1. W

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods AI Hydra 26 HD and T5 Hybrid - Will ship Hydra 26 HD but not the T5 fixture

    Selling my 4 AI Aqua Illumination HD and 61" T5 Hybrid LED T5 lighting system. Comes with 4 ATI Blue Plus bulbs. All mounting hardware included. I am looked in Miami, FL and available for local pick up. I am asking for $800 for everything but willing to sell individually. Each AI Hydra 26s $180
  2. Betex

    Florida WTB WTB T5 aquatic life hybrid 4 bulb or x2 retorkit 61”

    WTB 61” T5 fixture. Aquatic life 4 bulb hybrid or a x2 retro 4 bulb kits would work since it’s in a canopy. I’m in south Florida more precisely Parkland. Let me know if you are looking to get rid of one
  3. S

    Florida Live Goods South Florida- Mushrooms, Favia, Hammer

    No shipping for the time being. Located in Sunrise, FL, 33351. Near Fort Lauderdale. Ricordea rock- $50 SOLD Mardi Gras Yuma Mushroom $30 Large chunk of dragon soul favia $40 Large gold hammer splitting into multiple heads- softball size $60 SOLD
  4. Dream State Living

    SKELLYFEST | Miami

    Hi everyone! The first ever SKELLYFEST will be taking place in Miami this year! Consider checking out the event on September 24th, 2022! $1 per admission ticket sale will be getting donated to a non-profit this year. So far we have some amazing vendors and sponsors on board! Tickets just...
  5. Kenkee

    Florida WTB Mandarin Dragonets

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of any lfs in the Miami Florida area that sells Mandarin Dragonets? I try to avoid buying fish online when I can but my lfs never seems to have any Mandarins.
  6. Rogued_Reefer

    Florida Duncan Colony WSIWYG

    Hey there Reefers! I want to sell my Duncan colony! It’s about 25-30 heads and growing. I’m asking $200 for it and will entertain trades. Located in Miami I prefer local pick up.
  7. Rogued_Reefer

    Florida Indo Hammers for Sale Miami

    I’ve got indo splatter hammers for sale! prefer local pick up 33126 but will consider shipping at buyers expense. $25/head.
  8. TrippyReefs

    Exosphere zoas for sale

    I have a 4 polyp exosphere zoa for sale asking $125 per polyp. Local pick up in Miami.
  9. TrippyReefs

    Two 80G “deep blue” seapora for sale local pick up only

    I have 2 80g deep blue’s for sale 48x24x16
  10. TrippyReefs

    Red Sea Rsk-300 for sale

    Selling my Red Sea RSK 300 asking $200.
  11. TrippyReefs

    Grand Master Krakatoa for sale

    Single polyp GMK asking $200 local only in Miami near the zoo.
  12. J

    Florida Icecap 3k gyre for trade for coral

    Looking to see if any local south florida hobbyists have any corals they would like to trade for my icecap 3k gyre. It was bought and used for about 10 min. It was much to much flow for my tank so back out it came. It is in the box as it came from the factory. Let me know what you have.
  13. Zeal

    Using Natural Sea Water?

    Hi, living in South Florida I obviously have access to so sea water lol. Was wondering if theres any real benefits that out weigh the risk of maybe using 5G of it in my tank. I have a 40G AIO. Ive been reading that pollution could be an issue and maybe some parasites, I don't have a boat so I...
  14. Red Rua

    Looking for an experienced reefer in Hialeah/ Miami FL

    Hi All, As said in the title, I am looking to identify a reefer in the Hialeah, Miami , Florida area ? Preferably someone who is experienced in packaging and sending frags by courier? Any help would be appreciated. p.s Please dont advise "joshporksandwich" as I know he does not post frags...
  15. Strictlyfishmiami

    Strictly Fish Miami has joined R2R

    Strictly Fish Miami has been in business since 1991. We specialize in Saltwater reef keeping. We are pleased to be part of Reef2Reef forum and looking forward to providing you with marine life thru our website or you can stop by our showroom. Thanks from the Strictly Fish Team.
  16. ClearRain

    WTB Miami Hurricane frag

    Anyone have a Miami Hurricane chalice they'd be willing to frag?
  17. Simply__J

    JBJ Nano-Cube 28 Gallon

    Selling a JBJ Nano Cube 28-gallon that has been up and running for about 4 months in perfect condition with 15+ lbs. of cycled Pucani rock and 20lbs of Nature's Ocean Bio-Activ Live Aragonite Reef Sand (if you choose to take it) holds water perfectly fine no leaks. Comes with JBJ cabinet stand...