1. REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2022: Inland Reef's Amazing Coastal Lagoon

    Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - May 2022: Inland Reef's Amazing Coastal Lagoon

    R2R Username: @inland_reef Build Thread: Inland Reef's Coastal Lagoon Introduction: Hello all! First off, I want to thank Reef2Reef for picking my reef tank as May’s Reef of the Month! I have been following along the Reef of the Month winners for years and can say the previous winners have...
  2. CalsReef2020

    The Growth of Mangroves?

    I recently started a Macro Algae tank that has 2 mangroves in it, of course they cam from Algae Barn! Anyway, The tank has been running for a few month and I was wondering if anybody has had huge amounts of growth or very slow growth with mangroves?? When I got mine they had small roots on...
  3. BoomCorals

    Can we learn from the leaves?

    Long time gardener and reef keeper. Ive always wondered if we can use the mangrove leave as an indication of what might be missing or lacking in nutrients or micro elements in the reef. What do you guys think?
  4. mikedavematt

    Build Thread Shallow Lagoon Reef - Waterbox Frag 105.4

    Hi - I'm new to the forums and thought I would introduce myself with a tank build thread. Here are some shots of my shallow lagoon reef. It's about 1.5 years old. I call it a shallow lagoon reef tank because it features approximately 50 mangrove seed pods, as well as many some usual livestock...
  5. Soren

    Build Thread 125-gallon Peaceful Reef

    Due to acquisition of two Marineland 125-gallon tanks, my build plan has changed significantly. Current plan is to have a 125-reef with a 125-sump with the main chamber for a macroalgae display. Screenshot of 3D-model of current plan (2021-10-04 16:06): QT Update 2021-11-23: Stand painted...
  6. R

    Bacterial Infection? (weird coloring on fin)

    Hello, I recently have been having a nitrate problem and I told my mother that mangroves could help. She took it upon herself to pick up some seeds from our local lagoon and put them in my reef tank without washing them. I was a little angry, but decided that if anything bad was going to happen...
  7. reefcubed

    The ultimate Mangrove thread!!

    I have been keeping, messing with, and experimenting with mangroves for years. I have read information far and wide, and utilized experience of other refers on here as well. I hope this becomes the one stop spot for inspiration and information. I hope that other mangrove aficionados join in with...
  8. Reeferjones

    Mangrove pods

    can anyone tell me if this is mold or the begining of rooting. In soil rooting the first stages sort of look like this. this is my first time with mangroves. can anybody help please ?
  9. reefs+waves

    Florida Red Mangrove propagules

    I have some red mangrove seed pods or propagules for sale, harvested off private property. These are actually better at nutrient export than some people assume IME. Some have already started to sprout roots in the bucket. Pricing is 5$ each or 3 for 12, if you are looking for a large quantity...
  10. Acameron2

    Build Thread Themangrovegarden

    Hey, Anthony here! Been a REEF2REEF member for a few years now and originally started out on this forum with my nano 20g JBJ. So figured I’ll start a new thread since I finally got my hands on a Red Sea reefer 170. I transferred everything from my nano to the new tank. Figured I’ll just name...
  11. traylor23

    Build Thread 50 gallon Half Moon Shallow Reef

    Hey Folks, Been lurking here for a long one. I draw so much inspiration from all of the great members here. Now that I'm starting (very slowly) a new project, I figured I'd make a build thread of sorts. Now that I finally got this thing reef ready, I need some help! The tank came with this...
  12. Roggio

    I added Succulents to my Reef tank!

    So I decided to add some plants to one of the rock structures coming out of the water. I was at the farmers market today and decided to give succulents a try. I spray the mangroves periodically with RODI water so this addition does not add to my maintenance and adds some more color and...
  13. Niterunner77

    Miracle Mud???

    Hello everybody! I have to say that I am newer to the reef world. I have a biocube 14 that I have had running for 2 years but I'm now setting up a larger system and when researching for my refugium I'm setting up, I heard about this product. I am intrigued about some post being way against...
  14. FLSharkvictim

    My Mangroves have arrived!

    I got a real nice & straight batch, just like always! Anyone looking for the best ones on the Intenet, hit me up, the guy that grows them - lives about 20 minutes from me. Ones I replace 50% of Maricle mud then they will be planted so they are nice and straight in my refuge! Hit me up and I will...
  15. pmaddox

    Green Hair Algae in Refugium with Mangroves, etc.

    I setup a new refugium a couple months ago. New, store bought substrate. Heavily rinsed. Used Tupperware to protect glass from mangrove roots. Added power head to increase flow because I noticed chaeto was dying. Chaeto nearly gone now. Today: green hair algae over growing dragon's...