1. L

    just one more?

    i have an infamous 20 gal cube with a flasher wrasse(temporarily i promise, and he is healthy with good weight and no deformity), a mandarin dragonet and a masked goby. could i add another fish like a small blenny(tail spot, two spot, pictus), shrimp goby(randall, yasha, yellow)or a spriger...
  2. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive Bred Labyrinth Angelfish, GoldFlake Angelfish, Colin's Angelfish, Australian Flathead Perch, Marine Bettas

    We Have a MASSIVE update on the website for y'all this week. I've added all of the following species captive-bred as always: Colin's Angelfish (Centropyge colini) Goldflake Angelfish (Apoloemichthys xanthopunctatus) Labyrinth Angelfish (Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus x Chaetodontoplus sp.)...
  3. L

    how to catch a mandarin

    I have a. mandarin that’s currently eating copepods and brine shrimp, nothing wrong so far, except i want to train it to eat mysis shrimp and my rockwork is very extensive… when i say extensive i mean 2/3 of my tank is rockwork. any advice on how to catch the bugger? i have a mantis shrimp tramp...
  4. Kenkee

    Florida WTB Mandarin Dragonets

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of any lfs in the Miami Florida area that sells Mandarin Dragonets? I try to avoid buying fish online when I can but my lfs never seems to have any Mandarins.
  5. JonnyTorch

    HELP! w/ Amphipods & Dragonettes

    Please help! I'm scratching my head and worrying about these little guys. Really needing some solid advice here... I've been able to keep a Scooter Blenny and a Mandarin in my 20g dosing Pods every month or so, without any issue. AIO tank with middle column as a lit refugium. Well over the last...
  6. nanonøkk

    mandarin in newly cycled tank ok tiktok

    this is kinda a rant and it’s kinda long about a person i ment on tiktok you don’t have to read it. i also tried to make it as easy to read as i can since i dont know how to use alot of proper grammar but if you do want to read it you can i just wanted to rant about this somewhere. and i’m...
  7. yoelf

    Build Thread 40gl Mixed Reef

    I started my first saltwater tank a little over a month ago slowly perfecting it. I have: (Equipment) 40 Gallon breeder VIPARSPECTRA lighting Fluval skimmer Aqueon QuietFlow 30 Hydor 565gph wavepump This is where I started to upgrade after 2 weeks of learning for what I want I needed at least a...

    Pod Culture Options for a Mandarin

    Hello all! I'm new to the hobby and I'm currently in the process of cycling my 40G NUVO from IM. I'm trying to plan for eventually getting a Mandarin and I'm looking into my best options for establishing a healthy pod count for the fish. I plan on getting a captive bred Mandarin, but I still...
  9. cant beat reef

    Spotted mandarin speaking

    Hey everyone, second time posting in here and everyone has been so helpful. I have recently purchased (2 weeks ago) a female spotted for my male, my male has been great with her there has been no fighting (fingers crossed ) other than the beginning for 20 sec or so I’m assuming that was...
  10. M

    Would the Tanaka's Pygmy Wrasse / White Banded Possum Wrasse compete with a mandarin for pods?

    I'm sorta going mad trying to find fish I like that aren't gonna compete for pods with a mandarin. I realise any wrasse except for the fairy wrasses and their relatives will generally feed on pods, but would the Tanaka's Pygmy Wrasse / White Banded Possum Wrasse specifically compete with a...
  11. XFeathersx

    A New Reefer's Experience with Biota Mandarin

    Back when I was first looking into getting a mandarin I wish there had been more documented "case studies" of people keeping them. My research in early 2020 and now pretty much leads to the same conclusions: 1) People who say they cannot be kept in an aquarium under 75 gallons and less than 2...
  12. Rakesh3012

    Is my Green Mandarin skinny?

    Hi everyone, new to r2r hopefully i posted in the right forum and whatnot. I just got this Green Mandarin a couple of days ago, looked fat from the front but now i noticed a line through his side, is that normal or a sign of him being too skinny? Not worried about his food source in the tank...
  13. M

    Will a Swales Swissguard Basslet compete for pods?

    I watched a YouTube video on the Swissguard basslet, and it said that a Swissguard basslet would compete for pods with a mandarin. Is it true? Or can I safely introduce one in my 50G together with a mandarin? I intend to keep a Mandarin in my 50G eventually, and I don't want to keep any fish...
  14. M

    Mandarins, lobster eggs, frozen food automation

    The Finicky Fish: My intention is to introduce at the same time: a male blue mandarin; a female spotted mandarin; a female red ruby dragonet to my LPS/softie-only bare bottom 50G. It only has 2 ocellaris and 1 helfrichi firefish - I won't add any aggressive eaters that could stop the mandarins...
  15. Biota_Marine

    Livestock Captive-Bred Biota Mandarins

    Everyone knows us for our captive-bred mandarins and for great reason! Our mandarins are fed a diet of pellet and frozen foods so when they get into your tank they're already acclimated and ready to thrive. Check out this video of a group of them chowing down on some TDO B2 and PE hatchery...
  16. M

    Sumped 50G stocking list

    The summer is finally over and I feel more confident stocking my 50G. It's 29 x 24 x 20 (high) bare bottom. I'd love if someone experienced could comment on my stocking list. Underlined fish are the ones, I'm really determined to keep, but I obviously accept comments. The other fish are the...
  17. siPECTINIA

    2 dragonettes in a 90?

    Have had my mind on getting some dragonettes sometime soon, is it alright to get two different kinds? Like one of the green spotted ones and a red Mandarin? And would they be ok in a 90?
  18. Sean Donohue

    Will 3 male ruby dragonets get along if they are the only 3 fish in my 30g frag tank?

    I have a 30 gallon frag tank, I have a healthy supply of brine shrimp and copepods , I breed them in my garage. I've successfully kept a Mandarin dragonet alive for two years now, first in my 50 gallon tank, and now it's doing well in my upgraded 100 gallon. Keeping pods has never been a problem...
  19. Spotted Mandarinfish

    Spotted Mandarinfish

    Spotted mandarinfish
  20. Spark326

    EMERGENCY Mandarin too skinny/ malnourished ??

    Hello all! I got a small Aquacultured blue mandarin goby/ dragonet 2 days ago and I can not tell if it looks too skinny/ malnourished. I have looked at other threads and pics. I see my Mandarin pecking pretty often throughout the day and in some angles she looks ok, but I do see that lateral...
  21. dtruitt

    New red mandarin isnt hunting for pods. How do we get her to start hunting?

    Because I'm apparently a glutton for financial pain, I bought two Mandarins to add to a 65g tank that already has a scooter dragonet. I've budgeted a good chunk of change over the next two months for pods. I figure adding a bottle of pods to the fuge every other day for two months ought to...
  22. Haleyscales00167

    Mandarin Goby Died

    I introduced a male to my female a couple of days ago to see if they would pair up. I got a male that was bigger than the female cause I heard that females may kill males that are smaller than her. Well today I found my male dead. His mouth of wide open and he has pale spots spots like he lost...
  23. ChelseaBidwell

    Black Leopard Wrasse / Spotted Mandarin / PODS

    Hey hey to my favorite reefers! I have a couple questions before I end up regretting a highly potential impulse buy. I've done some reading, however. So, I am not COMPLETELY oblivious to the potential issues as far as the competition for food goes. That being said, I am wanting to get the below...
  24. Cole nelson

    Longnose hawk fish with mandarin

    Hello,I have had successfully owned a green mandarin goby for over a year in my 50 gallon reef tank. However, a buddy of mine offered me one of his fish from his 40 gallon reef.. a longnose hawk fish. I have loved these fish and always seen them to Be an interest, and have considered purchasing...
  25. Peach02

    How many copepods for 2 mandarin fish?

    Essentially I've finally found a source of live copepods in Australia and I was wondering how many I should order to start a population large enough (in refigiym) to feed 2 mandarin fish in the DT (up till now have been using frozen copepods and other foods with mixed success) I can order...