mix station

  1. otyrrell

    Build Thread Tyrrell 120 Mixed Reef

    Hi All, I've finally completed my tank upgrade, from my old RSM 250 to my new 120. I had a couple main goals on this upgrade after living with the RSM 250 for a year and some change. Goal One - Make the build as quite as possible, including as cool as possible so setup does not require a...
  2. Company101

    Auto water changes

    Hello everyone. I am in the process of setting up a water station in my house for auto top off and mixing water. I sure do wish I had the drawing ability of some of the water closet I have seen. My set is : 1- 6 stage ro/di. With booster pump 2 - two fifty five gallons drums 3 - 2 gallon ro...
  3. Jeff@CoralVue

    Never mixed saltwater before? We'll show you how!

    Never mixed saltwater before? We'll show you how! Start making saltwater at home: it's easier than you think!
  4. CDavmd

    Tell me how you store your saltwater

    I'm setting up a mixing station with two 65 gallon drums. I'm planning to do automated water changes using my Apex DOS. So the question that comes up is how do you store the salt-water? Do you keep it heated? Constantly mixing or an occasional run of the pump? Do you prefer to let it...
  5. FLSharkvictim

    Ready to start a new build on my Mixing station!

    I previously had two Brute containers and I really wanted the Ace Moto Dome Top NSF Certifed Vertical Storage barrels instead, so I decided to rip everything down and start from scratch. Even had to toss away all of my Cepex and Spears Gate valves since everything was glued together. and it was...
  6. chessplayer86

    Looking for

    1. Apex Controller ($250) 2. Saltwater Mix station is a must (need to check prices on this) 3. Another Ai Hydra needed to light 36x36in tank ($200) 4. More dry rock neeeded BRS.. ($80) 5. Autotop off.
  7. mcarroll

    A Water Change A Day...

    Due to time constraints, I've fallen so far behind on my usual 20% (20 gallon) water changes that I've decided to re-adopt a water change strategy that worked well before, but requires smaller chunks of time to pull off. I'll be doing 5 gallons a day - which is only 5% - but it'll still give me...
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