metal halide

  1. Matyas

    Halide wont stay on Plz help!

    Recently my 250w DE Halide has been acting up. It comes on around 1pm and turns off after only 45 minutes of operation. Then after about 10 minutes it comes back on only to turn off again and again. I changed the bulb and checked all the connections and nothing seems to fix it. What could be the...
  2. drwerner

    New York **BRAND NEW** AQUAVIM - 72" (3x400w MH + 2x80w T5)

    AQUAVIM - 72" (3x400w MH + 2x80w T5HO) MARINE AQUARIUM LIGHTING FIXTURE WITH REMOTE BALLAST. BRAND NEW, INCLUDES BRAND NEW BULBS. PAID $2095 will part for $995 + shipping, prefer local pichup
  3. JuanGutz

    Colorado Reef Brite SE MH/LED 400watt

    Two pendants with leds, pendants + leds only no ballasts. You can hook it up to either a 400 or 250 ballast, you might need an adapter if you aren’t using a reef brite ballast. I bought my adapter for 11 dollars off amazon. They work perfectly and have no issues. $525 TYD PayPal only, I’ll pay...
  4. L

    Tennessee Hamilton 250 watt electronic ballast

    Like new 250 watt ballast used for 1 day. $100 shipped CONUS
  5. Broadfield

    Illinois Commercial Grade Aquactinics 400 MH/T5/Moonlight Ballast and 24" Fixture

    I acquired this setup from a tank breakdown and everything works as tested, including fans. Asking $425 shipped to the continental USA. Includes the following: Aquactinics 24" fixture with single metal halide, dual 24w T5 and single moonlight LED. Fixture is power coated white. Aquactinics...
  6. Nburg

    Ohio 36" Hamilton Cebu Sun 250w MH + 4x39w T5 w/ electronic ballast & Radium (Local Only)

    36" Hamilton Cebu Sun 250w MH fixture $350 (price dropped) - Single-end metal halide lamp with an electronic ballast to drive the radium bulb. also has x4 39w T5 lamps. 4 power cords, 1 MH, 2 for T5 (outer, inner) and the fan. Comes with legs for a 36" tank or hooks for hanging. I hung mine and...
  7. Skibum

    Anyone still rocking 6500k Iwasakis?

    I'm reaching back to my old school roots with a new hybrid LED/MH lighting scheme for a new build I'm planning. I always loved the look of 6500k with VHO, and find it hard to replicate with LEDs (G4). This is not a troll MH vs. LED thread, so please don't start with which is superior or...
  8. Broadfield

    Illinois (2) LuxCore 400w Selectable Wattage Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts

    I have for sale two LuxCore 400w Selectable Wattage Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts. They are in perfect condition and have been used for right at 15 months. $225 shipped to the lower 48 ***Price lowered to $200 shipped*** I am more than happy to ship to any location in the world, but...
  9. Abhishek

    Minnesota 2 x Geisemann Megachrome 17.5K 250 watt

    Hi, Planning to sell 2 x 250 watt Geisemann Crystal 17.5K 250 watt halides. These are my backup bulbs and have been ran for 1 month to get over the burning period. I am moving to 400watt of the same bulb and keeping 2 more 250s as backup. Bulbs :- These bulbs are said to last over 2 years...
  10. MarineDepot

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  11. MarineDepot

    A Conversation About Clams With James Fatherree

    A Conversation About Clams With James Fatherree We discuss writing, diving, clam care, and more!
  12. choss

    Wiring a Luxcore Ballast to a Spectra

    I have a 24" Spectra and am having trouble getting the metal halide to fire. I have the Luxcore 250 W- 400 W ballast. I wired the ballast to the Spectra attachment as follows: white to brown black to blue green to green I first tried plugging it into my DJ strip. Turning on the power does not...
  13. R

    MH over Nuvo Fusion 20

    Anyone running MH over there 20 or other nano reef? I just hung mine and have it set at 150w but am trying to figure out how high to hang it above the water. I'm not worried about heat or evaporation right now since the tank is empty and I am going to have to make adjustments accordingly...
  14. Broadfield

    (2) Brand New Ushio SE Aqualite 250 Watt Mogul Base 14,000 K

    I am selling a brand new pair of Ushio SE Aqualite 250 Watt Mogul Base 14,000 K MH bulbs. These have never been fired. Asking $100 shipped for the pair. Edit: just realized I don't have an image on my computer... I'll add those tonight.
  15. Black Pearl

    Which MH/T5 combo for growth and color

    Presently I'm using 3 400W 20 K Radiums and 2 Giesemann Aqua blue and 2 super actinics, also have Reefbrite XHO . The tank is a bit too blue and growth is slow. I am thinking about changing to a 20k radium 14K Ushio combo but having trouble deciding which T5s to compliment this arrangement...
  16. choss

    150 or 175 watt medium base metal halide bulbs

    Does anyone make 150 w or 175 w medium base metal halide bulbs anymore? I have an older reflector & ballast that I want to use over a small frag tank and I'm having trouble finding any bulbs with a medium base.
  17. K

    Selling / trading 150w metal halide lights

    I have a working pair of metal halide lights. Setup comes with 2 transformers, reflectors, and 2 slightly used bulbs. I also have a power compact setup as well 24w. I am looking to trade for healthy frags, or circulation pumps, return pump, skimmer etc. Thanks Kramy
  18. Frederick Edwards

    48" MH T5 LED Moonlight

    FS: 48" 2x 250Watt Metal Halide 4x T5 with LED moonlight. Couple of led's are burnt out. Local sale only. $155 PayPal fees included.
  19. S


    I have a 75 gal 48 in long... really want leds for my tank.. want it to be a mixed reef.. looking into SB reef lights... dont want to spend over 500 bucks on a light... any reccomendations? ANd whats the white powder coating for? ALso i currently have A dual t5 and 2 kessil A150 s sky blue
  20. LiveWire

    Aqua Medic 670 Watt MH/T5 aquarium light

    For sale is a 6 foot Aqua Medic 670 Watt MH/T5 aquarium light setup. It consists of 3 x 150 watt double ended MH bulbs and 4 x 39 watt T5 bulbs. It includes the ballasts and works well. It needs a cleaning and will be ready to go. Lights can be moved to have one on each end and one in the...
  21. AllSignsPointToFish

    Thinking of switching to Metal Halide for my 125 gallon tank

    I've been running three Kessils in my 125 gallon display tank since last November. I used to run twin 175W 10000K Ushios on my old 90 gallon tank. I like the LEDs, but I've been thinking about metal halides due to shading associated with the LEDs. Also, someone made a point earlier today that...
  22. RickG

    Suggestions on lighting for SPS dominant setup

    So im starting an sps dominant tank. The tank is 95 gallons 40 inches long by 20 wide by 30 tall. I wanted to run two 400 Watt Luxcore selectable ballasts with either radium 20k or hamilton 14k bulbs or two used radions G2 pro. What do you guys think is best for SPS in a 30 inch deep tank...
  23. Aquarium Lighting

    Aquarium Lighting

    One of the hardest concepts to grasp is Lighting. It is also one of the most controversial topics brought up when talking to owners of pet stores and even veteran reefers. Try telling someone with 10 year old corals raised by fluorescent lighting that they need to upgrade to LED and they will...
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