metal halide

  1. Rams

    New Jersey Reefbrite LED/MH hybrid fixture

    It’s nice fixture.used only couple of months.asking 300$ or obo
  2. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED T5 ATI Powermodule T5/LED Hybrid 48" 8 Bulb Fixture

    I am selling my ATI Powermodule T5/LED Hybrid 48" 8 Bulb Fixture 3 led clusters. This thing is an absolute PAR monster and is practically plug and play. I am trying to not ship this thing just because of the size. I am asking $1,000 picked up in Kersey, PA.
  3. chcgregg

    400w Bulbs which are similar to Radium 20k

    Hi Guys, Here in Australia we can't get as much, and specialist lighting is hard to come by, which apparently is Metal Halide? :rolleyes: Giesemann are really the only quality option, some unbranded probably chinese globes are also available, but I'd imagine quality control isn't as strict...
  4. S

    Tridonic OGLIS 140 lighting ballasts 1000 watt for Radium/Ushio Metal Halide bulbs

    Had plans for a BIG coral display, but the wife got pregnant and shut it down. My office is now a baby nursery. Brand new. Two (2) available. Comes with everything you need except the electrical wire. Never been wired, never been fired. These ballasts will perfectly fire high-intensity...
  5. S

    Florida Lighting FS: ELOS Planet II MH / T5 / LED fixture

    Selling my ELOS Planet II pendant. Single 250W DE MH, 4 x 24W T5s, 2 x ReefbreedersLumenbars. MH Bulb is a phoenix 14k around 6 months of use on it. MH ballast is IceCap T5s are a mix of Blue+, actinics, and have some spares. Age 6-8 months on all. One Lumenbar is the 22" version the other...
  6. BReefer13

    Georgia WTB WTB 250w Metal Halide Ballast

    As the title says, I am looking for a 250w metal halide ballast in good working condition. My fixture has the standard 3-pin US plug, so if your ballast has the same it will be a plus :D Thank you all!
  7. S

    Florida Metal Halide FREE - dual 250w MH retro kit - come get it, local pickup in Miami.

    Decent MH retro. Has been sitting in a closet for a while but works as it should. Just took those pics. One of the fixtures is missing the glass. Couple of old lamps included as well to get you going. sorry I cannot ship. It’s free. I’m in Miami. PM me for pickup address.
  8. Reefahholic

    What’s your favorite light source for Acropora?

  9. sdreef

    Large Build SDReef's 330G CDA Acropora Dominant Mixed Reef

    December 2020 Since 2015, I've been keeping a 60 cube tank. I used dry rock and the system took some time to mature and eventually evolved into an acropora dominant mixed reef. I enjoy seeing larger colonies, but space was getting tight and with my wife's encouragement decided it was time for...
  10. smiley28

    New York Pennsylvania Lighting Metal Halide 72” Giesemann spectra w/3 m80 ballast 800$

    800$ Like new, never used. Preferably local/several hr drive for drop off.
  11. smiley28

    New York Pennsylvania Lighting Metal Halide For sale 6mo old Giesemann Infiniti w/250w reefbrite ballast 300$

    300$ preferably local. comes with a 250w reefbrite 250w ballast, 250w Phoenix*, 2 blue+, 1 coral plus,1 actinic bulb.
  12. MnFish1

    Poll: Light settings.

    So a recent Poll/question of the day talked about MH vs LED - Don't want to debate the plusses or minus of coral growth, etc - this poll is about 'light settings' and therefor how much energy is being used. Halides/T5's go off and on - and are running (from my understanding) at full power...
  13. MattJS

    North Carolina Looking For Giesemann 24 inch

    Like the title says, I’ve been looking for a 24 inch Giesemann Spectra or Infiniti. Please post or pm if you have one available.
  14. R

    Colorado 48" Giesemann Spectra MH/T5 Fixture

    I am selling this like new 48" Giesemann spectra MH/T5 fixture. Asking $900 shipped, located in Denver, Colorado if want to pick it up. I also have 2 Hamilton Technology 250W M80 ballast I would also be willing to sell. These ballast are made for Radium bulbs.
  15. Cstar_BC

    Coralife Aqualight Pro help

    Ok - this is my first MH fixture . Explain like I’m 5 because I can not find consistent information . - I know this is an old light and a lot of things are discontinued A) someone mentioned there is an add on you can purchase that will control the lights like a timer ? B) how often do you...
  16. T

    Florida 3 Metal halide 150w HQI ballast with reflectors, sockets, and lamps

    Parting out one of my Coralife AquaPro 3 x 150w Metal Halide fixtures. Each set has the heavy duty 150w HQI ballast (read No Odyssea!), the beautiful German reflectors, the push style double ended sockets, and 20k lamps that had about 6 months on them before being stored inside for a long time...
  17. Broadfield

    Illinois ***SOLD*** Mint Condition 48" Giesemann Spectra Fixture - 2 x SE MH + 4 x 54w T5

    I have made the tough decision to sell my 48" Giesemann Spectra light fixture. It is in flawless condition. Features: Houses two SE metal halide bulbs and four 54w T5 bulbs. Each metal halide is on its own power cable and the T5 bulbs are on a third power cable. My particular unit is finished...
  18. T

    Total refurbished 3 x 250w Metal Halide and PC fixture

    So from 10 years ago I had the Odyssea version of the 72" Coralife Pro, 3 x 250w HQI DE Metal Halides and 4 x 96w Power compact actentincs. Many years of use and sitting, didnt due this fixture any favors. So i found a real 72" Coralife Pro 2 months ago, with intentions of stripping the MH...
  19. M

    Florida PRICE DROP! - Giesemann Infiniti DE 250w 24" Metal Halide T5 Fixture - MINT LIKE NEW - NOW $399 shipped OR $498 with ballast shipped!

    Price for fixture with bulbs ONLY: $399 shipped or $350 local pickup in West Palm Beach. Ballast available for extra $99 shipped. Ballast is like new IceCap Selectable 150 - 250 Watt Digital Electronic Metal Halide Ballast. $498 shipped for fixture, bulbs and ballast. Otherwise $399 for...
  20. H

    20 gallon long lighting?

    Hello fellow reefers! So i have decided to start a new tank (not my first or 2nd). I'll be going for the Innovative marine 20 gallon long peninsula all in one tank. So now i have to pick a light fixture that can have full coverage of the tank as i will have it setup in a peninsula style. I...
  21. Matyas

    Halide wont stay on Plz help!

    Recently my 250w DE Halide has been acting up. It comes on around 1pm and turns off after only 45 minutes of operation. Then after about 10 minutes it comes back on only to turn off again and again. I changed the bulb and checked all the connections and nothing seems to fix it. What could be the...
  22. drwerner

    New York **BRAND NEW** AQUAVIM - 72" (3x400w MH + 2x80w T5)

    AQUAVIM - 72" (3x400w MH + 2x80w T5HO) MARINE AQUARIUM LIGHTING FIXTURE WITH REMOTE BALLAST. BRAND NEW, INCLUDES BRAND NEW BULBS. PAID $2095 will part for $995 + shipping, prefer local pichup
  23. JuanGutz

    Colorado Reef Brite SE MH/LED 400watt

    Two pendants with leds, pendants + leds only no ballasts. You can hook it up to either a 400 or 250 ballast, you might need an adapter if you aren’t using a reef brite ballast. I bought my adapter for 11 dollars off amazon. They work perfectly and have no issues. $525 TYD PayPal only, I’ll pay...
  24. L

    Tennessee Hamilton 250 watt electronic ballast

    Like new 250 watt ballast used for 1 day. $100 shipped CONUS
  25. Broadfield

    Illinois Commercial Grade Aquactinics 400 MH/T5/Moonlight Ballast and 24" Fixture

    I acquired this setup from a tank breakdown and everything works as tested, including fans. Asking $425 shipped to the continental USA. Includes the following: Aquactinics 24" fixture with single metal halide, dual 24w T5 and single moonlight LED. Fixture is power coated white. Aquactinics...