    Happy Saturday (to most). I purchased 20lbs of deco live rock from which arrived on Thursday, thanks Dan! I'm loving it so far and I am excited by every new thing I see. If you have seen my other posts you'll notice I'm kind of a name junkie, so as you can imagine getting rock...
  7. BostonReefer300

    Vibrant and Macroalgae - Poll

    Many of us with refugiums and macroalgae use Vibrant occasionally to tackle a troublesome nuisance algae outbreak. You're supposed to take your macroalgae out before you dose Vibrant. However, it's unclear (at least to me) how long after last Vibrant dose you can put the macroalgae back in...
  8. reddevilant

    New York WTB Looking for a variety of macro algae

    I'm looking to buy a lot of different types of macros to add to my collection in a 90g tank I started in January. I already have and thus not looking for: -Red Ogo -Red/pink galaxaura -Blue scroll algae -Red titanophora -Blue hypnea -Red king thorn -Botryocladia Occidentalis (red grape)...
  9. A

    Nano Refugium

    After searching for refugiums for my 20 gallon salt tank i found little to nothing that would work or was sold to fit that product need. I was wondering if anyone else has found a company that makes this, or has any experience making their own? I made my own using a breeder box then adding a...
  10. JoannaCora

    Display Refugium and Seeking Macros

    Hello all! First post here on the forum, been in the shadows for a while though. Nice to meet you all! I'm stocking a display refugium and this post is to a) show off, c) request specific IDs if anyone knows them, and b) find anyone in the Southern California area willing to sell, trade, or...
  11. dimitrinivo

    Build Thread 10 gallon "****" reef tank, 3 months old

    What started out as a FOWLR tank with macro algae for a bluestripe pipefish and pygmy filefish evolved into a beautiful, natural looking soft coral and invert dominated reef tank. The Equipment: - Seachem tidal 35 HOB filter - 528 gph powerhead - 50 watt heater - 10lbs of live rock - 10lbs...
  12. C

    How long after dosing Vibrant can Macroalgae be safe?

    I dosed Vibrant several times with some good results, but algae still grows. I know it will look great over time, but long term will not solve my nutrient issues. I know managing a refugium is going to be a better solution long-term. I did not realize how detrimental it was to Macroalgae and...
  13. Esquire805

    California Chaeto for sale again new post

    So i had to make a new post cauae people kept asking for things i had in 2018, but chaeto bags $35 for 1 and 2 for 61. I think i can make about 8 bags total paypal [email protected] shipped with 2 day usps small box
  14. Esquire805

    California Chaeto for sale again new post

    So i had to make a new post cauae people kept asking for things i had in 2018, but chaeto bags $35 for 1 and 2 for 61. I think i can make about 8 bags total paypal [email protected] shipped with 2 day usps small box
  15. Nugg's Dad

    Build Thread Frogfish Tank - Nugg's Haus

    Hey all- Been a lurker here for a while, but decided to create a build thread for my latest tank :D When I rebooted this tank my goal was to create a beautiful macroalgae display that would require minimal maintenance. Along the way, I started to notice that most of the things I planned on...
  16. Thespammailaccount

    Texas Pod Phyto and Macro Pack

    12oz very dense apocyclops pods, 12oz phytoplankton to feed your pods, and a handful of gracilaria macroalgae for 25.00. Shipped USPS 1-3 day flat rate shipping for 8.40 with tracking included. Can ship up to two packs for the quoted 8.40 shipping. All orders ship with an additional insulated...
  17. M

    Can a refugium be narrow and tall tank?

    My cabinet is in the peninsula style, with doors on both sides of the cabinet. I obviously need a normal-sized sump, for protein skimmer, ClariSea, Return pump. But, next to the sump I could fit a narrow, tall tank to make a much bigger, taller refugium than I could have in-sump. For example: 7...
  18. khmer_reefer

    New Jersey Chaeto

    Hi, I have about 2 bags of chaeto about 3/4 of the quart size zip lock bag. I will be $10 plus shipping. Shipping is probably around $8-$14 via USPS flat rate box. Let me know your zip and I can give you a quote on shipping. Let me know if anyone is interested in it. Here is my paypal...
  19. OHaley

    Best Places to buy Decorative Macroalgae?

    I am looking for suggestions on places to purchase decorative macroalgae! Hopefully, I can compile a comprehensive enough list for a stickied thread. There were one or two similar threads but they are many years old. If you are suggesting a place you have already bought from please include a...
  20. D

    Black Cyano Lots of Sunlight

    good morning everyone, I have an 80 gallon waterbox frag tank and have been getting a bad outbreak of black Cyano carpeting my sand. We recently moved into the 23rd floor of a skyscraper and our walls are windows, the tank is getting blasted by natural sunlight everyday. I’m unsure how to...
  21. inland_reef

    Build Thread Inland Reef's Coastal Lagoon

    Lets talk about gorgonians... They're an underappreciated coral that can be very beautiful if highlighted in the right way. About a year and a half ago, I started seeing them pop up in my local stores and I started collecting (more like hoarding) all of them, at least the photosynthetic ones...
  22. Tigahboy

    Build Thread Tigahboy's Macroalgae Tank(s)

    This is a love story. About a [tigah]boy who fell in love with macroalgae... So I became totally enamored with macroalgae when I added them to a couple of my prior reef tanks (you can find them here in this thread), and I've always been drawn to the freshwater planted tank/scape aesthetic, so...
  23. S

    Needing Asparagopsis seaweed

    Hi all, I am a marine biologist and need some seaweed of the genus Asparagopsis sp. (Limu kohu) for my research. I wonder if any of you have cultures, or know where I could purchase it, as getting it from the sea is complicated nowadays. Thanks a lot!
  24. Spare time

    ESV Ionic B 2 part and Macroalgae

    So I am thinking to switching to esv ionic b two part to simplify my dosing. However, I currently dose chaetogro as my macroalgae would die without it (as it has before since I do no water changes and quickly depleted the relevant trace elements even when dosing red sea iron and such. Has anyone...
  25. reefcubed

    The ultimate Mangrove thread!!

    I have been keeping, messing with, and experimenting with mangroves for years. I have read information far and wide, and utilized experience of other refers on here as well. I hope this becomes the one stop spot for inspiration and information. I hope that other mangrove aficionados join in with...